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Arnavion 9858784eb6 Better project files.
- Output directly to rel\ instead of to bin\ and then copying files over.
- Deduped Win32 vs x64 configs
- Moved some common properties to hexchat.props
- All build intermediates (except htm's intermediates) are no longer emitted in the source directory
8 years ago
TingPing a466369356 Respect verbosity setting when building htm 9 years ago
hasufell 08fd4f2dd7 BUILD: use instead of Makefile echo 10 years ago
hasufell 8f0d6e85fd BUILD: don't hardcode the install path in the script 10 years ago
hasufell 7dea09c371 BUILD: fix quoting issue
\"$@\" got malformed and interpreted by the Makefile
10 years ago
hasufell ce5653d75c BUILD: add --with-theme-manager configure option 10 years ago
TingPing 6510e8961e Delete left over themes 10 years ago
Berke Viktor 110a2625fe Remove another bunch of obsolete junk 10 years ago
Berke Viktor ed9245add2 Use C# style license comments 10 years ago
Berke Viktor aa03b113f4 Revert "Cosmetics"
This reverts commit a88b3e8aaf.
10 years ago
Berke Viktor a88b3e8aaf Cosmetics 10 years ago
Berke Viktor 3c1bd3cff0 Supposed fix for license issues
I have no clue what to put here so I'll just use what the About dialog
provides (unless specified otherwise in the file)
10 years ago
museun b7d78f27be HTM was throwing an exception for ReadOnly files.
So, to fix this an explicit FileAccess had to be set. Package.Open uses
the default FileShare.None option. This causes a conflict and throws the
'UnauthorizedAccessException' exception. So, we just tell it that we are
there to read it and everything is fine.
10 years ago
Dan Mashal b04377825f fix incorrect FSF address 11 years ago
Berke Viktor 79fa1a0521 Move build files out of the source tree, make grep usage much easier 11 years ago
Arnav Singh aaa19466d6 Add Mono project for HTM 11 years ago
Berke Viktor 5af19dfb64 Remove unused references 2 (TingPing) 11 years ago
Berke Viktor ff6e1ef94a Remove unused references (TingPing) 11 years ago
Berke Viktor df6e3fd953 Add note about special folder 11 years ago
Berke Viktor 723486913f Fix HTM config dir handling both on Windows and Unix 11 years ago
Berke Viktor caa270922f Fix release path for HTM, C# projects don't support property sheets to use a separate xp project instead 11 years ago
Berke Viktor 47d6222f1c Be consistent about caps 11 years ago
xhmikosr f535702903 more branding changes 11 years ago
xhmikosr 34bae3ef6d remove a few more *.user files 11 years ago
Berke Viktor 52525478ab Config folder and some more HTM rebranding 11 years ago
Berke Viktor c33342b202 Rename XTM to HTM 11 years ago