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# Automated Install
##### Designed For Raspberry Pi B, B+, 2, and Zero (with an Ethernet adapter)
1. Install Raspbian
2. Run the command below
### ```curl -L | bash```
Once installed, [configure your router to have **DHCP clients use the Pi as their DNS server**]( and then any device that connects to your network will have ads blocked without any further configuration. Alternatively, you can manually set each device to [use the Raspberry Pi as its DNS server](
## Pi-hole Is Free, But Powered By Your Donations
[![Donate]( "Free, but powered by donations")]( "Donate")
## How Does It Work?
**Watch the 60-second video below to get a quick overview**
9 years ago
[![Pi-hole exlplained](](
## Pi-hole Projects
- [Sky-Hole](
- [Pi-hole in the Cloud!](
- [unRaid-hole]([Repo and more info](
- [Pi-hole on/off button](
## Coverage
- [Medium: Block All Ads For $53](
- [MakeUseOf: Adblock Everywhere, The Pi-hole Way](
- [Lifehacker: Turn Your Pi Into An Ad Blocker With A Single Command](!
- [Pi-hole on TekThing](
- [Pi-hole on Security Now! Podcast](
- [Foolish Tech Show](
- [Pi-hole on Ubuntu](
- [Catchpoint: iOS 9 Ad Blocking](
## Partnering With
Pi-hole will be teaming up with [Rob Leathern's subscription service to avoid ads]( This service is unique and will help content-creators and publishers [still make money from visitors who are using an ad ablocker](
## Technical Details
The Pi-hole is an **advertising-aware DNS/Web server**. If an ad domain is queried, a small Web page or GIF is delivered in place of the advertisement. You can also [replace ads with any image you want]( since it is just a simple Webpage taking place of the ads.
A more detailed explanation of the installation can be found [here](
## Gravity
The []( does most of the magic. The script pulls in ad domains from many sources and compiles them into a single list of [over 1.6 million entries]( (if you decide to use the [mahakala list](
## Whitelist and blacklist
You can add a `whitelist.txt` or `blacklist.txt` in `/etc/pihole/` and the script will apply those files automatically. Put one domain per line.
## Web Interface
The [Web interface]( will be installed automatically so you can view stats and change settings. You can find it at:
### API
A basic read-only API can be accessed at `/admin/api.php`. It returns the following JSON:
"domains_being_blocked": "136708",
"dns_queries_today": "18108",
"ads_blocked_today": "14648",
"ads_percentage_today": 80.892423238348
## Real-time Statistics
You can view [real-time stats]( via `ssh` or on an [2.8" LCD screen]( This is accomplished via [``](
![Pi-hole LCD](
## Help
- See the [Wiki]( entry for more details
- There is also an [FAQ section on](
## Other Operating Systems
This script will work for other UNIX-like systems with some slight **modifications**. As long as you can install `dnsmasq` and a Webserver, it should work OK. The automated install only works for a clean install of Raspiban right now since that is how the project originated.