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Next Release (4.8.6)

  • Enhanced Selection Dialog with thumbnails and tooltips
  • Enhanced Conflict Dialog with detailed explanations
  • Improved support for mapping episode information between different databases and numbering schemes (e.g. via AnimeLists or XEM)
  • Added {seasonize} binding (e.g. map AniDB numbers to TheTVDB SxE numbers and vice versa)
  • Added {history} binding for looking up the original file path of {f} (e.g. useful for -exec post-processing commands)
  • Evaluate {closures} automatically in constructs (e.g. {"[" + {n} + " " + {s00e00} + "]"})
  • Ensure that ActionPopup is always displayed on top of the Windows Task Bar
  • Improved -mediainfo -exec pipeline
  • Added -no-history and -clear-history CLI options
  • Allow dynamic code evaluation (e.g. evaluate('/path/to/snippet.groovy' as File))
  • Allow @file.groovy syntax in Format Editor and Preset Editor (e.g. @/path/to/MyFormat.groovy)
  • Added --mapper option (e.g. --mapper XEM.TheTVDB)
  • Allow *.groovy files as argument value for --format, --filter, --mapper and --file-filter CLI options (e.g. --format /path/to/MyFormat.groovy)
  • Support bash_completion

FileBot 4.8.5

  • Port to OpenJDK 11 / OpenJFX 11
  • Improved syntax highlighting for format expressions
  • Improved support for rare SxE patterns (i.e. S1-01)
  • Added {kodi} binding (i.e. Kodi naming standard)
  • Added {ci} binding (i.e. movie collection index)
  • Match {source}, {group}, {tags} and {s3d} from {media.title}
  • Move to Trash action in Filter tools (e.g. batch delete clutter files)
  • Paste License Key button to simplify license activation for users who can't receive email attachments (i.e. some email providers block *.psm attachments)
  • Built-in Automator Workflows for macOS (i.e. easily create Quick Actions and Folder actions)
  • Fix UI deadlock issues on Linux
  • Fix drag-n-drop issues on Linux / KDE / Dolphin
  • Support for 7z an unrar executables on Linux
  • Support for xattr on FreeBSD / OpenBSD / NetBSD
  • Support for writing xattr metadata to plain text files (i.e. improved support for rclone and gdfs)
  • Support for a Dark Mode Look-and-Feel
  • Fix various mediainfo / archive extract issues on QNAP NAS (especially on x86_64 devices)
  • New 32-bit Windows packages (i.e. x86 msi installer)
  • New multi-arch Debian packages (i.e. support armhf and aarch64 for Raspberry Pi devices or ARM-based servers)
  • New multi-arch Fedora / openSUSE / CentOS packages (i.e. RPM packages)

FileBot 4.8.2

  • New license model and cross-platform support for all Java 8 / Java 10 platforms
  • Improved episode / movie auto-detection
  • Added {hdr} binding
  • Added --file-filter option (e.g. --file-filter
  • Added --db exif and --db file in addition to --db xattr (i.e. command-line equivalents for Preset datasources)
  • [Windows] Improved HiDPI support for non-integer scale factors (e.g. 125%)
  • [Linux] Support for ffprobe as replacement for libmediainfo (i.e. for armv7 / aarch64 platforms)
  • [macOS] Disable 0-termination when reading / writing xattr String values

FileBot 4.7.15

  • Support for CoW clones (requires APFS or BTRFS)
  • Improved movie auto-detection

FileBot 4.7.10

  • Support the new TheTVDB JSON API
  • Support the new OMDb API
  • Improved CD1/2 auto-detection
  • Support for custom rename actions via the --action option
  • Support for the new -exec option
  • Support for the FILEBOT_OPTS environment variable for FileBot-specific Java options
  • Use GnuPG signatures for all deployment artifacts

FileBot 4.7.9

  • Binding {sdhd} has been removed in favour of {hd} which now supports UHD/HD/SD as possible values
  • Improved support for Photo mass-renaming (e.g. added {exif}, {camera} and {location} bindings)
  • Improved streaming behaviour for -mediainfo commands and --format expressions no longer limited by file path validation (e.g. multi-line, special characters, etc)
  • Support lookup by id for -list commands (e.g. filebot -list --q 70327)
  • Support for renaming episodes files in linear order (e.g. -list --q 70327 -rename *.mkv)

FileBot 4.7.8

  • Additional language preferences
  • Additional Episode Sort Order: Absolute Airdate Order (useful for matching by airdate or episode title instead of SxE numbers)
  • Additional bindings: {kbps} and {khz}
  • Unified {localize} and {order} binding usage (e.g. localize.zho.n or order.airdate.sxe)
  • Use powershell instead of cmd when executing commands on Windows (e.g. --def exec)
  • Improved behaviour for -rename --q command-line usage
  • Improved desktop integration for Gnome and KDE
  • Improved support for Debian Linux armhf ABI (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

FileBot 4.7.5

  • Keyboard shortcuts for calling user-defined Presets (Numpad 1..9)
  • Improved episode auto-detection
  • Improved movie part index auto-detection
  • Improved file sort order
  • Improved bindings: {plex}, {t}, {votes}, {group}, {tags}, {audioLanguages} and {textLanguages}
  • Support ANSI color output (if $TERM == xterm-256color)
  • Fixed Gnome GVFS drag-n-drop issues
  • Reduce xattr metadata size
  • Use xz compression for all packages (e.g. reduce download size by 40%)

FileBot 4.7.1

  • Improved Windows 7/8/10 integration
  • Improved auto-delete behaviour (use system trash, preserve hidden user files, etc)
  • {plex} binding now forces Windows-compatible paths (e.g. strip colons)
  • New MediaInfo bindings: {mediaTitle} and {bitdepth}
  • New Info Object bindings: {id} (series/movie ID), {object} and {type}
  • New Episode bindings: {sc} (season count) and {sy} (season years)
  • Support for --action reflink (requires Linux and a copy-on-write filesystem)
  • Improved logging and debugging options

FileBot 4.7

  • Smart Mode for handling Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Music all at once
  • Support for Renaming Folders (i.e. auto-delete left-behind empty folders)
  • Resolve relative formats against the Media root folder (instead of the parent folder)
  • Send To context menu for Episodes / Filter / List panels
  • Improved Filter tools
  • Improved List tool
  • Support for TheMovieDB in Episode Mode
  • Improved movie / episode auto-detection
  • Fix various OpenSubtitles Search/Download and Upload issues
  • Fix various TheTVDB / AniDB / TVMaze issues
  • Fix various multi-episode detection issues
  • Fix various ID3 Tags lookup issues
  • HiDPI icons
  • Fix various UI/UX issues
  • Performance and caching improvements
  • Improved logging and error messages
  • Plex Naming Standard binding {plex}
  • Use range multi-episode formatting by default when using {sxe} or {s00e00} (i.e. Plex naming standard)
  • {s00e00} binding will now evaluate to TheTVDB Airdate Season / Episode for AniDB Absolute Number Episodes
  • Subtitle language auto-detection when using the {lang} binding
  • Subtitle language / category extension binding {subt}
  • Spoken languages binding {languages}
  • Stereoscopic 3D binding {s3d}
  • A-Z folder binding {az}
  • Just-in-time localization binding {localize}, e.g. {localize.German.Title}
  • Filesize bindings {bytes}, {megabytes}, {gigabytes}
  • Generic MediaInfo bindings {video}, {audio}, etc are now multi-stream bindings (and {videos}, {audios}, etc have consequently been removed)
  • Cmdline operation -revert to revert previous -rename operations
  • Cmdline option --conflict accepts index conflict resolution behaviour
  • @file syntax for command-line argument passing
  • Scripts from the online repository (e.g. fn:sysinfo) are now code signed and cryptographically secured against malicious tampering (not just HTTPS transport encryption)

FileBot 4.6.1

  • Added support user-defined Presets for repetitive tasks
  • Added support for TVmaze
  • Improved support for OpenSubtitles and subtitle matching
  • Improved movie / episode auto-detection
  • Improved ID3 Tags music mode
  • Improved cache behaviour
  • Improved support for Chinese & Brazilian languages
  • Added helper function String.asciiQuotes() for normalizing various quotation marks
  • Added {model} binding for querying the entire rename model
  • Added convenience binding {ny} for Name (Year) formats
  • Added bindings {info.budget}, {info.revenue} and {info.popularity} to the movie info object
  • Changed String.sortName() default behaviour
  • Support --filter as Groovy-based file filter in filebot -mediainfo calls
  • Use Apache Commons VFS2 and junrar to reduce native dependencies on some platforms
  • Support $JAVA_OPTS convention in all scripts
  • Update to FanartTV API v3
  • Codesign Windows NSIS and MSI installers
  • Publish sha256 checksums for all release files
  • Updated Chocolatey install scripts with sha1 checksums

FileBot 4.5.6

  • Improved series / episode detection
  • Optimize web service calls and provide more data via xattr metadata
  • Extended metadata is now fetched from the originally selected data source (e.g. AniDB "generes" is no mapped to Anime categories, etc)
  • Fixed various issues related to fetching Chinese subtitles
  • Allow processing of *.ac3 and *.dts files in Music mode
  • Do not treat folders with movie.nfo as single units like disk folders anymore
  • Fixed lots of issues that have been raised in the forums

FileBot 4.5.3

  • Batch -extract will now only extract new files
  • Set Output Folder button in Format Editor
  • Optimizations for subtitle search and lookup
  • Prevent OpenSubtitles abuse
  • Require OpenSubtitles login
  • New script: fn:verify
  • Force Nimbus as default cross platform LaF (mainly applies to KDE users)

FileBot 4.5

  • Make sure movie name {n} works as per user-defined Preferred Language (only affects non-English mode)
  • Support choosing between (default) Opportunistic / (new) Strict mode matching
  • Improved behavior when processing large sets of files
  • Improved movie / episode detection
  • Improved TheMovieDB / AcoustID support
  • Inherit ACLs when moving / copying files to remote folders
  • New bindings {model} and {self} for advanced use-cases
  • In movie mode {primaryTitle} now maps to original movie name
  • --db xattr for offline processed using previously stored xattr metadata
  • --action duplicate to duplicate files via hardlink when possible or copy when necessary
  • Fixed various UI layout and LaF issues
  • Improved integration with OSX
  • Support passing file arguments in single-panel mode

FileBot 4.3

  • Lots of optimizations and usability improvements
  • Dropped support for Java 7 (so Java 8 is required now)