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TingPing 7063406d6c Remove input_balloon_time setting
This setting doesn't work on most platforms
including some notification daemons on linux.

Where it does work I think it is bad behavior
to default overriding their defaults anyway.

It's most valuable use was likely win32
tray balloons which no longer exist.
2015-02-11 17:58:44 -05:00
Arnavion 1d83610341 Save iconv converters for input and output in the server.
These are then used with g_convert_with_iconv instead of making it create a new iconv converter every time for the given from-to-encoding pairs.
2015-01-31 00:52:31 -08:00
Arnavion b783c827c8 Fixed incorrect comment on server->encoding. 2015-01-18 02:27:38 -08:00
Arnavion 5749c53484 Server line text-encoding-related fixes.
- Handle server lines that contain sequences which are invalid in the server encoding. Previously, these would cause the whole line to be interpreted in ISO-8859-1, but now they're simply replaced with an appropriate replacement character.

- Removed prefs.utf8_locale.

- Change default server encoding from system locale to UTF-8.

- Always populate server->encoding with a non-null value - UTF-8.

Fixes #1198
2015-01-18 02:10:04 -08:00
Arnavion 2e76a4e477 Removed CP1255-specific handling of server lines.
GLib's API is good enough now.
2015-01-18 02:10:03 -08:00
Arnavion ee17ec6b4f Removed legacy "IRC" encoding. 2015-01-18 02:10:03 -08:00
TingPing 9f7444baa2 Move userlist sorting to frontend
This Fixes possible crashes when the two
usertrees get out of sync and a double free occurs.

Also now requires restart to change sort orders.

Fixes #1252
Fixes #818 (probably)
2014-12-31 03:56:36 -05:00
TingPing fef580ed7f Rewrite identd
- Use gio (which is cross platform)
- Properly support multiple users
- Allow configuring port
- Allow other plugins overriding
2014-12-30 06:35:42 -05:00
TingPing 5beaf15f21 Remove option to use socks5 library
This was always disabled by default and is not required
for the current socks support. I am not even sure this
library is packaged by any distro?
2014-12-28 22:29:06 -05:00
TingPing 9cb73f839f Remove MSProxy support
It's not enabled anywhere, certainly not maintained
2014-12-28 13:28:19 -05:00
TingPing 95febd978c Fix building as c89 2014-12-28 06:47:23 -05:00
TingPing aeb5d15871 More consistently include config.h 2014-12-17 18:21:10 -05:00
md_5 74ff67acd3 Create configuration option to control middle click tab close.
Some might argue that this shouldn't be able to be configured as it is "common" behaviour
in other programs such as web browsers, but for me it is an annoyance because for 15
years this has not been the behaviour of X-Chat.
Quite simply, this creates a configuration option for 537fb856, as unobtrusively as
possible, under the channel switcher preferences tab.

Closes #1232
2014-12-10 15:09:04 -05:00
leeter 6aafc8e51d Fix chanopts not saving if /quit before exit
This is the C fix, unfortunately a proper fix, e.g.
 removing the dependency on session_name all together is a much vaster
 refactor outside the scope of this bugfix.

Closes #1111
2014-12-10 14:40:42 -05:00
Arnavion 99a1fff590 Removed unused hexchat_filename_*_utf8 macros. 2014-12-08 21:30:02 -08:00
TingPing 4b6215051f ssl: Don't use global openssl context
Fixes #789
2014-11-05 01:27:39 -05:00
TingPing 7a4a0243bd Fix out of source builds
Fixes #1018
2014-09-14 17:43:44 -04:00
TingPing c3c6b46230 Clean up includes for gettext
It is always enabled.
2014-06-21 23:10:18 -04:00
TingPing 47b4b0da8a Remove unused defines 2014-06-21 22:45:21 -04:00
TingPing 45526205ab Remove broken debug code 2014-06-21 22:21:12 -04:00
TingPing b8c02f71d9 win32: Use config.h instead of config-win32.h 2014-06-04 10:30:18 -04:00
Berke Viktor 0dccf692d4 Add global option to suppress nick change events
Might as well add a per-channel option, too but for me that seems a bit unnecessary.
Closes #971
2014-05-12 05:01:24 -04:00
TingPing 9599c29c46 Use filesize format based on OS
Adds gui_filesize_iec option on Unix

Closes #966
2014-05-03 23:57:45 -04:00
RichardHitt 0f828dd74f Add marker-line functionality for scrollback, instant seek.
Fixes #662.
2014-04-02 16:14:45 -07:00
TingPing 29e01daeae Merge pull request #890 from orium/lagmeter-fixes
Lagmeter fixes
2014-02-04 17:29:27 -08:00
TingPing 6487e1b391 osx: Silence openssl deprecated warnings 2014-01-29 12:16:36 -05:00
Diogo Sousa 1d6d737927 Fixed lag meter getting stuck.
Also lag_sent in struct server should have always been an unsigned long.

Fixes #749.
2014-01-27 19:57:41 +00:00
TingPing 20d26aea94 Rewrite dns command
- Cross platform
- Doesn't depend on external tools
2014-01-08 01:32:28 -05:00
TingPing 19e3fce2eb Fix SASL on some networks 2013-10-20 22:29:16 -04:00
TingPing d960006de4 Add option to auto +x on connect 2013-10-17 23:43:58 -04:00
TingPing 0c3220c469 Add preference to change tabs on scroll
Also revert e52905f50c
2013-10-08 18:16:10 -04:00
TingPing 301e5d260d More improvements to libsexy
- Add option for showing attributes in input
- Improve attribute parsing
- Fix detecting iso-codes on unix
- Improve getting default langs from $LANG
- Fix warnings
2013-10-03 16:23:46 -04:00
TingPing 449553ffb0 Replace xtext's transparency with full window transparency
Xtext's transparency barely worked on windows, didn't work on any modern
linux wm and used fake transparency.
This uses gtk's built in window opacity that works on more systems and
is real transparency.
Text area only transparency may return with a transition to cairo, if it
works on Windows.
2013-09-27 17:40:05 -04:00
TingPing f6ba274134 Add fullscreen to to view menu 2013-09-19 17:52:17 -04:00
TingPing bc8eaf6588 Replace search window with a searchbar 2013-09-15 02:55:18 -04:00
TingPing b0b8f40791 Replace search window with a searchbar 2013-09-15 02:51:35 -04:00
TingPing a903f16c68 Implement BLOWFISh, AES, and EXTERNAL SASL mechanisms
Closes #657
2013-09-07 18:59:28 -04:00
Diogo Sousa dcdb11a78b Added preferences options to enable the server-time extension when available.
(Internationalization messages missing.)
2013-06-28 16:15:15 +01:00
Diogo Sousa 4057b7dd58 Now inbound_cap_ls() can enable extensions when a bouncer uses a namespace for
the extension server-time.
2013-06-28 16:07:24 +01:00
TingPing cf505b850b Add chanopt for stripping colors 2013-06-06 17:47:01 -04:00
Berke Viktor a435e8648f Fix initial autojoins and some erroneous copies/frees 2013-05-14 16:40:32 +02:00
Berke Viktor 198dc9eb43 Fix favorite channels except in inbound.c 2013-05-12 05:44:32 +02:00
Berke Viktor a98b95923b Get rid of this unnecessary buffer 2013-05-11 02:00:32 +02:00
Berke Viktor 873a3ef047 Replace various network options with universal login method option 2013-05-10 23:52:47 +02:00
TingPing b4c885861d Remove away announce 2013-04-28 17:19:26 -04:00
Berke Viktor 5bb284267b Remove dead code for sound_command 2013-04-28 01:57:00 +02:00
Berke Viktor db582a4e5c Remove sound_dir, it's pointless 2013-04-14 10:47:37 +02:00
TingPing e67371d269 Add option for omitting alerts while focused 2013-04-13 23:03:54 -04:00
TingPing 496ed18e85 Add MONITOR support 2013-04-03 18:51:54 -04:00
TingPing b4c8d53394 Support account-notify and extended-join capabilities 2013-04-03 17:10:09 -04:00