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** DavMail 4.6.1 released **
Bugfix release to fix recent regression with Office 365,
also includes a few Linux and IMAP enhancements.
- RPM: exclude Growl library from RPM package
- Add genericname to desktop entry
- RPM: Fix warning the init script refers to runlevel 4 which is admin defined. No distribution script must use it
- Detect and log message for Unity users
- RPM: Fix JAVA HOME detection for openSUSE_13.2
- RPM: update spec file from OpenSuse build by Dmitri Bachtin and Achim Herwig
- SWT: improve tray init, preload image and add a delay on first message
- Add a few more logging statements
- Fix #36 Endless loop when using IMAP IDLE feature with SSL sockets, replaced thread sleep with a short timeout on socket read
- EWS: update checkEndPointUrl, send get root folder request instead of static wsdl request no longer available on Office365
** DavMail 4.6.0 released **
Bugfix release with many IMAP enhancements over EWS, implement batch move items,
also includes a brand new generic OSX package to handle new OSX java behaviour.
- OSX: refactor OSX package based on universalJavaApplicationStub
- Replace Java application stub with
- Doc: update OSX setup documentation
- Doc: additional Linux instructions for Ubuntu 14
- Fix #31 A typo in example
- EWS: improve main calendar folder test
- EWS: fix batch move
- EWS: Adjust paged search for folders
- EWS: implement batch move items
- EWS: improve folder paged search
- Prepare batch move implementation
- EWS: force NTLM in direct EWS mode
- EWS: implement batch move method
- EWS: switch to GetMethod to check endpoint
- EWS: take paging into account in appendSubFolders
- EWS: fix ErrorExceededFindCountLimit on FindFolder requests
- EWS: avoid NullPointerException in fixAttendees
- Allow Java 8 and default jre in debian package
- IMAP: fix 587 log and skip broken messages
- Caldav: fix #98 Support of Contacts in CardDav REPORT
- Fix #35 duplicates in updated reoccurring events
- Fix potential CVE-2014-3566 vulnerability
- From audit: remove throws statement
- Adjust KerberosHelper logging message
- Fix for #534 Kerberos Authentication doesn't seem to be work cross domain
- LDAP: reset icon after search
** DavMail 4.5.1 released **
Bugfix release to fix Exchange 2013 regressions and wrong Europe/London timezone mapping.
- DAV: Another email address failover
- Caldav: Fix GMT Standard Time mapping to Europe/London
- More timezones
- Caldav: do not request additional properties for MeetingCancellation and MeetingResponse
- Caldav: merge 33, apply myresponsetype partstat on all Exchange versions
- Caldav: fix 569 and patch 32, avoid NullPointerException with Exchange 2013
- EWS: Avoid null in log message
- Merge patch 34: Fix false positive when searching for user alias and email
- Update FAQ on EWS endpoint not available error
** DavMail 4.5.0 released **
Includes EWS performance enhancements, improved Exchange 2013 support and many fixes detected by Coverity audit tool
- EWS: adjust declined item handling
- EWS: used paged search with static search condition, send a single request when folderSizeLimit is enabled
- EWS: Allow Item and PostItem elements in message folders
- EWS: Improve Exchange 2013 support
- EWS: avoid mime content String conversion
- EWS: Improve javadoc and make ItemId serializable
- EWS: expect UTF-8 in options responses
- EWS: remove unused field
- EWS: Force encoding in mimeContent decode
- EWS: Avoid /owa form request in direct EWS mode
- Add davmail.defaultDomain to template properties file
- Doc: Change default port in Thunderbird directory config screenshot
- Update settings image
- IMAP: fix 564, Moving / copying messages in public mailbox
- IMAP: implement separate thread folder load on STATUS request to avoid client timeouts
- IMAP: fix 209, use isEqualTo instead of contains to search keywords on Exchange 2010
- IMAP : various enhancements from audit, switch to enum and avoid NullPointerException
- OSX: force working directory to application root
- Upgrade svnkit to 1.8
- Update WinRun4J wrappers
- Upgrade WinRun4J to 0.4.5
- Kerberos: make sure access to client login context is synchronized
- Kerberos: synchronize access to clientLoginContext
- Make MessageWrapper static
- Revert Java 7 only changes
- Do not try WebDav mode if owa url ends with /ews/exchange.asmx
- Additional code fixes from audit, do not try to get time zone from options page in direct EWS mode
- Force encoding in message create thread
- Prepare WoodStox Xml10AllowAllEscapedChars setting implementation
- Apply Base64 refactoring to all classes
- Apply new base64 methods to CaldavConnection
- Refactor base64 encode/decode methods
- Improve contact picture error handling
- Improve session factory log statements
- Avoid null in log statement
- New experimental setting to limit concurrent connections to Exchange server
- Caldav: fix bug in VCalendar dtend check
- Refactor PopConnection, use enumeration instead of int
- From coverity: listFiles may return null
- From coverity: avoid null dereference in VProperty
- From coverity: avoid null dereference in getFolderPath
- From coverity: check null image in FrameGatewayTray
- From coverity: more encoding fixes
- From coverity: synchronize HttpClient cookies access
- From coverity: synchronize FileAppender creation
- From coverity: URI.getPath may return null
- From coverity: may return null
- From coverity: trayItem.getImage may return null
- From coverity: client.getInetAddress() may return null
- From coverity: createSaslServer may return null
- From coverity: use UTF-8 encoding in Hex conversion methods
- From coverity: force encoding to UTF-8 on socket output stream
- From coverity: set encoding on String to bytes conversion
- From coverity: use getParamValue instead of getParam().getValue() to avoid null dereference
- From coverity: editor pane font can be null
- From coverity: check null after
- UI: small fixes on ui code from audit
- Refactor SWT tray dispose management on exit
- Handle missing resource in loadSwtImage
- DAV: decode base64 content as ASCII
** DavMail 4.4.1 released **
Includes mostly EWS support enhancements, Sogo carddav issue workaround, new
IMAP uid based paging implementation to handle concurrent folder changes
and a few other bug fixes.
- Doc: update donation link to let user choose currency
- Doc: Update iCal Caldav setup for OSX Mavericks
- Doc: update server setup documentation, use noinstall package on Windows
- Doc: Update news url in release guide
- EWS: workaround for user reported issue, less strict filter in isItemId
- EWS: Override authentication mode test: EWS is never form based
- EWS: new paging implementation based on imap uid sort to avoid issues on concurrent changes on searched folder
- EWS: in direct EWS mode, try to use ResolveNames to get current user email address
- EWS: Another try for checkEndPointUrl, head on /ews/exchange.asmx and follow redirects to wsdl
- EWS: improve ItemId vs user provided item name detection
- From coverity: avoid null dereference when no network interface is available
- From coverity: set encoding on byte array to String conversion
- From coverity: fix resource leak
- Update svnant libraries
- Fix reauthentication issue: separate domain from username in credentials
- Fix NullPointerException in thread "Shutdown" - tray disposal - server mode
- Fix authentication failure after session expiration
- Caldav: Fix 555 another broken Israeli timezone
- Caldav: ignore invalid BEGIN line inside object (Sogo Carddav issue)
** DavMail 4.4.0 released **
Added folder size limit setting to let users avoid IMAP timeouts and reduce memory footprint.
Also contains many documentation updates, including updated OSX instructions for Mavericks and
some more bugfixes on IMAP, Caldav (iOS 7 user agent) and SMTP.
- Doc: update roadmap
- Doc: reference Marcin Dulak as contributor (RPM package maintainer)
- Doc: Document OSX Mavericks IMAP account creation
- Doc: improve FAQ
- Doc: Fix OSX download instructions
- Doc: Update OSX doc
- Doc: additional FAQ comment on shared calendar hierarchy
- Doc: update smtp screenshot
- Doc: update more Thunderbird screenshots
- Doc: update Lightning screenshots
- Doc: document calendar.caldav.sched.enabled in main Lightning setup doc
- Additional IMAP unit tests
- Add davmail.folderSizeLimit to UI and documentation
- Fix AbstractConnection.readContent, see
- SMTP: create a new davmail.smtpStripFrom boolean property to force From: header removal
- IMAP: Make flags case insensitive on append
- IMAP: improve uidNext implementation
- Italian IMAP flag translation thanks to
- IMAP: fix 538, send capabilities untagged response to avoid timeout on large message APPEND
- IMAP: Implement davmail.folderSizeLimit
- Caldav: change user agent test to include all iOS versions
** DavMail 4.3.4 released **
Added a new OSX Java7 package, IMAP header management regression fixes.
Also fixed a few bugs reported by users and improved documentation.
- Doc: Reference Alexandre Rossi as Debian package maintainer
- Doc: Update FAQ shared mailbox path
- Doc: update svn repository location in build doc
- Force language on donations link
- Doc: OSX LaunchDaemon
- Add trust="true" to scp command
- Italian translation from gil cattaneo
- Allow identical username/userid in multiple factor authentication form
- Rethrow DavMailException on connect exception
- Fix NullPointerException on server unavailable
- New experimental davmail.popCommonDeleted flag to switch to a different property on old Exchange 2003 servers
- Caldav: flag ORGANIZER participant status as ACCEPTED instead of NEEDS-ACTION
- Caldav: do not overwrite X-MICROSOFT-CDO-BUSYSTATUS if TRANSP is not provided
- Merge patch to set sensitivy on VTODO
- OSX: Get application path from library path with Java7 launcher
- OSX: move libgrowl to library path
- OSX: build Java 7 package
- Customized OSX app launcher messages
- Java7 OSX app launcher
- EWS: fix 537, detect 507 Insufficient Storage
- DAV: set SO timeout on connection
- IMAP: new header fix, do not rely on messageheaders attribute on full headers request, load message
- IMAP: improve invalid message header test
- IMAP: fix invalid message header filter
- IMAP: write message without headers on BODY[TEXT] fetch
** DavMail 4.3.3 released **
Make keep alive optional new davmail.enableKeepalive setting and fix regressions in IMAP handler.
- Update Maven POM to new Sourceforge project site
- Rename new setting to davmail.enableKeepalive and include in settings GUI
- IMAP: make keepalive spaces optional with new davmail.imapEnableKeepalive setting
- IMAP: interrupt EWS folder load on client timeout
- IMAP: fix missing headers with Outlook
- IMAP: Detect invalid content in message header field
- IMAP: skip Microsoft Mail Internet Headers Version 2.0 in message headers field
- IMAP: remove additional logging
** DavMail 4.3.2 released **
Another bugfix release.
IMAP: Fix regression on IMAP select folder with thunderbird
** DavMail 4.3.1 released **
Bugfix release to fix regressions with some IMAP clients and enhanced FetchMail support.
- OSX: switch back to single archive and add a comment
- IMAP: fix double header content and optimize header fetch with Fetchmail
- IMAP: fix regression in append envelope
- IMAP: fix multithreaded folder load implementation to support more IMAP clients
- POP: fix 3613743, remove additional +OK during message RETR
- dos2unix on davmail.spec
- Update davsvn
** DavMail 4.3.0 released **
New keep alive mechanism to avoid most IMAP and POP client timeouts: load large messages
in a separate thread and send a character on client connection every ten seconds. Also
includes some bug fixes, documentation enhancements and experimental Exchange 2013 support.
- OSX: Add a readme.txt file to OSX package to help users temporarily disable Gatekeeper
- Doc: improve OSX setup doc for Mountain Lion
- Update SSL doc, spaces in library path may break Sun PKCS11
- Update linux setup doc for Ubuntu 13 users
- Update server setup doc with detailed file
- Caldav: New workaround for Lightning bug: sleep for 1 second on server unavailable error
- Interrupt message load thread on client connection exception
- IMAP: try to avoid timeout on large message FETCH with a KeepAlive space character
- IMAP: try to avoid timeout on folder SELECT with a KeepAlive space character
- Improve message list count implementation
- Always sort by IMAP uid desc
- POP: load big messages in a separate thread
- EWS: Fix regression in checkEndPointUrl, get /ews/services.wsdl
- Fix for Exchange 2013 support
- EWS: implement SortOrder
- Improve DavMail shell scripts
- Set default file path to /var/log/davmail.log in reference
- Set a default log file size in reference
- Use reference in war file
- Disable broken dist-rpm
- Reference server file
- Add disableUpdateCheck to default file
- Exclude WinRun4J from debian package
- Exclude libgrowl and winrun4J from war package
- Exclude winrun4J from linux packages
- Set davmail.logFileSize to 0 to use an external rotation mechanism, e.g. logrotate
- Merge latest changes from Marcin Dulak
- Archive jsmooth wrappers
- Fix version in spec file
** DavMail 4.2.1 released **
Improved Kerberos support and a few bug fixes reported on tracker.
- Add enable Kerberos checkbox to DavMail GUI
- Kerberos read KRB5CCNAME environment variable to set ticket cache path
- Kerberos implement graphical callback on missing token
- Kerberos: Renew almost expired tickets and detect expired TGT in cache => try to relogin
- Kerberos: Handle client context timeout, try to recreate context
- Improve KerberosHelper implementation, prepare credential delegation support
- Try to fix 3606267: New debian dependency with wrong package name
- Fix 3602588, allow oracle-java7-jre
- Fix regression: disable console appender in gui mode
- Use NewIbmX509 on IBM JDK instead of NewSunX509 SSL algorithm implementation
- Fix 3602351, detect missing item
- EWS: do not catch socket exception in executeMethod
- EWS: workaround for Nokia N9 Caldav implementation bug
- DAV: throw error on broken connection
- SMTP: do not allow send as another user on Exchange 2003
- IMAP: exclude Mutt header request from size optimization
- IMAP: change kerberos login error message
- IMAP send error on authentication failed
- Doc: Additional Kerberos documentation
- Initial Kerberos documentation
- Caldav: do not send 401 on authentication error in Kerberos mode
** DavMail 4.2.0 released **
Contains some enhancements on iOS 6 support, Debian package encoding issue fix
and partial Kerberos support (workstation mode) to provide transparent Exchange
- Kerberos: implement server side security context and token handling
- Kerberos: server side login module
- Improve Kerberos logging and implement command line callback
- Do not set preemptive authentication in Kerberos mode
- Enable Kerberos authentication scheme with davmail.enableKerberos setting
- Kerberos authentication implementation: SpNegoScheme to implement Negotiate authentication scheme, KerberosHelper to handle ticket access and KerberosLoginConfiguration to replace JAAS configuration file
- Fix accept certificate message
- Make executable in platform independent package
- Update desktop entry comment
- Update RPM spec file from (marcindulak)
- Add libswt-cairo-gtk-3-jni to debian package dependencies
- Clear cookies created by authentication test
- Upgrade jackrabbit-webdav and htmlcleaner in davmailconsole wrapper
- Upgrade jackrabbit-webdav to 2.4.3
- Upgrade htmlcleaner to 2.2
- Exclude Jsmooth, nsi, OSX and contribs (with binary) from source only package
- Prepare source only package
- Check file encoding in build file
- Refactor StringUtil and encode ~ in urlcompname
- IMAP: Implement custom IMAP flags to keywords mapping in settings
- Caldav: add iOS6 user agent
** DavMail 4.1.0 released **
Bugfix release with improved IMAP support, including IMAP flags mapping to Outlook categories,
enhanced IMAP noop/idle support, fixed emClient Caldav support and many Caldav and EWS fixes.
- Doc: update roadmap
- Doc: new FAQ entry, Exchange RSA two factor authentication form
- Caldav: do not try to load tasks MIME body
- Caldav: workaround for 3569922: quick fix for broken Israeli Timezone issue
- Caldav: remove urlencoding workaround for emClient >= 4
- Caldav: Ignore 401 unauthorized on public event, return 200
- Caldav: Rename TZID also in RECURRENCE-ID
- Caldav: force 403 forbidden instead of 401 on unauthorized update to public folder item
- Caldav: Fix 3569934 NullPointerException on broken PROPFIND request
- Caldav: Fix 3567364, regression on from/to/cc handling in calendar related to IMAP search enhancement. Separate mapping for message fields/headers
- IMAP: send updated flags on folder refresh
- IMAP: fix keyword handling to avoid sending \Seen as keyword
- IMAP: retrieve message count on folder
- IMAP: apply flag to keyword conversion in SEARCH, refresh folder before search
- IMAP: improve keyword support, map $label1 to 5 from Thunderbird to Outlook categories
- IMAP: fix keywords implementation, make it case insensitive, implement KEYWORD search
- IMAP: implement generic FLAGS mapping to Outlook categories
- IMAP: fix 3566412, range iterator is on folder messages, not messages returned from search
- EWS: Get primary smtp email address with ResolveNames in direct EWS mode
- Allow Java 7 to build DavMail
- Prepare message keywords/categories support
- Dav: implement multivalued property suppord in ExchangeDavMethod
- Web: Fix 3566941 Imap protocol is not activated by default in .war
** DavMail 4.0.0 released **
Includes full Exchange 2007 and 2010 support with EWS implementation,
fixed OSX Mountain Lion support, switched Windows wrappers to WinRun4J
and additional enhancements and bugfixes.
- IMAP: workaround for broken message headers on Exchange 2010
- IMAP: log content if less than 2K
- IMAP: improve Exchange 2010 header search, use direct header names to implement substring search on some headers
- IMAP: additional fix for Exchange 2010 header search, use PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS
- IMAP: Exchange 2010 does not support header search, workaround to avoid duplicate items in Drafts folder with Thunderbird
- IMAP: fix 3553942, unexpected imap NIL response
- IMAP: detect and ignore missing message to avoid NullPointerException
- IMAP: improve bodystructure error handling
- Doc: fix image swap
- Doc: update roadmap
- Doc: add Developed with Intellij Idea link
- Caldav: encode semicolon in urlcompname
- Caldav: fix attendees in modified occurences
- Caldav: additional timezone names for Exchange 2010
- Caldav: additional timezones available in Exchange 2007
- Caldav: Partial fix for missing items on Exchange 2010
- Caldav: fix OSX Mountain Lion (iCal 6) support
- Merge patch 3488553: Make davmail.jar executable
- Merge patch from 3562031, advanced noProxyFor handling
- Display released version in about frame when different from current version
- Fix 3562031, implement davmail.noProxyFor setting to exclude hosts from proxy settings
- Merge preauthentication page patch
- Prepare pre authentication page merge in ExchangeSession
- Implement javascript redirect in executeFollowRedirects
- Prepare javascript redirect merge (multiple authentication pages)
- Try to improve shutdown hook
- Update download url in 64 bit wrappers to
- Add davmailservice64.exe WinRun4J service wrapper
- Replace 64 bits jsmoothgen with WinRun4J wrapper
- 64 bits Winrun4J wrapper
- Fix Winrun4J service wrapper implementation, launch a non daemon thread
- Win: switch to Winrun4J wrappers
- OSX: Add a note on Gatekeeper for OSX Mountain Lion users
- EWS: fix davmail.acceptEncodingGzip setting handling
** DavMail 3.9.9 released **
Bugfix release with major IMAP changes to improve sync performance,
many Caldav enhancements and bugfixes and some documentation updates.
- Caldav: encode ? in urlcompname
- Caldav: fix 3534615, patch allday dates only on Exchange 2007
- Caldav: implement full contact folder dump at /users/<email>/contacts/
- Caldav: implement task priority over EWS
- Caldav: remove unsupported attachment reference to avoid iPhone/iPad crash
- Caldav: reintroduce davmail.caldavDisableTasks setting to disable tasks support
- Caldav: fix encode pipe | to %7C in urlcompname
- Caldav: encode pipe | to %7C in urlcompname
- CalDav: Fix 3512857, avoid double path encoding in DavExchangeSession.loadVtimezone()
- Caldav: improve Exchange 2007 EWS meeting support
- Caldav: rebuild meeting attendees only for Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 ics parser is correct
- Fixes from audit
- store davmail.log in user home folder to avoid crash on first start when current directory is not writable by user
- Add WinRun4J to Maven POM and update windows service documentation
- Switch to WinRun4J for Windows service wrapper
- Fix 3494770: Add missing antlr runtime
- Upgrade svnkit for subversion 1.7 compatibility
- IMAP: Fix 3534801, workaround for missing From header
- IMAP: fix 3441891, workaround for Exchange 2003 ActiveSync bug
- IMAP: experimental implementation of header only FETCH, do not download full message content and send approximate RFC822.SIZE (MAPI size)
- IMAP: avoid full message download on OSX Lion flags request with content-class header
- IMAP: exclude IDLE from infinite loop detection
- IMAP: add date header to rebuilt message
- IMAP: Force UTF-8 on message rebuild
- IMAP: implement RFC822 fetch request
- GUI: force alwaysOnTop on dialogs to make sure they are visible
- GUI: always bring dialog windows to front
- Doc: add a new FAQ entry on shared mailbox access over IMAP
- Doc: Update doc to include Java 7
- Doc: small fix in Linux setup doc
- Doc: Update Linux instructions for Ubuntu 12 Natty
- Doc: New review
- Doc: update Thunderbird POP account setup doc
- Doc: Update SSL setup documentation on PKCS12 passwords
- Doc: add a note on hidden folders on OSX Lion
- Doc: Fix new thunderbird doc
- OSX: new hide from Dock setting available directly in UI (DavMail restart needed)
- Carddav: Fix 3511472, implement fileas over EWS
- Carddav: Skip carriage return in ICSBufferedWriter
- EWS: disable gzip encoding if WIRE logging is at DEBUG level
- EWS: fix 3263905 ErrorInvalidPropertyRequest, do not update message:IsRead on appointments
- EWS: make isMainCalendar case insensitive
- EWS: revert chunked inputstream inside gzip and create new setting davmail.acceptEncodingGzip
- EWS: handle chunked inputstream inside gzip
- EWS: improve error message handling, log error description
- EWS: improve error handling on socket exception
- EWS: avoid NullPointerException in broken message rebuild
- Dav: decode permanenturl to avoid double urlencoding issue
- Dav: decode url returned on saveappt cmd in DavExchangeSession.loadVtimezone()
** DavMail 3.9.8 released **
Prepare 4.0 release with improved Exchange 2010 support, added IMAP MOVE extension support,
include a new windows noinstall package and implement captcha authentication support.
- Doc: update roadmap
- Doc: add a statement on adding NSIS to system path in build instructions
- Doc: update Thunderbird IMAP setup instructions for Thunderbird 10
- Doc: update java package reference
- Doc: update address book setup instructions for OSX Lion
- Doc: add Growl reference in OSX setup
- Fix nsis script: delete stax api jar on uninstall
- Fixes from audit
- New redline ant task definition fix
- Exclude Junit from binary packages
- Create Windows noinstall package
- Implement a new davmail.clientSoTimeout setting to adjust or disable connection timeout
- Improve message on invalid OWA uri
- Fix notification dialog test
- Improve Pinsafe captcha display
- workaround for broken form with empty action
- Implement ISA server PINsafeISAFilter support (captcha image)
- Upgrade Redline RPM
- Add from Woodstox 4.1.2
- Upgrade to Woodstox 4.1.2
- Fix 3454332: script missing shebang
- add trust=true in upload-site
- IMAP: fix search date format for Exchange 2010 support (ErrorInvalidValueForProperty)
- IMAP: implement SEARCH TEXT on from, to, cc, subject and body
- IMAP: send error on COPY/MOVE when message iterator is empty
- IMAP: implement MOVE RFC draft
- IMAP: fix 3480516, () instead of NIL on empty envelope header
- IMAP: Fix 3479993, backslash in header
- SMTP: fix 3489007, Sparrow AUTH PLAIN authentication support
- Caldav: force context Timezone on Exchange 2010
- Caldav: add missing timezones from Exchange 2007 over WebDav
- Caldav: let users edit outgoing notifications for meeting requests
- Caldav: fix NullPointerException on addressbook request
- Caldav: workaround for broken items with \n as first line character
- POP: add a new setting to mark messages read after RETR
- EWS: fix ErrorInvalidValueForProperty on search undeleted with Exchange 2010, set type Integer on PidLidImapDeleted and junk 0x1083
- EWS: new fix to improve failover on error retrieving MimeContent
- EWS: improve failover on error retrieving MimeContent
- EWS: Fix 3471671, workaround for Exchange invalid chars
- LDAP: improve invalid dn message
- OSX: make nodock mode the default
- OSX: make sure davmail.jar is first in classpath
- Dav: set contact email type to SMTP
- Dav: add email type MAPI properties
- Carddav: avoid NullPointerException on broken contact
- Carddav: fix regression on address book handling on Snow Leopard
- Carddav: decode urlcompname before search to retrieve contacts with & in url
** DavMail 3.9.7 released **
Another bugfix release with new stax based webdav search method implementation to reduce memory footprint with large folders,
exclude non event items from calendar to avoid errors, some EWS fixes on tasks handling and a few documentation updates
- Dav: fix regression in new Stax implementation
- Dav: new stax based WebDav requests implementation to reduce memory usage, enabled on Search requests
- Dav: switch back to mailbox path on Exchange 2003 for CmdBasePath
- Caldav: Experimental patch to support spaces in calendar or contacts path on OSX, see 3464086
- Caldav: Create a new davmail.caldavEnableLegacyTasks to allow access to tasks created in calendar folder by previous DavMail versions
- Caldav: drop davmail.caldavDisableTasks setting, retrieve only events from calendar
- Caldav: Change field update order for Exchange 2007 over EWS
- Caldav: apply date filter to tasks
- Caldav: new timezone for Mexico
- Caldav: fix 3433584, encode comma in LOCATION field
- IMAP: fix double slash in folder path
- IMAP: return all search results uids on a single line for Wanderlust
- IMAP: new davmail.imapIncludeSpecialFolders setting to access all folders including calendar and tasks over IMAP
- IMAP: fix wanderlust support, allow lower case fetch params
- Doc: Added DavMail hangs on 64-bit Linux FAQ entry
- Doc: add documentation for davmail.logFileSize option
- Change default use system proxies value to false
- Avoid NullPointerException on WebdavNotAvailableException
- Fix upload-version target site
- EWS: fix Exchange 2010 SP1 support
- EWS: use archivemsgfolderroot as archive root
- EWS: enable preemptive authentication on non NTLM endpoints
- EWS: add Exchange2010_SP1 support for online archive
- LDAP: avoid NullPointerException during SASL authentication
- Carddav: encode star in urlcompname
** DavMail 3.9.6 released **
Another bugfix release to improve iPad 2 and Debian based Linux support.
Also includes new protocol mode options (EWS, WebDav or Auto), experimental Exchange online archive
support, IMAP UTF-8 search parameter and many Caldav fixes
- Add a new upload-version ant target to upload version.txt
- Workaround for broken servers that send invalid Basic authentication challenge
- Add exchangecookie to the list of authentication cookies for direct EWS access
- Add a new auto value to davmail.enableEws setting to avoid unwanted switch from WebDav to EWS on temporary Exchange connection issue
- Encode # in urlcompname
- Fix bug on ITEM_PROPERTIES value on EWS/WebDav mode switch
- Add new Default button to reset log levels
- Implement a new option to let users disable all GUI notifications
- Additional exception trace exclusion
- Revert 1.7 test on SWT, tray implementation is still broken on Linux
- Doc: reformat urls in FAQ
- Doc: add a note to help users with broken Unity desktop manager on Ubuntu
- Doc: Fix typo in project description
- Doc: additional note on Caldav setup in Thunderbird and new external review
- Doc: document new disable balloon notifications setting
- Doc: Update roadmap
- Doc: New reviews
- Doc: Update iCal doc to match both Snow Leopard and Lion
- Doc: Update FAQ
- Doc: Update DavMail settings screenshot
- Allow openjdk-7-jre dependency in deb package
- Fix 3418960: Update dependencies for Ubuntu 11.10, add libswt-gtk-3-java
- Caldav: apply iCal 5 workaround to iOS 5
- Caldav: new timezone in rename table
- Caldav: try to merge Exchange 2010 and 2007 filters
- Caldav: additional unit tests
- Caldav: fix 3426148 decode and encode comma in RESOURCES field value
- Caldav: Fix complex timezones sent by clients, leave only latest STANDARD and DAYLIGHT definition
- Caldav: Fix 3420240, retrieve description from tasks over Dav
- EWS: add new DistinguishedFolderId value for Exchange archive support
- EWS: throw exception on 400 Bad request answer
- IMAP: fix 3426383, implement CHARSET in SEARCH command, allow ASCII and UTF-8
- IMAP: fix 3353862, long file names encoding in BODYSTRUCTURE
- SMTP: adjust workaround for misconfigured Exchange server that return 406 Not Acceptable on draft message creation, look inside multipart messages
** DavMail 3.9.5 released **
Bugfix release to avoid Growl plugin crash on OSX, make DavMail work with both
Snow Leopard and Lion. Also includes DIGEST-MD5 implementation for OSX Lion
Directory Utility support, however iCal attendee completion is still broken.
- Fix crash in Growl plugin on OSX: do not sent SSL content to Growl
- EWS: rebuild broken message (null MimeContent) from properties
- EWS: improve error logging on invalid character
- EWS: fix tasks field order, send Extended Properties first to match EWS schema
- EWS: replace extension before looking for items in task folder
- EWS: Fix 3407395, do not set mailbox on FolderIds returned by Exchange
- LDAP: fix DIGEST-MD5 authentication and adjust dn context for OSX Lion, still experimental
- LDAP: fix DIGEST-MD5 SASL authentication for OSX Lion
- LDAP: experimental SASL DIGEST-MD5 implementation for OSX Lion Directory Utility support
- Caldav: need to send principal-URL on principal path, only for OSX Lion
- Caldav: allow direct access to task folder
- Force toFront and requestFocus to bring windows to front
- Additional proxy selector logging
- Fixes from audit
- Upgrade Log4J to 1.2.16
- Doc: Add saveInSent reference in FAQ
** DavMail 3.9.4 released **
First release with full Exchange tasks (VTODO) support, automatically convert VTODOs to tasks
inside default task folder. Also includes many bugfixes on iCal OSX Snow Leopard support
(note: need to recreate the calendar to fix sync), mixed Exchange 2010/2003 architecture support and
IMAP DRAFT and UNDRAFT search condition support
- Caldav: fix regression
- Caldav: implement update folder
- Caldav: fix regression on Snow Leopard
- Caldav: more general fix for misconfigured Exchange server, replace host name in url also over Caldav
- Caldav: additional fix for CRLF in urlcompname
- Caldav: additional task fields over EWS and fix urlcompname decoding
- Caldav: implement task categories over EWS
- Caldav: update additional MAPI properties for tasks
- Caldav: implement startdate and duedate on tasks
- Caldav: implement task categories
- Caldav: Need to encode % in urlcompname
- Caldav: implement task percent complete and status over WebDav
- Caldav: improve task support over WebDav, rename .ics to .EML and implement priority (importance)
- Caldav: do not try to get ICS content from tasks
- Caldav: encode @ in path only for iCal 5 (OSX Lion)
- Caldav: implement supported-report-set
- Do not always log stacktrace in handleNetworkDown
- Fix IllegalArgumentException in fixClientHost when scheme is null
- Temporary fix: log exception stack trace in handleNetworkDown
- Temporary fix: log exception in handleNetworkDown
- Another init script
- Small failover fix
- Improve client host update fix
- Test various event count
- IMAP: implement DRAFT and UNDRAFT search conditions, fix 3396248
- IMAP: fix failover for misconfigured Exchange server, replace host name in url
- IMAP: fix regression in EwsExchangeSession.createMessage
- IMAP: Fix 3383832, set ItemClass to send read receipt over EWS to avoid ErrorObjectTypeChanged
- EWS: Allow null value in StringUtil.decodeUrlcompname
- EWS: use isrecurring with Exchange 2010 and instancetype with Exchange 2007
- EWS: revert 3317867 XML1.1 header workaround to fix 3385308
- Dav: check checkPublicFolder calls
- Dav: Avoid returning null in getCmdBasePath
- Doc: fix OSX iCal setup documentation for OSX Lion
- LDAP: send error on DIGEST-MD5 bind request
** DavMail 3.9.3 released **
New release with improved iCal 5 (OSX Lion) support, partial VTODO conversion to Outlook tasks
and many other bugfixes including event move item url encoding and event filter over EWS fix
- Caldav: new fix for @ encoding
- Caldav: fix regression, do not encode @ in calendar-user-address-set
- Caldav: fix principal-URL response
- Caldav: encode @ in current-user-principal
- Caldav: force @ encode to %40 for iCal 5
- Caldav: new CRLF in urlcompname patch for EWS, use _x000D__x000A_ as encoded value
- Caldav: implement merged folder ctag over WebDav
- Caldav: fix noneMatch handling over WebDav
- Caldav: implement tasks delete over WebDav
- Caldav: implement tasks support over WebDav
- Caldav: send principal-URL for OSX Lion
- Caldav: first duedate implementation on tasks, fix delete task and concat ctag to detect changes on both calendar and tasks folders
- Caldav: implement percent complete and status VTODO updates
- Caldav: implement task support over EWS
- Caldav: decode destination path on move
- Caldav: encode LF to %0A in urlcompname
- Caldav: check Depth before search
- Caldav: Task folder flag
- Caldav: move remove quotes for Evolution to EWS mode only
- Caldav: fix regression on iCal FreeBusy handling
- Caldav: implement PROPFIND on single item
- Caldav: remove quotes on etag for Evolution
- Caldav: first Task (VTODO) implementation step
- Caldav: allow infinity as Depth value
- Fix DoubleDotInputStream
- Improve system proxies and move item logging
- Refactor buildSessionInfo to use /public first and mailbox path as failover for galfind requests
- Fix bug in removeQuotes
- Fix 3315942, patch cleanup
- Fix server certificate label
- Fixes from audit
- Upgrade SWT to 3.7
- Fix 3315942, merge patch provided by Jeremiah Albrant: Ask user to select client certificate
- Improve message download progress logging, switch icon every 100KB
- Remove unused SwtAwtEventQueue class
- Implement davmail.smtpSaveInSent option and reorganize tabs
- Fix 3153691: Username with apostrophe
- Patch by Manuel Barkhau: exclude private events flag
- Reformat and fixes from audit
- EWS: new recurring event filter implementation, exclude recurrence exception in results
- EWS: fix new Exchange 2010 ItemId length support
- EWS: Fix for some Exchange 2010 ItemIds different length
- EWS: workaround for Exchange bug, replace xml 1.0 header with xml 1.1 and log message download progress
- EWS: implement gzip encoding on response
- Dav: update httpClient host after login
- IMAP: need to include base folder in recursive search, except on root
- IMAP: Fix 3151800, force UTF-8 in appendEnvelopeHeaderValue
- Doc: Add davmail.smtpSaveInSent description in doc
** DavMail 3.9.2 released **
This release includes some documentation updates, implement IMAP Recent flag,
Caldav support enhancements, 64 bits wrapper on windows, hanging issue with SWT
on Linux 64 and many other bugfixes.
- LDAP: cancel search threads on connection close
- Adjust system proxy log statement
- Jsmooth patch with 64 bits skeletons
- Additional statement on proxy load
- SWT: register error handler early
- Serialize session creation in workstation mode to avoid multiple OTP requests
- SWT: register error handler to avoid application crash on concurrent X access from SWT and AWT
- Revert LookAndFeel changes, switch to System.setProperty to set default LAF
- SWT: make sure we don't start AWT threads too early
- Update Jsmooth patch with 64bits exe support
- SWT: delayed AWT frames creation to reduce memory usage
- Experimental 64 bits windows exe
- Add a log file size field in UI
- Dav: back to old path in Destination header behavior
- DAV: switch icon on large message download
- Dav: Log message download progress
- Dav: new patch to reset session timeout with a GET method on /owa/
- Dav: experimental, try to reset session timeout with a GET method
- Dav: do not try property update failover on 507 SC_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE
- OSX: Avoid sending empty message to Growl
- IMAP: test custom header search
- IMAP: workaround for Exchange 2003 search deleted support
- IMAP: fix 3303767, do not send line count for non text bodyparts
- IMAP: another fix for 3297849, ENVELOPE formating error/bogus quotes
- IMAP: fix 3297849, ENVELOPE formating error/bogus quotes
- IMAP: Fix nullpointer in broken message handling
- IMAP: fix infinite loop detection
- IMAP: detect infinite loop on the client side
- IMAP: implement Recent flag on new messages based on read flag and creation/modification date
- IMAP: fix 3223513 default flags on append
- Doc: How to run multiple instances of DavMail
- Doc: FAQ note, iCal does not support folder names with spaces or special characters
- Doc: Add reference to default windows domain setting in FAQ
- Doc: additional Thunderbird and DavMail review
- Doc: add Duplicate messages in Sent folder FAQ entry
- Doc: add Piwik code to DavMail site
- Doc: New (french) review
- Doc: document custom certificate authority handling
- Doc: improve initial setup documentation
- Doc: describe the usual paths to use in OWA url field
- Doc: update imapAutoExpunge flag doc
- Doc: update roadmap
- Doc: document public folder access in Lightning
- Caldav: allow tab as folding character, see RFC2445
- Caldav: Fix NullPointerException in getTimezoneIdFromExchange
- Caldav: instancetype is null on Exchange 2010, switch to isrecurring in EWS FindItem
- Caldav: Disable schedule-inbox for all Lightning versions
- Caldav: prepare xmoz custom property support over DAV
- EWS: fix UID and RECURRENCE-ID, broken at least on Exchange 2007 with recurring events
- EWS: fix 3105534 GetUserAvailability default timezone compatibility with Exchange 2010
- EWS: new failovers on Timezone settings: use davmail.timezoneId setting or default to GMT Standard Time
** DavMail 3.9.1 released **
Another bugfix release, mainly on EWS Caldav support (fix 404 not found).
Also implemented Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway support.
- Doc: additional FAQ entry on shared calendars
- Caldav: first check that email address is valid to avoid InvalidSmtpAddress error on FreeBusy request and new timezone name mapping
- Caldav: New fix for fix 3190219, regression on quote encoding since 3165749 fix
- Caldav: rethrow SocketException to avoid event not available on client connection close or DavMail listener restart
- Caldav: Fix timezone name
- Caldav: fix 3190219, regression on quote encoding since 3165749 fix
Exchange Web Services:
- EWS: fix 3190774, LDAP galfind email address handling, use Mailbox value instead of EmailAddress1/2/3
- EWS: fix NullPointerException in item getContent
- EWS: fix 404 not found with Exchange 2010 calendars
- Convert shell script to unix LF
- Implement Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway logon form compatibility
- IMAP: fix 3201374 envelope superflous space
- IMAP: fix LOGOUT implementation to improve SquirrelMail compatibility
- OSX: Avoid sending null message to Growl
** DavMail 3.9.0 released **
Making progress towards 4.0 and full EWS support, some issues remaining on recurring
events. This is mainly a bugfix release, with some Caldav enhancements, huge memory usage fix
on IMAP and a workaround for Linux 64 bits futex issue (deadlock on first connection).
- POP: test new double dot implementation
- POP: Fix from Stefan Guggisberg, handle invalid CR or LF line feeds in DoubleDotOutputStream
- Caldav: additional timezone names in table
- Caldav: 3132513, implement well-known url, see
- Caldav: implement a new setting to disable task (VTODO) support: davmail.caldavDisableTasks and probably exclude most broken events
- Caldav: throw exception on empty event body (EWS)
- Caldav: fix multivalued param support in VProperty and always quote CN values
- Doc: Update release guide
- Doc: Additional FAQ entry on public calendar access with iCal
- Doc: Add Manchester wiki review
- LDAP: dump BER content on error
- LDAP: fix 3166460, do not fail on NOT (0xa2) filter
- New workaround for bug 3168560, load system proxy settings in static block
- Fix 3161913 klauncher says davmail.desktop misses trailing semicolon
- Restore stax-api jar for Java 1.5 compatibility
- Fix 3150426 huge memory usage with IMAP
- Workaround for bug 3168560, synchronize system proxy access
- New NTLMv2 patch: provide fake workstation name and adjust Type3 message flags
- EWS: Fix 3165749, exception with quotes in meeting subject and EWS
- Dav: log search response count
** DavMail 3.8.8 released **
Yet another bugfix release with many EWS support enhancements and fixes,
many documentation improvements (still need to update Thunderbird/OSX instructions
to latest versions though).
- Doc: change Maven site plugin version
- Doc: additional external links
- Doc: Add anew reviews page
- Doc: Update POM and release guide
- Doc: move advanced settings to a separate page to keep getting started page simple
- Doc: add SWT bug reference to FAQ, on Ubuntu, notify text conflicts with default theme
- Doc: full iPhone setup instructions
- Doc: update war deployment description
- Doc: Additional smartcard PKCS11 setup instructions with NSS and Coolkey examples
- Caldav: Additional timezone mappings
- Caldav: workaround for Exchange 2010 bug, \n in timezone name generates invalid ICS content
- Caldav: improve timezone rename error message
- Caldav: fix floating timezone in iCal: rename TZID for maximum iCal/iPhone compatibility
- Do not send Exchange 2003 appointment creation request to Exchange 2007
- EWS: return HttpNotFoundException on event not found to trigger Lightning workaround
- EWS: fix instancetype field definition: Integer instead of String (fix Caldav filter over EWS)
- EWS: improved email/alias failover fix
- EWS: fix regression in comment
- EWS: additional failover mail build on logon form failure
- EWS: store X-MOZ-SEND-INVITATIONS property to fix no notification issue with Lightning
- EWS: fix Caldav inbox handling over EWS
- EWS: improve timezone handling
- EWS: Update Field list
- EWS: fix 3098008, implement result paging to handle message folders with more than 1000 messages
- EWS: exclude non message types from searchMessages
- EWS: fix email mapping on LDAP response
- EWS: add BusinessCountryOrRegion contact field
- Additional session create log statement
- New multiple user fields implementation: expect userid|username as login value
- Improve connection pool handling: do not pool simple checkConfig and getVersion connections.
- Implement OTP form with multiple username fields (username and userid)
- Contribution from Geert Stappers: start/stop script
- Improve NTLM authentication detection
- Always use private connection manager to avoid session conflict
- Fixes from audit
- Update javamail to 1.4.3
- Adjust Mime decoder settings (fix)
- Adjust Mime decoder settings
- Workaround for space in cookie name
- Use a_sLgnQS instead of a_sLgn first to support new OWA
- Additional NTLM flags to match Firefox flags
- Add UTF-7 support with jcharset
- Failover for misconfigured Exchange server, replace host name in url
- SMTP: fix 3132569, always remove From header to avoid 403 error on send
- SMTP: workaround for misconfigured Exchange servers: failover on Draft message creation through properties. Warning: attachments are lost
- IMAP: Fix 3137275 Imap header fetch bug
- Dav: make sure Destination contains full url and not only path, may fix SMTP send and IMAP copyMessage on Exchange 2003
- Carddav: Update contact test
** DavMail 3.8.7 released **
Bugfix and performance release with new Woodstox parser to reduce memory
footprint in EWS mode, more Caldav broken events fixes and IMAP regression
- Doc: Update Carddav setup doc
- Doc: ssl setup doc update from kerstkonijn
- Unzip contribs content
- Update rpm ant task parameters to create valid rpm package
- Workaround for malformed cookies with space in name
- From Geert Stappers: add includeantruntime="false" to avoid ant 1.8 warning
- Workaround for invalid redirect location
- Improve error handling: detect redirect to reason=0 as session expired
- Suggestion from Geert Stappers: add svn:ignore property
- RPM spec from Marko Myllynen
- Caldav: Fix timezone support with Exchange 2010 SP1
- Caldav: use rebuild event from MAPI properties failover in all error cases
- Caldav: add requestFocus() to bring notification dialog to foreground
- Caldav: added edit notifications checkbox in settings frame
- IMAP: include current folder in recursive search
- IMAP: encode source path in copyMessage
- IMAP: new test case to show Thunderbird perf issue
- IMAP: Fix 3109303 Handle null string during mail fetch
- IMAP: fix nullpointerException in header fetch
- IMAP: fix 3106803, IMAP client stuck scanning Inbox, fix header and body fetch in same request
- IMAP: throw error on 440 Login Timeout to avoid message corruption
- LDAP: do not log error on OSX groups request
- EWS: Upgrade woodstox version to use enhanced base64 conversion (reduced memory usage)
- EWS: allow autodiscover after authentication failure
- EWS: fix contact email update
- OSX: search and replace on existing file, spotted by Geert Stappers
** DavMail 3.8.6 released **
First release with automatic EWS mode detection, also includes many bugfixes
on LDAP support over EWS, IMAP enhancements, Exchange 2010 SP1 cookie bug workaround
and a brand new UI frame to let users edit Caldav notifications.
- LDAP: fix galfind search: add uid in response and use cn in fullsearch filter
- LDAP: additional EWS attributes