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5.0.1 - fix alignment issues with wide character locales (FS#47980)
- fix removal of .pacnew files (FS#47993)
- fix triggering of Install hooks (FS#47996)
- fix handling of stdin scripts called by pacman
- hook activity is logged
- documentataion updates for alpm-hooks (FS#48080)
- makepkg:
- increase robustness of variable array checks
- makepkg -g does not perform current architecture checks
- do not run prepare() with --noextract
- all directories in the packaging directory are cleared
before each build
- fix translations issues (FS#48057, FS#48298)
- repo-add:
- fix checking for non-existent database
- contrib:
- zsh_completion: updated makepkg options
5.0.0 - pacman can run hooks pre- and post-transaction. See the
alpm-hooks(5) man page for details and an example hook (FS#2985)
- pacman can now sync and read .files databases (-Fy) and do basic
searching for files in sync repos (-Fs, -Fo) (FS#23787)
- pacman can check the validity of the local and sync databases
(-Dk and -Dkk respectively). This replaces the 'testdb'
software (FS#42444)
- the package description output (-Si ,-Qi) is now correctly
aligned regardless of locale (FS#43983, FS#45997)
- ensure internal package version matches database version after
downloading (FS#45687)
- improved signal handling and lock file removal (FS#45995,
FS#46375, FS#47011)
- print more information when encountering dependency errors
- improved configuration parsing with a new ini parser
- handle a symlink to a directory being replaced by a directory
- The 'pkgbase' variable is now recorded in the local package db
- Remove support for ".pacorig" files. Instead, packages files
are extracted as a ".pacnew" and the original stays in place
- prevent install scriptlets using stdin for user interaction
- provides are considered when displaying optdepends install
status (FS#36412)
- always update corrupt database whether or not a newer version
is found on the remote server
- fix build issues when libarchive was in a non-standard location
- Many issues found using Coverity were address (primarily freeing
memory on error conditions)
- The pactest suite was upgraded to allow parallel testing using
the library
- makepkg:
- makepkg is in the process of being split into a library. This
allows various areas to be extended by adding a file into
libmakepkg (e.g. package/PKGBUILD checking, adjusting
files before creating the final package).
- PKGBUILD variables checked to be arrays or not as appropriate
- pkgver() and prepare() are now run with --noextract (FS#43498,
- the ability to build a single package in a PKGBUILD has been
- the output when checking checksums for architecture specific
sources is improved (FS#43444)
- improved handling of bazaar sources (FS#43448)
- fix source package signing with SRCPKGDIR set
- add option to compress png images with optipng
- add --packagelist option, which lists all packages build from
- add --printsrcinfo flag to print SRCINFO file for a PKGBUILD
- record build information in a .BUILDINFO file
- add whirlpool to list of hashing options (FS#45859)
- makepkg-template:
- support multiple --template-dir
- added a testsuite
- repo-add:
- Always generate the .files database
- Only update database if the entire operation succeeds
- unarmored package signatures are rejected
- contrib:
- checkupdates: give error when fakeroot is missing
- checkupdates: provide packages versions in output
- checkupdates: fix failure in some locales (FS#40405)
- paccache: Add -q/--quiet
- pacdiff: do not require DIFFPROG for -o/--output (FS#46184)
- zsh_completion: updated to fix many missing options
4.2.1 - Remove warnings about incorrect directory ownership until
packaging files with dynamic users/groups is improved
- Do not require a specific automake version when building from
the source tarball (FS#43655)
- A number of typos and translation errors have been fixed
(FS#43257, FS#43280, FS#43279, FS#43617, FS#43739)
- set sane umask in pacman-db-upgrade (FS#43200) and make it
more verbose
- Use correct permissions when creating the log file
- Fix memory management for file list storage
- Set package origin when adding to db cache
- makepkg:
- Fix error when encountering an expired PGP key (FS#43269)
- Fix error extracting PKGBUILD attributes (FS#43387)
- Fix removal of static libraries when the shared library
uses the absolute path in symbolic links (FS#43395)
- Improve Bazaar cloning (FS#43448)
- Fix issues with architecture dependant checksum
verification (FS#43192)
- Fix .SRCINFO file with architecture dependant fields
- Fix compatibility with older bash versions
- Allow git checkouts to be downloaded into directory ending
with ".git".
- contrib:
- updpkgsums no longer changes file permissions (FS#43272)
- paccache does not remove all packages on libalpm error
4.2.0 - symlinks to directories on the filesystem are no longer
treated as directories
- pacman-db-upgrade - fix local database for files installed
into directory symlinks
- added --assume-installed option to help upgrades where not all
installed packages have been rebuilt
- --unrequired now filters needed optdepends too. Use twice
to only filter direct dependencies
- improved dependency resolving ensures correct ordering when
installing updates (FS#32764)
- A new configure keyword Usage can limit what operations a
repository is used for
- NoExtract and NoUpgrade can use inverted pattern matches
- Group queries can be filtered with --explicit/--deps (FS#19716)
- Filesystem checking now only produces a warning for altered
backup files (FS#34739)
- pacman prints a warning if an installed directory has different
permission to that already on the filesystem (FS#34740)
- both current and new versions are displayed when querying
- --print-format now implies --print
- package scriptlets are not run when using --dbonly
- invalid option combinations cause pacman to abort (FS#20950)
- improve output when a package is missing a required signature
- PGP signature key IDs are listed with -Sii (FS#34742)
- indicate ignored packages in -Qu output
- use appropriate file size units with -Si/-Qi
- plugged several memory leaks
- read filelists from a packages .MTREE file if possible
- ensure packages have all the required metadata before installing
- always remove lock file on exit (FS#35603)
- fix overflow in integrity checking progress bar (FS#36608)
- ensure downloads use correct filename even if the mirror uses a
redirect (FS#36791)
- cache PGP key IDs during availability checking (FS#38042)
- fix reading responses with leading whitespace (FS#39976)
- fix potential issues when handling of UTF8 filenames
(FS#40805, FS#40762)
- makepkg:
- PKGBUILDs can now specify architecture specific sources,
dependencies, etc.
- A .SRCINFO file is added to source packages for easy parsing
- VCS package building attempts to be incremental (FS#35050)
- bzr sources can have a '+' in them (FS#35244)
- allow sources containing "::"
- add --noprepare option
- add -C/--cleanbuild option (FS#17175)
- add --noarchive option
- remove --asroot and enforce fakeroot usage
- all PKGBUILDs require a package() function
- PKGBUILDs can no longer be read from stdin
- enable make style environmental overrides
- Read CARCH environmental variable (FS#35030)
- makedepends and checkdepends are installed together (FS#31557)
- added support for sha224 checksums (FS#36776)
- remove warning when license is not specified in PKGBUILD
- only remove static libraries if they have a shared version
- prevent makepkg creating armored signatures (FS#38503)
- support stripping kernel modules
- support the PGP signing scheme (FS#31592)
- sign created source package when using --sign
- enforce source signatures to be trusted or have their full
fingerprint listed in the validpgpkeys array of the PKGBUILD
- look for configuration in XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pacman/makepkg.conf
- ensure vcs tools are available when source entries require
- disallow pkgver/pkgrel/epoch overrides in split packages
- improve parsing of PKGBUILD variables (FS#40361)
- makepkg-template - new package build templating utility
- repo-add:
- add option to remove package files from disk
- contrib:
- checkupdates: rename CHECKUPDATE_DB to CHECKUPDATES_DB
- pacdiff: add a "Quit" option, and many other improvements
- pacsysclean is removed
4.1.2 - validate %FILEPATH% when parsing repos to prevent arbitary
file overwrites from malicious databases
- makepkg:
- restrict package name from starting with a dot
- fix BZR source revision support (FS#35281)
- Use LOGDEST for log pipe
- fix distcc disabling (FS#35741)
- correct stat usage on BSD/Darwin (FS#35469)
- pacman-key:
- Do not reinterpret keys from revoked keyrings
- contrib:
- paccache: remove broken su privilege escalation (FS#35173)
- pacscripts: update for current pacman options
- checkupdates: be consistent with naming (FS#35755)
4.1.1 - fix bug causing negative "Total Installed Size" (FS#34616)
- report libalpm version it is pkg-config file (FS#34967)
- various translation fixes and updates (FS#34395, FS#34704,
FS#34716, FS#35097)
- makepkg:
- improve SVN VCS PKGBUILD handling (FS#34675, FS#34636)
- allow "lp:" URLs for BZR sources (FS#34650)
- prevent pkgver() capturing stderr (FS#34974)
- fix attempt to remove package twice on failure (FS#34672)
- contrib:
- fix privilege escalation in paccache (FS#34656)
4.1.0 - check file properties when using -Qkk (FS#11091)
- add color to pacman output - new configuration option "Color"
- add informational messages for optdepends installation
status (FS#13035, FS#27116)
- add number suffix to pacsave files instead of overwriting
- improve needed key importing for Upgrade (FS#26520)
- add options to specify require signature level for
Upgrade operations (FS#26729)
- directory ownership can be queried
- allow wildcards in NoUpgrade, NoExtract, IgnorePkg,
IgnoreGroup and HoldPkg (FS#20360, FS#18988)
- remove -f short option for --force
- SyncFirst option has been removed (FS#26445)
- offer to delete downloaded packages failing signature check
- configure shell for running install scriptlets (FS#20557)
- make path to ldconfig configurable
- display repo in VerbosePkgLists output
- do not check file conflicts or disk space with --dbonly
- UseDelta takes a ratio for the largest delta to use
- track how installed packages were validated (FS#28040)
- add pkg-config file for libalpm
- avoid false ownership matches for files in / (FS#30388)
- only load filesystem space information when needed
- allow leading "local/" in query options
- allow cleaning only some cachedirs
- do not remove source package and package databases from
cache (FS#25166)
- improve conflict checking with directory symlinks (FS#30681)
- remove Cygwin support
- add program prefix to pacman log entries
- add --native filter to pacman -Q
- makepkg:
- require bash>=4.0
- support for VCS URLs (git, bzr, svn and hg) (FS#7816,
FS#8890, FS#13727, FS#15895, FS#16384, FS#16872, FS#19459,
FS#19476, FS#20841, FS#21098, FS#28605)
- split debugging symbols into separate package (FS#10975)
- use SKIP in checksums to skip integrity check (FS#19735)
- add prepare() function to PKGBUILD (FS#30582)
- add pkgver() function to auto-update pkgver/pkgrel
- pkgrel must be in decimal format
- PKGBUILDs without package() functions are deprecated
- support specifying CPPFLAGS in makepkg.conf
- support PACKAGER environmental variable
- allow source renaming to work on signature files
- configurable compression options (FS#27430)
- allow multiple packages to be build when using
- add makedepends/checkdepends information to .PKGINFO
- url can be overridden in split packages
- allow wildcards in PURGE_TARGETS
- pass --asdep and --needed flags to pacman when installing
- use last match in BUILDENV/OPTIONS arrays (FS#26701)
- fix "arch" handling in split packages (FS#27204)
- add LOGDEST configuration option
- install makedepends with --repackage
- repo-add:
- honor TMPDIR environmental variable
- add makedepends/checkdepends information to database
- pacman-key:
- fix importing keys with quotes in file name (FS#28445)
- allow verification of multiple sig files
- add zsh completion (FS#29062)
- pkgdelta: add ratio and package size limits
- pactree: improve output
- contrib:
- updpkgsums: update checksums in a PKGBUILD
- checkupdates: new - safely check for package updates
- pacsort: add --files option to support parsing filenames
- pacdiff: improve usability
- add zsh completion
4.0.3 - frontend database cleanup enhancements (FS#28714)
- frontend package cleanup enhancements (FS#25166)
- back out changes related to SyncFirst in 4.0.0
- remove recursive/needed automatic flags on SyncFirst
- remove poorly implemented `-S --recursive` option
- improve error messages on database locking failures
- use full delta size as max download size (FS#28345)
- improved handling and fix crash after failed downloads
- fix key lookup when using gpg 2.X as GPG program
- match only full path components in disk space checking
- skip disk space checks when using --dbonly
- scripts: unset CDPATH bash variable in all scripts
- makepkg:
- fix syntax error in remove_deps (FS#28448)
- small fixes related to multiple libdeps, parsing issues
- exit via default handler in trap_exit (FS#28491)
- attempt to work around Btrfs file/block size reporting issues
- pacman-key:
- remove signature verification in --populate
- make -e option work as advertised without arguments
- exit with correct return codes when verifying signature
- pacsysclean: fix description, fix option parsing (FS#28434)
- pkgdelta: use bsdtar -q option for better performance
- translations: various updates and corrections
4.0.2 - allow comments after a repository header in pacman.conf
- search for and import PGP subkeys if necessary (FS#27612)
- fix rare segfault on removal operations (FS#27805, FS#28195)
- skip all unknown files when cleaning package cache
- restore looking for files in cache before downloading via -U
- ensure '[removal]' is displayed in trans confirmation (FS#27981)
- implement disk space checking code for Illumos
- use TCP keepalive in download to prevent dropped connections
- round and show -0.00 values as 0.00 (FS#27924)
- makepkg:
- ensure all source files are included in --source (FS#26580)
- fix locale sort/comm related issues (FS#26580)
- abort on missing download agent
- restrict flags passed to pacman (FS#28012)
- work around certain zipman glob/existence issues
- fix non-writable SRCPKGDEST error message (FS#28197)
- fix printf interpreting gettext string as arg (FS#28069)
- don't abort on non-zero hg return codes (FS#28248)
- disable extglob when sourcing BUILDSCRIPT (FS#27780)
- pacman-key: improve return codes of operations (FS#26730)
- repo-add: enforce maximum signature file size (FS#27453)
- contrib/paclist: support --help (FS#27258)
- contrib/pacsysclean: new script
- contrib/*_completion: fix completion for uncompressed packages
- translations: extensive updates and corrections
4.0.1 - ensure VerbosePkgList table display supports multibyte chars
- always use stderr for warning/error messages (FS#26555)
- add guidance message for users when public keyring not found
- fix edge case in download progress bar rounding (FS#26853)
- ensure downloads started as tempfiles have correct umask
- ensure unowned symlinks are not overwritten incorrectly
- allow -U operation even without sync databases (FS#26899)
- update libtool files and update fix for -Wl,-as-needed
- fix build when using --disable-static (FS#26652)
- pacman-key: add a keyserver timeout value in --init
- repo-add: fix race condition around lock file removal
- makepkg:
- accept changelog= or install= without a value
- trim trailing whitespace from sensitive variables
- handle PGP signatures with a .sign extension
- delay attachment of signal traps (FS#26196)
- translations: multiple updates and corrections
4.0.0 - well-integrated and powerful signed packages and databases
support in pacman, the library, and scripts (FS#5331)
- over 800 commits to pacman.git since 3.5.4 release
- many code cleanup commits across library/binaries/scripts
- many performance improvement commits across library/binaries
- add new -S --recursive operation to upgrade a full dep chain
- report upgrade size on sync operations (FS#12566)
- early terminal input is flushed before question prompts
- remove duplicate code shared in sync and upgrade operations
- remove ShowSize; replaced with VerbosePkgLists (FS#15772)
- print callback (warning, error) messages to stderr (FS#25099)
- download progress callback has more room for filenames
- fix selection entry for long values (FS#25253)
- make config parsing two-pass process, enhance error messages
- print helpful tips on -Qi <filename> or -S <filename>
- replace libfetch with libcurl for backend download library
- timeout when mirror is not responding (FS#15369)
- full HTTPS protocol support (FS#22435)
- support of non-traditional/redirected URLs (FS#22645)
- ensure downloads are only resumed if appropriate (FS#23803)
- only remove empty directories if no remaining owner (FS#25141)
- better cache directory choosing and honor $TMPDIR (FS#25435)
- replaces are parsed as dependency-style strings (FS#23410)
- split package verification and load stages
- sync database reading refactor for performance
- use a larger buffer for package checksum validation
- file lists now have a dedicated type with metadata
- disk space check no longer requires iterating package archives
- update and add checksum routines from PolarSSL
- validate sync database sha256sum if available
- correctly parse sizes in database > 2GiB
- API: several type renames from pm* to alpm_* prefix
- API: several enum constant renames from PM to ALPM_* prefix
- API: several types are now public exposed structs
- API: handle is no longer a single global variable
- API: more changes than can be mentioned here, see README
- much improved API documentation for use by Doxygen
- pactest: several performance/checking improvements
- scripts:
- refactor some common components into shared bash library
- split translations into pacman-scripts catalog (FS#15148)
- makepkg:
- allow signing packages after creation
- allow verifying source file signatures (FS#20448)
- add auto-versioned libdepends/libprovides support
- support UPX compression of executables (FS#17213)
- allow usage of an alternate build directory (FS#22308)
- cleancache option has been removed; use shell instead
- improved variable sanity checking (FS#16004)
- better handling of package extensions (.tar.Z or invalid)
- allow PKGEXT/SRCEXT environment overrides (FS#19860)
- only check for writable PKGDEST if necessary (FS#24735)
- check_software function exits early if missing req'd binaries
- do source packaging in fakeroot (FS#24330)
- be more POSIX-compatible in use of `ln` (FS#24893)
- handle spaces with filenames in noextract (FS#25100)
- allow epoch-versioned optdepends
- pacman-key: new keyring management tool for signed data
- pacsort: new utility, sort version numbers as pacman does
- pactree: support sync databases with -s option
- pkgdelta: add a manpage
- repo-add:
- handle and include package signatures in databases
- verify database signature before modification
- sign database after creation/modification
- general script cleanup and bash-ification
- add sha256sums to database (FS#23103)
- contrib/bacman: code cleanups and small bug fixes
- contrib/bash_completion: updates for new options/commands
- contrib/paccache: new, pacman cache cleanup script
- contrib/paclist: rewrite using bash
- contrib/paclog-pkglist: new, recover from missing local DB
- documentation: extensive updates to all manpages
- translations: extensive updates, new languages: lt, zh_TW
3.5.4 - fix display of lists on non-TTYs and other output fixes
- fix group selection entry for large inputs (FS#24253)
- fix divide by zero when downloading zero length files
- flush terminal input before reading response (FS#20538)
- allow files to be replaced by directories (FS#24904)
- makepkg: fix filenames with spaces and noextract (FS#25100)
- scripts: remove ln -f option for POSIX compliance (FS#24893)
- various small documentation updates
- minor translation updates: de, fi
3.5.3 - segfault when creating lock in non-existent dir (FS#24292)
- segfault when uninstalling broken backed-up symlink (FS#24230)
- --print should not enable --noconfirm (FS#24287)
- fix default path substitution in documentation
- makepkg: quote variables that may contain spaces (FS#24002)
- makepkg: fix creation of source package with -p (FS#24567)
- repo-add: include dotfiles in file lists (FS#24534)
- minor translation updates: de, fi, fr, sk, zh_CN
3.5.2 - ensure we show correct missing dependency info (FS#23424)
- pacman usage/--help updates (FS#23433, FS#23369)
- ensure stdout/stderr are flushed before prompts (FS#23492)
- compile/portability fixes for FreeBSD platform
- extensive documentation updates for alpm.h interfaces
- fix several missing pm_errno error code returns
- makepkg:
- simplify log redirection and remove sync (FS#23378)
- improve parsing for sanity checks (FS#23524)
- avoid use of `tr` to avoid locale and other issues
- fix GNU-ism in `su` invocation
- bacman: update for new local database format (FS#23641)
- extensive translation updates and fixes
3.5.1 - don't error on unknown pacman.conf directives (FS#23055)
- only read arguments from stdin if '-' is provided as target
- fix case with ignore handling in argument list (FS#23342)
- don't show group selection prompt with -Sp (FS#23340)
- restore old --debug/--verbose behavior (FS#23370)
- ensure repo DBs are saved with sane umask (FS#23343)
- fix segfault when a repo includes deltas entries (FS#23314)
- fix potential data corruption issue on sync DB read
- get zsh completion in a working state (FS#23322)
- makepkg: improve optdepends extraction (FS#23307)
- translations:
- de: fix makepkg fatal error (FS#23315)
- sr, sr@latin: new Serbian translation
- various other translation updates
- build system: ensure libtool respects LDFLAGS (FS#23325)
3.5.0 - sync DBs read directly from the database tarball
(FS#8586, FS#20233)
- local DB "depends" file has been merged into the "desc" file
- pacman-db-upgrade script provided to update the local
database format
- sync database extension is .db (without compression suffix)
- requires repo-add from pacman-3.4+
- package versions can have an 'epoch' value defined that will
overrule any version comparison
- this replaces the use of the "force" option in allowing for
package updates with versions that do not conform to the
default version comparison operations
- package versions have the format [epoch:]pkgver-pkgrel
- check available disk space before installing packages (FS#11639)
- enabled by the "CheckSpace" option in pacman.conf
- attempt to stop install if we hit an extraction issue
(FS#7692, FS#22034)
- improved interactive selection for groups/provides
(FS#19704, FS#19853)
- finer grained control of ignoring dependency resolution
- -Sd to ignore dependency versions only
- -Sdd to ignore all dependency information
- clean-up of --help output (FS#19526)
- CleanMethod for package cache cleaning can use both
KeepInstalled and KeepCurrent simultaneously
- various speed-ups:
- improved internal storage of the package cache
- faster pkgname/depends searches
- use OpenSSL crypto functions if available
- makepkg:
- add support for running testsuites in a check() function
- controlled by BUILDENV option 'check' in makepkg.conf
which may be overridden by --check/--nocheck on the
- extract any file bsdtar recognizes
- STRIP_DIRS has been removed in favor of stripping all
recognized files
- improve $srcdir/$pkgdir check to reduce false positives
- $pkgname can be used in split package() functions (FS#22174)
- added '!buildflags' option to allow unsetting of CFLAGS,
- repo-add: added -f/--files to create files database (FS#11302)
- pactree: rewritten in C using libalpm
3.4.3 - fix attempted double remove of all files issue during upgrades
- respect IgnorePkg/IgnoreGroup for group members (FS#19854)
- back out epoch changes; 3.5.X will handle them differently
3.4.2 - fix progress bar display with empty packages
- make pactest testsuite Python 2.7 compatible
- write epoch values in preparation for 3.5.X releases
- fix null pointer dereference in architecture check (FS#21668)
- documentation: remove unnecessary "|| return 1"
- contrib/bacman: update package compression selection
- contrib/PKGBUILD.vim: add a few more license options
- translations: es, kk, sv, pt, ru updated
3.4.1 - fix interaction of --needed and multiple repo groups (FS#20221)
- bash completion: small fixes to prevent alias problems
- rankmirrors: fix bogus/empty variable assignment (FS#19911)
- repo-add: ensure bare DB symlinks are relative (FS#20498)
- repo-add: fallback to copy if symlink not permitted (FS#19907)
- makepkg:
- use absolute path to 'du' to exclude wrapper progs (FS#19932)
- ensure $startdir check doesn't stall indefinitely (FS#19975)
- fix repackaging with multiple passed packages (FS#20272)
- translations:
- zh_CN: fix crash when using during install (FS#20188)
- sk: new Slovak translation
- pt: new European Portuguese translation
- other small updates to various translations
3.4.0 - new "Architecture" option that will restrict pacman to
installing only packages from the given architecture. Can be
set to "auto" in which case the output of "uname -m" is used
- use "$arch" when specifying a mirror url to automatically
select the correct architecture
- Installing packages with -U can handle installing
dependencies, conflict resolution and replacing packages
(FS#3492, FS#5798)
- can upgrade the system and install a new package using
"pacman -Syu <pkg>" (FS#15581)
- new -D/--database operation for modifying package install
reasons (FS#12950)
- new --print and --print-format options to output information
in suitable format for wrapper scripts (FS#14208)
- only extract new entries when updating a repo database
- show "Required by" in -Sii output (FS#16244)
- -U and -R options always ask for confirmation
- allow -Qo to perform a functional 'which' (FS#8798)
- cache cleaning cleans all directories, not just first
- cleanupdelta: new utility to help remove unused deltas from
a repo database
- bash completion: rewrite for size and performance (FS#16630)
- repo-add: handle removing the final package from a repo
- rankmirrors: rewrite using bash
- vercmp: does not link to libalpm to prevent upgrade issues
- makepkg:
- automatically aborts on any errors during packaging
- changelogs are now included via the "changelog" variable
- override pkgver, pkgrel and arch in split packages (FS#15955)
- repackaging without a package() function is deprecated
- stricter syntax checking for backup and optdepends entries
- file stripping options are configurable
- New --pkg flag to allow building specific package(s) from
split PKGBUILDs (FS#15956)
- build() function is now optional (FS#15147)
- warn about reference to build root in a package (FS#14751)
- configure source package destination with SRCPKGDEST
- major internal refactoring of handling tests ("[" to "[[")
- contrib/pactree: print reverse dependency tree
3.3.3 - correctly check the return code from opendir()
- fix possible infinite loop in alpm_list_remove()
- makepkg:
- quote arrays to preserve spaces in arrays (FS#16871)
- allow passing arguments with spaces
- adjust preselected option for clearing cache
- translations:
- zh_CN: fix positional parameter usage in makepkg (FS#16983)
- el: fix Y/N response translation (FS#16568)
3.3.2 - fix infinite file size download issue (FS#16359)
- fix bogus download size on TotalDownload
- documentation updates
- small translation updates
- repo-add: use size of target files and not symlinks
- repo-remove: create empty DB when all packages are removed
3.3.1 - use full path to ldconfig when calling in chroot
- optimize the check for modified databases during sync
- ensure installed libfetch is new enough
- have -Q ops return 1 when no package matches (FS#15938)
- skip SyncFirst dialog if unnecessary (FS#15810)
- misc documentation updates (FS#15870, FS#15984)
- testdb: be less verbose during checks
- existing translation updates
- two new translations: Norwegian, Swedish
- makepkg:
- add --skipinteg option (FS#15830)
- fix .PKGINFO creation with -R option (FS#15851)
- always keep symlinks to sources when unpacking
3.3.0 - xdelta: many fixes and improvements
- new pkgdelta script to create deltas
- repo-add can add both deltas and packages to a database
- xz archive format supported for packages and databases
- in case of unresolvable packages, pacman now asks
if they should be skipped instead of aborting
- -Suu synchronizes all packages with the version from the
repository (including upgrade and downgrade)
- replace libdownload dependency by the original libfetch
- better support of -q/--quiet flag with -Qo and -Ql
- -Sp works without root (FS#8905)
- fix a bug where the replacement of a package failed because
of a file conflict, and the package was lost (FS#9088)
- improved behavior of HoldPkg option (FS#9173)
- allow to ignore a package from a group (FS#12059)
- search package groups when searching a db (FS#13099)
- asciidoc fixes
- documentation updates
- repo-add: cleanups, improvements and speedup
- makepkg:
- package splitting support! - see PKGBUILD-split.proto
- limit fakeroot usage with addition of package() function
- info is handled like man pages and not other documentation
- configuration option for man/info page directories
- added ability to automatically remove files from package
- configuration option for default LDFLAGS
- specify alternative configuration file with --config flag
- check all integrity checksums provided in PKGBUILD
- fix pkgver/pkgrel updating in SCM packages
- BUILDSCRIPT option removed from makepkg.conf. Now specified
during configure
- enforce no ">" or "<" in provides array
- package compression autodetection
- check PKGBUILD for CRLF line endings
- fix reading PKGBUILD from pipe
- increase compatibility with BSDs & Mac OSX
- contrib
- pacdiff - improvements and new -l flag for using locate
- pacscripts - print install scripts for a package
3.2.2 - log pacsave warnings to pacman.log (FS#12531)
- separate local DB creation and writing (FS#12263)
- pacman-optimize: rewrite and refresh (FS#11767)
- repo-add: use openssl instead of md5sum
- simplify doc building process for ease of development
- ensure correct handling of syscall interruptions
- readd missing newline on -Qi/-Si output (FS#11331)
- fix TotalDownload regression (FS#11339)
- makepkg:
- replace getopt with an internal function
- detect incorrect usage of provides (FS#12540)
- fix bash substitution to work in older versions
- fix updating PKGBUILD and simplify logic for SCM packages
- save/restore shell options before/after build() (FS#12344)
- documentation updates and asciidoc build fix
- existing translation updates
3.2.1 - drop special handling of file:// URLs
- display optdepends on install and upgrade
- fix segfault on x86_64 when using UseSyslog (FS#11096)
- fix detection of TotalDownload (FS#11180)
- fix "No such file" error during --force installs (FS#11218)
- better handling of progressbar when behind a proxy (FS#8725)
- repo-add: fix whitespace handling (FS#9171, FS#10630)
- repo-add: add optdepends to the sync DB (FS#10630)
- makepkg:
- allow specifying a download filename (related to FS#11292)
- fix download functions with weird URLs (FS#11076)
- fix creation of source package with local files (FS#11149)
- fix error when sourcing profile scripts (FS#11179)
- perform case-insensitive checksum comparison (FS#11283)
- documentation and help updates (including fix for FS#11203)
- new Ukrainian translation
- existing translation updates
3.2.0 - removed -A/--add option from pacman frontend
- added --asexplicit option
- new remove option --unneeded
- add -Rss option to remove all dependencies
- removed useless -e/--dependsonly option
- config options are now case sensitive
- added CleanMethod option for variety in cache cleaning
- new Turkish translation, all others updated and revised
- handle multiple groups in -Ss and -Qs operations
- allow -q/--quiet option with -o/--own and -g/--groups options
- removed hack for packages with unknown installed size
- add SyncFirst option to pacman.conf
- support installation of versioned deps : pacman -S "dep>=2.0"
- add --enable-git-version configure flag to identify
developmental build version
- do not duplicate packages in required by list
- pacman.static is no longer built
- all error messages use pm_fprintf
- disable geteuid in cygwin
- use off_t type for large file support
- add vercmp test script
- moved gensync and updatesync to contrib/
- rewrote pacsearch script in perl
- paclist script to list installed packages from a repo
- bacman script to make backup of package from filesystem
- combined repo-add and repo-remove into one script
- removed --force option from repo-add
- add --quiet option to repo-add/repo-remove
- update libtool version to 1.5.26
- allow disabling of internal download with new configure
flag --disable-internal-download
- pactest can now check file permissions
- add the possibility to mark the pactests known to fail,
which allows more informative results of make check
- libalpm-specific changes:
- use dynamic string allocation in package structure
- new functions for manipulating pmdepend_t objects
- store replaces and force in local database
- moved deptest functionality to backend
- add alpm_checkdbconflicts function
- cleanup of pmsyncpkg_t
- add alpm_sync_newversion function
- cleanup of alpm_list code
- refactor of download code
- download callback API changes
- removed test_delta_md5sum and test_pkg_md5sum functions
- add _alpm_archive_fgets function to read line-by-line from
an archive
- read .PKGINFO directly from package file with no temp file
- native support for both libdownload and libfetch
- rework delta algorithm (we still need script updates)
- swap parameters of alpm_pkg_find for consistency with
other find functions
- swap parameters of PM_TRANS_CONV_INSTALL_IGNOREPKG to make
more sense
- fix -Rs when removing multiple items in dependency chain
- makepkg-specific changes:
- support for resuming source downloads
- added zipman option
- removed -b/--builddeps
- various portability fixes for BSD and Mac OS X
- check for valid options in PKGBUILD
- add --allsource option
- remove deprecated --usesudo option
- handle spaces in build directory
- made keeping docs the default option
- use pacman version dep resolving
- fix regression in library stripping
- make strip paths configurable
- MANY other bug fixes and small improvements
3.1.4 - various small code cleanups and fixes
- small documentation updates
- improvements to PKGBUILD.vim
- translation updates - ru, zh_CN
3.1.3 - major updates to i18n output in frontend (all UTF-8 characters
should now work with varying byte and char widths)
- new Simplified Chinese translation
- updates to testpkg utility
- updates to PKGBUILD.vim
- internal updates for translations - use c-format on all
strings, get rid of needless line numbers
3.1.2 - updates to proto.install, add ChangeLog.proto (FS#7231)
- add 'force' option to packages, and have repo-add respect it
- mark gensync and updatesync as deprecated
- fix pacman -Qo behavior on symlinks (FS#9473)
- fix segfault on a broken symlinks in backup code (FS#9235)
- ensure filename is determined correctly for a pkg (FS#9547)
- fix conflict progress bar with UTF-8 chars (FS#6437)
- fix chk_fileconflicts brokenness, ensure it reads entire list
- ensure -Sc operation locks DB, only checks DBs (FS#9609)
- minor documentation and message updates
- moved some translations to their more generic lang codes
- allow scripts to be run without gettext installed
- makepkg:
- check to ensure we have non-URL sources (FS#9208)
- ensure we strip binaries in /opt/ dirs (FS#9342)
- check for VCS executable before using (FS#9230)
- set sane umask before source extraction (FS#9242, FS#9362)
3.1.1 - fix versioned provisions handling- use '=' instead of ' ' which
differs from original spec but better in long run (FS#9171)
- rename query --orphans to --unrequired (FS#9144)
- fix segfault when cachedir is unusable (FS#9186)
- missing SYMEXPORT on libalpm functions (FS#9155)
- notify of package replacements when using --noconfirm (FS#5179)
- fix usage of PKGEXT by gensync/updatesync (FS#9190)
- ensure correct dir permissions in database (FS#9176)
- ensure /tmp is created with correct permissions (FS#9183)
- disallow NULL section in parseconfig (reported on forums)
- remove Arch-specific pacman.conf and mirrorlist from source
- makepkg: --holdver option for devel PKGBUILDs (FS#9194)
- documentation updates (FS# 9142, 9146, 9175, 9192, 9204)
- many translation updates
3.1.0 - paths are now specified as absolute paths (or defaulting to
under the specified root directory)
- all paths can be specified in pacman.conf or on command line
- updates to pacman clean operation- now cleans uninstalled
packages and old sync DBs (FS#8061)
- remove all hardcoded paths and allow them to be set at
configure/build time
- single mirrorfile- pacman substitutes the repository name in
mirror file when $repo is found (FS#6389)
- New config file options: ShowSize, TotalDownload, IgnoreGroup,
- all scripts have been gettext-ized and can be translated
- added testdb utility to check pacman DBs for common problems
- huge additions to pactest suite
- remove -F/--freshen operation
- add --ignoregroup option (FS#1592)
- --ignore and --ignoregroup accept comma separated lists
- add --needed option for --sync
- massive optimization and speedup for --owns
- add -q/--quiet option for -Ss/-Sl and -Q? output (FS#8470)
- add --asdeps option (install reason: dependency) (FS#7193)
- replace "Total Package Size" with "Total Download Size"
- fix -Q options to work on installed packages AND package files
- change -Q/--query options to act as filters and increase their
- -U/-A <url> now downloads to cachedir (FS#6404)
- install and build dates are localized
- optdepends support
- delta support
- versioned provisions support
- versioned conflicts support
- add < and > operators for versioned dependencies and conflicts
- bash completion updates
- mirrorlist updates
- removed ABS script from codebase (now a separate project)
- allow multiple pacman cache directories
- all manpages are now generated using Asciidoc (FS#7312)
- moved parseconfig from backend library to frontend
- clean up and refactoring of the ENTIRE codebase
- remove many useless #ifdefs
- split many too-long functions
- portability updates: compiles and passes tests on BSD and
Darwin (switching libdownload->libfetch)
- clean up build process
- use of static code analysis
- memory leak fixes all over the place
- fix overzealous use of macros
- entire codebase builds with -pedantic GCC option
- libalpm-specific changes:
- moved location of sync DBs into their own directory to thwart
deletion and remove naming limitations
- REQUIREDBY entries are no longer used in local DB but are
computed on the fly when needed, which should resolve
phantom dependency issues (FS#7639)
- ensure we export everything that should be public
- fix some const correctness issues
- add list tail ptr shortcut to make last element lookups O(1)
- database dates are stored as seconds from epoch
- removed SHA1 support
- drop in new MD5 library
- implement topological sorting for dependencies
- do case sensitive compare in parse_descfile (FS#8081)
- remove hardcoded architectures
- conflicts checking speedups and fixes
- move lockfile location to inside the DB
- remove gettext calls from DEBUG messages
- remove faulty disk space checking
- move functions out of alpm.c to where they belong
- rewrite of file extraction code (FS#7484)
- makepkg-specific changes:
- entire script has been functionalized
- only runs in fakeroot when necessary
- hard linked manpages are now compressed (FS#5392)
- built-in versionpkg support
- arch=('any') support (FS#8153)
- clean up and prettify the output
- replace tar/cpio/unzip with bsdtar (FS#7485)
- add --ignorearch option (FS#7355)
- improved error handling
- downloads straight to $SRCDEST to avoid copies (FS#7271)
- support for multiple download protocols (FS#4404)
- remove --usesudo option, use it by default
- add --asroot option to discourage building as root
- add $srcdir and $pkgdir variables (FS#7278)
- add source package creation option
- rankmirrors- allow reading from stdin (FS#8043)
- and many other updates: 198 bugs/FRs closed since 3.0.0 release
- switch to GIT for source code management
3.0.6 - config files updated to reflect current -> core change
- fix symlink overwriting issue (FS#7484)
- fix config parsing with tr_TR locale (FS#7235)
- use AC_SYS_LARGEFILE if available (FS#7578)
3.0.5 - add -mtune=generic to default CFLAGS in makepkg.conf
- small updates to translations
- repo-add: fix conflicts issue for real this time
- fix issue with libarchive incorrectly setting permissions
3.0.4 - updated translations
- repo-add: fix issue where conflicts were not put in database
3.0.3 - updated translations
- repo-add: fixed a desc file clobbering issue
3.0.2 - fix a bug where pre/post_remove scriptlets were not ran
- ensure ldconfig is ran in all operations
- added a few new translations, updated existing ones
- updated mirror lists
- makepkg: ensure CFLAGS are exported to build function
3.0.1 - fix a locale issue with tr_TR upper/lower-case conversion
- allow removal when listing the same package multiple times
- fix a repo-add bug that left a .PKGINFO file in the current
- proper error messages when we cannot read mtab for freespace
3.0.0 - first release based on libalpm backend
- added internationalization (gettext) support:
- de, fr, hu, it, pt_BR, en_GB, ru_RU translations
- switch to usage of libdownload and libarchive
- improved proxy support using libdownload
- documentation - man pages updated, new conf manpages added
- repository mirror list updates
- added support for package changelogs
- logging of all install scriptlet messages to pacman.log
- orphans search (-Qe) now shows true orphans
- new -Qu option - show all packages that can be upgraded
- new -Se option - install only dependencies
- dependency sorting on install and removal
- check for free space before installing packages
- prompt to delete corrupted packages
- improved backup handling - backup array proactive on upgrade
- removed NoUpgrade lines from default pacman.conf
- new uncompressed size field, shown on sync upgrade
- improved progress and progressbar output
- reduced unnecessary calling of ldconfig
- selective loading of database to speed up certain operations
- debugging output improved with --debug flag
- pacman-optimize - now supports DBs on separate filesystem
- makepkg and abs now support conf files in home directory
- makepkg changes:
- arch field is required
- added -arch suffix to generated package filenames
- new configuration file options format
- changed default configuration
- support alternate integrity checks
- extract files using filetype, not extension
- added noextract array
- new options array format
- new option to log build process
- new --repackage option - repackage pkg/ without building
- user-selectable paths for doc stripping
- configurable source cache location
- dependencies now removed on a build success or failure
- abs changes:
- supports both cvsup and csup
- expanded configuration
- added support for testing repository
- new helper scripts:
- rankmirrors - shows best available mirrors
- repo-add - adds a package to a repo database file
- repo-remove - removes a package from a repo database file
- added pactest testing suite
- MANY fixes and small improvements everywhere
2.9.8 - Changed behaviour with original=X,current=Y,new=Z scenario
- keep old in place, install new as .pacnew
- Search package provides when finding matching targets with -S
- Frugalware: added -Qm option to find foreign packages
- Frugalware: added DistCC support to makepkg
- bugfix: before searching databases for a dependency, make sure
one of the packages in the final list doesn't already provide
that dependency
- fix for segfaults that occurred when propagating requiredby
fields to replaced packages where one package depended on
another replaced package
- a better fix for pacman-optimize integrity checks
- fix for regex searches with -Ss (Miklos Vajna)
- added a --noprogressbar for scripts to use
2.9.7 - fixed the dupe listings of packages when dealing w/ groups
- patches from Miklos Vajna:
- add regexp search support for -Qs and -Ss
- fixed md5sums on x86_64
- add --sudosync to makepkg
- show syntax help if an invalid option is used
- added makepkg option to disable ccache support
- changed license field to operate as an array, not a string
- added more logic for file conflict checks - if one target
is a file and the other is a directory, then it's a conflict
- fixed the integrity check in pacman-optimize
- reverted NoUpgrade to old behaviour and instead, added the
NoExtract directive to pacman.conf, which prevents a file
from ever being extracted on to the system
eg, NoExtract = home/httpd/html/index.html
2.9.6 - added a pacman-optimize script to try and defragment the DB
- modified NoUpgrade behaviour to avoid extracting files
that are missing from the filesystem -- this helps in
situations where the admin does not want the file there, eg,
remove index.html so index.php takes precedence
- fixed a bug where files would sometimes go missing if they
moved from one package to another
- add db_remove() which is responsible for clearing out stale
hash table entries when packages are removed
- added ccache support to makepkg
- patch from Aurelien Foret fixes a few memory leaks
2.9.5 - bugfix: missing files after re-ordering packages wrt
deps with --upgrade
- added "Repository" line to -Si output
- patch from Tommi Rantala to fix trim() behaviour with
empty or whitespace-only strings
- fixed removal order when using -Rc or -Rs
2.9.4 - fixed a bug that was introduced from another bugfix :-/
2.9.3 - fixed a couple manpage typos
- added --ignore to -S operations, works just like IgnorePkg
- respect IgnorePkg list when pulling in dependencies
- numerous memleak fixes
- some code changes to improve customizability/branding
- Makefile fix for nonstandard lib search paths (Kevin Piche)
- fixed the leftover directories in /tmp
- speed improvement patches from Tommi Rantala
2.9.2 - bugfix for 2.9.1
2.9.1 - --refresh now only downloads fresh packages lists if they've
been updated (currently only works with FTP)
2.9 - Improved -Rs functionality -- pacman now tracks why a package
is installed: explicitly, or as a dependency for another
package. -Rs will only remove dependencies that were not
explicitly installed.
- Added compressed package size to sync DBs -- shows the total
size of packages before downloading
- Patch from Tommi Rantala:
- Allow --info and --list together in queries
- Patch from Kevin Piche:
- Use list_add_sorted() with -Sg
- Patch from Hegedus Marton Csaba:
- Better manpage compression
- Added checks for additional hyphens in package versions
- mktemp was failing if %pmo_root%/tmp was missing -- fixed
2.8.4 - Added updatesync script from Jason Chu
- Changed the pacman binary to be dynamically linked
- Included a pacman.static binary as well
- Added fakeroot checks when seeing if we're root
- Fixed makepkg to use 'tail -n 1' instead of 'tail -1'
- Added patch from Kevin Piche:
- Cleanup db_loadpkgs(), add list_add_sorted()
- Fixed a memory leak in db_find_conflicts()
2.8.3 - Fixed a little makepkg bug with bash 3.0
- Fixed resolvedeps to always prefer literals over provisios
- Added --config option to specify an alternate config file
- Added "Include" directive to include repositories from
config files (inspired by Michael Baehr's patch)
- Added patch from Jason Chu:
- Even smarter file-conflict checking
2.8.2 - Fixed a segfault bug in file-conflict checks
- Made --noconfirm actually work. Go me.
2.8.1 - Added a HoldPkg option in pacman.conf, for the more
exploratory users who run things like "pacman -R pacman". It
will ask for confirmation before removing any packages listed
in the HoldPkg list
- Added a --noconfirm switch for use with script automation
- Modified dependency resolution to prefer packages explicitly
requested on the cmdline instead of those pulled in by
resolvedeps(). Example, if neither "xorg" nor "xfree86" is
installed and "blackbox xfree86" is requested, "xfree86" will
be used instead of "xorg"
- Added patch from Jason Chu:
- Smarter file-conflict checking with symlinked paths and
with files that move from one package to another
2.8 - Bugfixes:
- FS#861: file:/// urls not handled properly with XferCommand
- FS#1003: set umask before scriptlet calls
- FS#1027: download problems with http urls using -U/-A
- FS#1044: segfaults when using -Rs
- FS#863: "missing post_remove" errors with some packages
- FS#875: detect low disk space properly
- FS#986: makepkg -e doesn't validate files
- FS#1010: add -j option to makepkg
- FS#1028: make pacman -Sp runnable as non-root
- added pre_install and pre_upgrade scriptlet support
- added an "Architecture" field in the package meta-data
- added patch from Aurelien Foret which improves performance
adding or removing packages
- added implementation of GNU's strverscmp function for better
- added explicit unlink() calls when --force is used, which
prevents those nasty "Text file busy" errors when you
force-upgrade something like pacman or glibc.
2.7.9 - added the "force" option to packages, so --sysupgrade can
downgrade packages when it needs to
2.7.8 - added post_remove scriptlet support
- added -Qs option (FS#854)
- a provisio does not imply conflict, to make a provisio target
conflict with anything else that provides the same thing, you
can now do this by specifying the provisio target as both a
provides and a conflict, eg:
- cleaned up the download progress bar a bit
- added %o parameter to XferCommand so wget can resume properly
- fixed a segfault in downloadfiles() (FS#787)
- patches from Oliver Burnett-Hall
- gensync uses a better temp dir (FS#774)
- PKGDEST can be set in makepkg.conf (FS#783)
- patches from Aurelien Foret
- segfault fix, couple memory leaks
- more sanity checks in "provides" searches
- fixed a little display bug in the progress bar
- made -Qip look like -Qi
- -Sc now removes OLD packages from cache, use -Scc for all
2.7.7 - added an XferCommand directive that will make pacman use an
external download utility like wget
- added a license field to package meta-data
- add url support to -A and -U operations (download packages)
- -Ss now searches thru provides fields
- added --dbonly option to -R
2.7.6 - added --print-uris option
- fixed an http download bug (FS#667)
- fixed a segfault related to replaces/conflicts handling
2.7.5 - "replaces" packages were ignoring IgnorePkg in pacman.conf
- fixed another bug in conflict handling
- found an out-dated reference to /usr/abs, fixed
- added a --recursive option for package removal, which removes
all deps of a target that aren't required by other packages
2.7.4 - fixed a bug in conflict handling, where installing a
conflicting package would fail even if the new package
"provided" it
- if pacman sees a newer version of itself during an upgrade,
it will ask to install itself first, then be re-run to upgrade
the other packages.
- You can now use the --info option with --sync to display an
uninstalled package's dependency info.
- Added a sane umask before db writes
- buffer overflow fix (FS#442)
2.7.3 - makepkg not longer strips files with .exe or .dll extensions
- Added Aurelien's patch:
- proxy support (no authentication yet)
- HTTP/1.1 support
- an improved progress bar with transfer rates and ETA
- cleaned up warning output a bit
2.7.2 - Suppressed "No such file" messages during stripping
- Removed extra newlines in /var/log/pacman.log
- Added a --noextract option to makepkg to skip source extraction
2.7.1 - Fixed a couple obscure segfaults
- LogFiles were logging incorrect dates - fixed
- Cleaned up md5sum output in makepkg -g
- Added (optional) colorized output messages to makepkg
- Renamed the "stable" repo to "release" in pacman.conf
- Renamed the "unofficial" repo to "extra" in pacman.conf
2.7 - Added build-time dependencies to makepkg (Jason Chu)
- Added md5sum integrity checking to packages in --sync
mode (Aurelien Foret)
- Memory leak fixes (Aurelien Foret)
- Added CARCH variable to makepkg.conf for use in PKGBUILDs
- Added LogFile option for direct-to-file logging
- Added -Qii handling to show modified config files
- Allow --sync targets to specify an explicit repository to
sync from (eg, pacman -S current/patch)
2.6.4 - Altered pacman_upgrade() to allow a package to replace itself
2.6.3 - A couple memory fixes in the new replaces code
2.6.2 - Fixed a memory cleanup bug
- Aurelien's patch:
- FS#159 implemented (for -S and -R)
- fixed a bug with pacman -Sg (pacman was browsing only one
db to get groups)
- fixed a bug with list_merge()
- fixed some MLK (in dumppkg() and with "-Qi --orphans")
- now "pacman -Sg" only displays groups (without content)
whereas "pacman -Sg target1 target2" displays groups
target1 and target2 with content
2.6.1 - Added http download support (Aurelien Foret)
- Improved makepkg's --builddeps behaviour when called via
- makepkg's md5 validation now occurs before source extraction
- makepkg delays fakeroot entry until after option parsing
- Fixed an argument-passing bug in fakeroot
- Modified pacman's behaviour wrt provides -- it now allows
multiple packages to be installed, even if they provide the
same thing (they were treated as conflicts before)
2.6 - Added group handling, so one can run 'pacman -S kde' and
install all files from the KDE group
- Fixed a duplication bug in cascade package removal
- Added support for virtual provisions with "provides" tags
- When conflicts are encountered, pacman now offers the chance
to remove the conflicting packages (provides or literals)
- Added support for renamed/combined packages with a "replaces"
- Added --nostrip option to makepkg
- Improved --search to list all packages from all repos when
a search term is omitted
- Added logging support through syslog()
- Added fakeroot support to makepkg (RomanK)
- Added MD5sum generation/validation to makepkg (RomanK)
- Fixed a progress bar bug (Aurelien Foret)
- Sorted makepkg's .FILELISTs (Aurelien Foret)
- Targets are now re-ordered w.r.t. dependencies when
using -A/-U
- Modified --search to work when called as -Sys
- Modified abs to use ABS_ROOT from /etc/abs/abs.conf (Aurelien)
- Other bug fixes
2.5.1 - Minor bug fixes
2.5 - Added an URL tag to package info
- Sped up package load times by about 500% by introducing
a .FILELIST into the package
- Renamed the install scriptlet from ._install to .INSTALL
- Added patch from Aurlien Foret:
- Better lock handling (RW and RO)
- Sorted package order in -Qi's dependency lists
- Added a DBPath option to pacman.conf
- Fixed memory leaks
- Added the --nodeps option to -S
2.4.1 - Fixed a bug in makepkg's option parsing
2.4 - Added getopt-style options to makeworld
- Added -w <destdir> to makepkg
- makeworld now properly handles packages with --builddeps
- Added patches from Aurelien Foret:
- Cascading package removals. -Rc will remove a package and
all packages that require it
- Support for getopt-style options in makepkg
- the REQUIREDBY field is now updated when a package is
removed with --nodeps, then re-installed.
- Avoids duplicate dependency checks with sync
- Added a "NoPassiveFtp" option in pacman.conf
- Improvements to the --query listings
2.3.2 - Added patches from Aurelien Foret:
- FTP resume feature
- removed the hit-^C-and-delete-the-downloading-file safety
- IgnorePkg option in pacman.conf
- FTPAGENT setting in makepkg.conf
- Added --cleancache option to makepkg
2.3.1 - Fixed the progress bar overflow
- Pacman does not ask "Are you sure" when you use --downloadonly
- Switched up a couple makepkg options to be more consistent
with pacman's options
- If you ^C out of a file download, the package will now be
removed from the cache directory
2.3 - The beginnings of source-side dependency resolution, makepkg
can now either A) download/install missing deps with pacman
-S; or B) find missing deps in the /usr/abs tree and
build/install them.
- Added a --nodeps option to makepkg
- Improved the --search output
2.2 - More bugfixes
- Added --downloadonly switch to --sync
2.1 - Lots of bugfixes
- Added support for multiple repositories
- Improved the config file layout
- Improved dependency resolution and sorting
2.0 - Added dependency functionality
- Completely new database format, similar to FreeBSD
- Better internal data structures
- Merged pacsync functionality into pacman
- Now uses libftp for all file retrieval (currently only ftp)
- Automatic dependency resolution, a la apt-get
- Moved config stuff from /etc/pacsync.conf to /etc/pacman.conf
- Much better backup file handling, now uses md5 hashes a la rpm
1.23 - Added install/upgrade/remove scripting control
1.22 - Some manpage typo fixes
- Added --root switch to pacsync
- Added --help and ability to specify a PKGBUILD to makepkg
- Switched default downloader to snarf
1.21 - Added better backup control -- upgrade/add and remove
do different things with the -n switch
1.2 - Added wildcard handling
- Added man pages for makepkg and pacsync
- Added the pacsync utility for remote file fetching/sync
1.1 - Fixed some string-handling bugs
- Added better handling of configuration files and the like.
If "file" is about to be removed, but it is designated to
backed up, then it will be copied to ""
- Changed db_find_conflicts() to ignore directories
1.0 - Initial Release
vim: set et spell spelllang=en_us: