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Bob Mottram 17a2309bb9 Use https to download SDK 8 years ago
.tx Update Transifex client configuration 8 years ago
config Ignore Lint warning for OldTargetApi 8 years ago
docs Remove outdated docs 8 years ago
gradle Improve FindBugs Gradle task 8 years ago
images Work on new pgp header 8 years ago
k9mail fix up some dodgy nulls 8 years ago
k9mail-library Merge pull request #685 from k9mail/art/static-analysis-fixes 8 years ago
plugins PGP: Introduce key preference per account for OpenPGP APIv7 8 years ago
tools Use https to download SDK 8 years ago
.gitattributes Force gradlew (and other shell scripts) to use lf line endings. 8 years ago
.gitignore Remove old IntelliJ project files 9 years ago
.gitmodules Kill our use of submodules dead. They're too painful for new contributors 10 years ago
HTMLCLEANER_LICENSE Merge ashleywillis' changes in 12 years ago
NOTICE Initial commit - This source code should be EXACTLY what the current version of the 'Email' application in the android repo looks like as of this date. 15 years ago
build.gradle Update Gradle Android plugin to 1.2.3 8 years ago
gradlew Add Gradle wrapper 10 years ago
gradlew.bat Add Gradle wrapper 10 years ago
proguard.cfg Remove ActionBarSherlock 9 years ago
settings.gradle Move JVM tests into main k9mail module 8 years ago