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Arnavion 98fefcd162 Switch from mozilla-build to msys2. 8 years ago
copy win32: Use WinSparkle for handling updates 8 years ago
installer Don't install spelling dicts if win8+ 8 years ago
nls Better project files. 8 years ago
spelling Update spelling dicts to extract to localappdata 11 years ago Remove option to disable ipv6 9 years ago
hexchat.exe.manifest Implement windows 8.1+ notifications 8 years ago
hexchat.props Switch from mozilla-build to msys2. 8 years ago
hexchat.sln libenchant_win8 needs to depend on common to be able to use config.h 8 years ago
version-template.ps1 win32: Use config.h instead of config-win32.h 9 years ago
version.txt Bump updater version to 2.10.2 9 years ago