Prepare 4.3.3 release

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mguessan 10 years ago
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@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
<project name="DavMail" default="dist" basedir=".">
<property file=""/>
<property name="version" value="4.3.2"/>
<property name="version" value="4.3.3"/>
<path id="classpath">
<pathelement location="classes"/>

@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
<name>DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway</name>
<name>Mickaël Guessant</name>

@ -1,3 +1,19 @@
** DavMail 4.3.3 released **
Make keep alive optional new davmail.enableKeepalive setting and fix regressions in IMAP handler.
- Update Maven POM to new Sourceforge project site
- Rename new setting to davmail.enableKeepalive and include in settings GUI
- IMAP: make keepalive spaces optional with new davmail.imapEnableKeepalive setting
- IMAP: interrupt EWS folder load on client timeout
- IMAP: fix missing headers with Outlook
- IMAP: Detect invalid content in message header field
- IMAP: skip Microsoft Mail Internet Headers Version 2.0 in message headers field
- IMAP: remove additional logging
** DavMail 4.3.2 released **
Another bugfix release.

@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
%{?!davmail_uid: %define davmail_uid 213}
%{?!davmail_gid: %define davmail_gid 213}
%{?!davrel: %define davrel 4.3.2}
%{?!davsvn: %define davsvn 2138}
%{?!davrel: %define davrel 4.3.3}
%{?!davsvn: %define davsvn 2146}
%define davver %{davrel}-%{davsvn}
%ifarch i386 i586 i686
%define davarch x86