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Include files for libcurl, external users.

They're all placed in the curl subdirectory here for better fit in any kind
of environment. You must include files from here using...

#include <curl/curl.h>

... style and point the compiler's include path to the directory holding the
curl subdirectory. It makes it more likely to survive future modifications.


* If you check out from git on a non-configure platform, you must run the
appropriate buildconf* script to set up files before being able of compiling
the library.

* We cannot assume anything else but very basic compiler features being
present. While libcurl requires an ANSI C compiler to build, some of the
earlier ANSI compilers clearly can't deal with some preprocessor operators.

* Newlines must remain unix-style for older compilers' sake.

* Comments must be written in the old-style /* unnested C-fashion */

To figure out how to do good and portable checks for features, operating
systems or specific hardwarare, a very good resource is Bjorn Reese's
collection at