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Diogo Sousa 18eaccb840 Added functions to create/destroy event_attrs to plugin interface.
Function names were chosen to keep consistency with the rest of the
10 years ago
.tx Update template generation instructions 10 years ago
man Update man page 10 years ago
plugins perl: Fixed get_list('networks') to work with new servlist.conf syntax for autojoin channels. 10 years ago
po Pull from Transifex 10 years ago
share Handle extraneous cli args as urls 10 years ago
src Added functions to create/destroy event_attrs to plugin interface. 10 years ago
win32 Update Perl library name 10 years ago
.gitignore Set up Doxyfile 10 years ago
.travis.yml Tweak travis template 10 years ago
Doxyfile Use png instead of svg 10 years ago Fix macro searching 10 years ago
acinclude.m4 On my system (openSUSE 12.2 / GNU bash, version 4.2.24(1)-release (x86_64-suse-linux-gnu) ), the shell doesn't like that the '=' character in 'if test...' doesn't have spaces around it. This causes the test to always be true, and thus the AS_AC_EXPAND macro only expands once. This led to two #define's in config.h containing broken values: HEXCHATSHAREDIR and DBUS_SERVICES_DIR. 11 years ago build: move automake "foreign" option to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE 11 years ago
config-win32.h Don't hardcode "plugins" as the subdirectory for plugins in many 10 years ago
config.rpath Update config.rpath by running gettextize 11 years ago Fix building with static spell 10 years ago