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The following checklist should be used for making a pacman release.
- Ensure "make distcheck" succeeds
- Call a freeze to development.
- Send translation updates to Transifex at least two weeks before a major
release (see below). At this stage, strings can only be changed for a
major issue.
- Update NEWS and README files
- Pull translation updates from Transifex
- Update version in as described in file
- Update doc/index.txt
- Create a signed git tag (git tag -x vX.Y.Z -m "commit message")
- Create and sign release tarballs (generate with "make distcheck")
- Update pacman website
Transifex updates are handled using the transifex client. The basic process is:
- Pull updates from transifex ("tx pull -a -f")
- Update po files ("make update-po")
- Fix all translation errors found
- Add any new locales to the relevant LINGUAS file
- Optional: Make any manual changes needed (e.g. fixing spacing in a string)
and update po files again
- Push updated po files to transifex ("tx push -s -t --skip")