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Include files for libcurl, external users.
They're all placed in the curl subdirectory here for better fit in any kind
of environment. You should include files from here using...
#include <curl/curl.h>
... style and point the compiler's include path to the directory holding the
curl subdirectory. It makes it more likely to survive future modifications.
All the include files in this tree are written and intended to be installed on
a system that may serve multiple platforms and multiple applications, all
using libcurl (possibly even different libcurl installations using different
versions). Therefore, all header files in here must obey these rules:
* They cannot depend on or use configure-generated results from libcurl's or
curl's directories. Other applications may not run configure as (lib)curl
does, and using platform dependent info here may break other platforms.
* We cannot assume anything else but very basic compiler features being
present. While libcurl requires an ANSI C compiler to build, some of the
earlier ANSI compilers clearly can't deal with some preprocessor operators.
* Newlines must remain unix-style for older compilers' sake.
* Comments must be written in the old-style /* unnested C-fashion */
To figure out how to do good and portable checks for features, operating
systems or specific hardwarare, a very good resource is Bjorn Reese's
collection at