Prepare 4.5.0 release

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<project name="DavMail" default="dist" basedir=".">
<property file=""/>
<property name="version" value="4.4.1"/>
<property name="version" value="4.5.0"/>
<path id="classpath">
<pathelement location="classes"/>

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<name>DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway</name>
<name>Mickaël Guessant</name>

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** DavMail 4.5.0 released **
Includes EWS performance enhancements, improved Exchange 2013 support and many fixes detected by Coverity audit tool
- EWS: adjust declined item handling
- EWS: used paged search with static search condition, send a single request when folderSizeLimit is enabled
- EWS: Allow Item and PostItem elements in message folders
- EWS: Improve Exchange 2013 support
- EWS: avoid mime content String conversion
- EWS: Improve javadoc and make ItemId serializable
- EWS: expect UTF-8 in options responses
- EWS: remove unused field
- EWS: Force encoding in mimeContent decode
- EWS: Avoid /owa form request in direct EWS mode
- Add davmail.defaultDomain to template properties file
- Doc: Change default port in Thunderbird directory config screenshot
- Update settings image
- IMAP: fix 564, Moving / copying messages in public mailbox
- IMAP: implement separate thread folder load on STATUS request to avoid client timeouts
- IMAP: fix 209, use isEqualTo instead of contains to search keywords on Exchange 2010
- IMAP : various enhancements from audit, switch to enum and avoid NullPointerException
- OSX: force working directory to application root
- Upgrade svnkit to 1.8
- Update WinRun4J wrappers
- Upgrade WinRun4J to 0.4.5
- Kerberos: make sure access to client login context is synchronized
- Kerberos: synchronize access to clientLoginContext
- Make MessageWrapper static
- Revert Java 7 only changes
- Do not try WebDav mode if owa url ends with /ews/exchange.asmx
- Additional code fixes from audit, do not try to get time zone from options page in direct EWS mode
- Force encoding in message create thread
- Prepare WoodStox Xml10AllowAllEscapedChars setting implementation
- Apply Base64 refactoring to all classes
- Apply new base64 methods to CaldavConnection
- Refactor base64 encode/decode methods
- Improve contact picture error handling
- Improve session factory log statements
- Avoid null in log statement
- New experimental setting to limit concurrent connections to Exchange server
- Caldav: fix bug in VCalendar dtend check
- Refactor PopConnection, use enumeration instead of int
- From coverity: listFiles may return null
- From coverity: avoid null dereference in VProperty
- From coverity: avoid null dereference in getFolderPath
- From coverity: check null image in FrameGatewayTray
- From coverity: more encoding fixes
- From coverity: synchronize HttpClient cookies access
- From coverity: synchronize FileAppender creation
- From coverity: URI.getPath may return null
- From coverity: may return null
- From coverity: trayItem.getImage may return null
- From coverity: client.getInetAddress() may return null
- From coverity: createSaslServer may return null
- From coverity: use UTF-8 encoding in Hex conversion methods
- From coverity: force encoding to UTF-8 on socket output stream
- From coverity: set encoding on String to bytes conversion
- From coverity: use getParamValue instead of getParam().getValue() to avoid null dereference
- From coverity: editor pane font can be null
- From coverity: check null after
- UI: small fixes on ui code from audit
- Refactor SWT tray dispose management on exit
- Handle missing resource in loadSwtImage
- DAV: decode base64 content as ASCII
** DavMail 4.4.1 released **
Includes mostly EWS support enhancements, Sogo carddav issue workaround, new
IMAP uid based paging implementation to handle concurrent folder changes

@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
%{?!davmail_uid: %define davmail_uid 213}
%{?!davmail_gid: %define davmail_gid 213}
%{?!davrel: %define davrel 4.4.1}
%{?!davsvn: %define davsvn 2225}
%{?!davrel: %define davrel 4.5.0}
%{?!davsvn: %define davsvn 2292}
%define davver %{davrel}-%{davsvn}
%ifarch i386 i586 i686
%define davarch x86