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Ok, this is what I wanna do with Curl. Please tell me what you think, and
please don't hesitate to contribute and send me patches that improve this
product! (Yes, you may add things not mentioned here, these are just a
few teasers...)
* rtsp:// support -- "Real Time Streaming Protocol"
RFC 2326
* "Content-Encoding: compress/gzip/zlib"
HTTP 1.1 clearly defines how to get and decode compressed documents. There
is the zlib that is pretty good at decompressing stuff. This work was
started in October 1999 but halted again since it proved more work than we
thought. It is still a good idea to implement though.
* HTTP Pipelining/persistant connections
- I'm gonna introduce HTTP "pipelining". Curl should be able
to request for several HTTP documents in one connect. It is the beginning
for supporing more advanced functions in the future, like web site
mirroring. This will require that the urlget() function supports several
documents from a single HTTP server, which it doesn't today.
- When curl supports fetching several documents from the same
server using pipelining, I'd like to offer that function to the command
line. Anyone has a good idea how? The current way of specifying one URL
with the output sent to the stdout or a file gets in the way. Imagine a
syntax that supports "additional documents from the same server" in a way
similar to:
curl <main URL> --more-doc <path> --more-doc <path>
where --more-doc specifies another document on the same server. Where are
the output files gonna be put and how should they be named? Should each
"--more-doc" parameter require a local file name to store the result in?
Like "--more-file" as in:
curl <URL> --more-doc <path> --more-file <file>
* RFC2617 compliance, "Digest Access Authentication"
A valid test page seem to exist at:
And some friendly person's server source code is available at
Then there's the Apache mod_digest source code too of course.
It seems as if Netscape doesn't support this, and not many servers
do. Although this is a lot better authentication method than the more
common "Basic". Basic sends the password in cleartext over the network,
this "Digest" method uses a challange-response protocol which increases
security quite a lot.
* Different FTP Upload Through Web Proxy
I don't know any web proxies that allow CONNECT through on port 21, but
that would be the best way to do ftp upload. All we would need to do would
be to 'CONNECT <host>:<port> HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n' and then do business as
usual. I least I think so. It would be fun if someone tried this...
* Multiple Proxies?
Is there anyone that actually uses serial-proxies? I mean, send CONNECT to
the first proxy to connect to the second proxy to which you send CONNECT to
connect to the remote host (or even more iterations). Is there anyone
wanting curl to support it? (Not that it would be hard, just confusing...)
* Other proxies
Ftp-kind proxy, Socks5, whatever kind of proxies are there?
* IPv6 Awareness
Where ever it would fit. I am not that into v6 yet to fully grasp what we
would need to do, but letting the autoconf search for v6-versions of a few
functions and then use them instead is of course the first thing to do...
RFC 2428 "FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs" will be interesting. PORT
should be replaced with EPRT for IPv6, and EPSV instead of PASV.
* An automatic RPM package maker
Please, write me a script that makes it. It'd make my day.
* SSL for more protocols, like SSL-FTP...