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# Makefile for project cURL
# Generated on Sun,13 Jan 2002.17:11:10 by EasyGCC (0.1.3 [beta 2] (3 Jan 2002))
# Contact:
# Project objects:
objs = o.hugehelp o.main o.urlglob o.writeout o.writeenv \
# Compile options:
linkopts = ../lib/libcurl openldap:libraries/libldap/libldap -o curl
compileropts = -mpoke-function-name -IUtilLib: -mthrowback
# Project target:
curl: $(objs)
gcc $(linkopts) $(objs)
# Static dependancies:
o.hugehelp: c.hugehelp
gcc $(compileropts) -c -o hugehelp.o c.hugehelp
o.main: c.main
gcc $(compileropts) -c -o main.o c.main
o.urlglob: c.urlglob
gcc $(compileropts) -c -o urlglob.o c.urlglob
o.writeout: c.writeout
gcc $(compileropts) -c -o writeout.o c.writeout
o.writeenv: c.writeenv
gcc $(compileropts) -c -o writeenv.o c.writeenv
# Dynamic dependancies:
o.hugehelp: c.hugehelp
o.main: c.main
o.main: h.setup
o.main: h.urlglob
o.main: h.writeout
o.main: h.version
o.urlglob: c.urlglob
o.urlglob: h.setup
o.urlglob: h.urlglob
o.writeout: c.writeout
o.writeout: h.writeout