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Curl and libcurl 7.58.0
Public curl releases: 172
Command line options: 211
curl_easy_setopt() options: 249
Public functions in libcurl: 74
Contributors: 1649
This release includes the following changes:
o new libssh-powered SSH SCP/SFTP back-end
o curl-config: add --ssl-backends [10]
This release includes the following bugfixes:
o travis: add boringssl build [1]
o examples/xmlstream.c: don't switch off CURL_GLOBAL_SSL [2]
o SSL: Avoid magic allocation of SSL backend specific data [3]
o lib: don't export all symbols, just everything curl_* [4]
o libssh2: send the correct CURLE error code on scp file not found
o libssh2: return CURLE_UPLOAD_FAILED on failure to upload
o openssl: enable pkcs12 in boringssl builds [5]
o libssh2: remove dead code from SSH_SFTP_QUOTE [6]
o sasl_getmesssage: make sure we have a long enough string to pass [7]
o conncache: fix several lock issues [8]
o threaded-shared-conn.c: new example
o conncache: only allow multiplexing within same multi handle [9]
o configure: check for netinet/in6.h [11]
o URL: tolerate backslash after drive letter for FILE: [12]
o openldap: add commented out debug possibilities [13]
o include: get netinet/in.h before linux/tcp.h [14]
o CONNECT: keep close connection flag in http_connect_state struct [15]
o BINDINGS: another PostgreSQL client
o curl: limit -# update frequency for unknown total size [16]
o configure: add AX_CODE_COVERAGE only if using gcc [17]
o curl.h: remove incorrect comment about ERRORBUFFER
o openssl: improve data-pending check for https proxy [18]
o curl: remove __EMX__ #ifdefs [19]
o CURLOPT_PRIVATE.3: fix grammar [20]
o sftp: allow quoted commands to use relative paths [21]
o RESOLVE: output verbose text when trying to set a duplicate name
o openssl: Disable file buffering for Win32 SSLKEYLOGFILE [22]
o multi_done: prune DNS cache [23]
o tests: update .gitignore for libtests
o tests: mark data files as non-executable in git
o CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP4.3: fixed the "SEE ALSO" to not self-reference
o curl.1: documented two missing valid exit codes
o curl.1: mention http:// and https:// as valid proxy prefixes
o vtls: replaced getenv() with curl_getenv() [24]
o setopt: less *or equal* than INT_MAX/1000 should be fine [25]
o examples/smtp-mail.c: use separate defines for options and mail
o curl: support >256 bytes warning messsages [26]
o conncache: fix a return code
o krb5: fix a potential access of uninitialized memory
o rand: add a clang-analyzer work-around
o CURLOPT_READFUNCTION.3: refer to argument with correct name [27]
o brotli: allow compiling with version 0.6.0
o content_encoding: rework zlib_inflate [28]
o curl_easy_reset: release mime-related data [29]
o examples/rtsp: fix error handling macros [30]
o build-openssl.bat: Added support for VC15
o build-wolfssl.bat: Added support for VC15
o build: Added Visual Studio 2017 project files
o winbuild: Added support for VC15
o curl: Support size modifiers for --max-filesize [32]
o examples/cacertinmem: ignore cert-already-exists error [33]
o brotli: data at the end of content can be lost [34]
o curl_version_info.3: call the argument 'age' [35]
o openssl: fix memory leak of SSLKEYLOGFILE filename
o build: remove HAVE_LIMITS_H check [36]
o --mail-rcpt: fix short-text description
o scripts: allow all perl scripts to be run directly [37]
o progress: calculate transfer speed on milliseconds if possible [38]
o system.h: check __LONG_MAX__ for defining curl_off_t [31]
o easy: fix connection ownership in curl_easy_pause [39]
o http2: fix incorrect trailer buffer size [40]
o setopt: reintroduce non-static Curl_vsetopt() for OS400 support [41]
o setopt: fix SSLVERSION to allow CURL_SSLVERSION_MAX_ values [42]
This release includes the following known bugs:
o see docs/KNOWN_BUGS (
This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:
ahodesuka on github, Basuke Suzuki, cmfrolick on github, Daniel Stenberg,
David Benjamin, Dima Tisnek, Dimitrios Apostolou, Dmitry Kostjuchenko,
Dominik Hölzl, Elliot Saba, Frank Gevaerts, Gisle Vanem, guitared on github,
Jan Ehrhardt, Johannes Schindelin, John DeHelian, jonrumsey on github,
Martin Galvan, Matthew Kerwin, Mattias Fornander, Michael Felt,
Michael Kaufmann, Mikalai Ananenka, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos, Oleg Pudeyev,
Patrick Dawson, Patrick Monnerat, Per Malmberg, Pete Lomax, Rainer Canavan,
Randall S. Becker, Ray Satiro, Richard Alcock, Sean MacLennan, Stepan Broz,
Steve Holme, Thomas van Hesteren, W. Mark Kubacki, Zachary Seguin,
Zhouyihai Ding,
(40 contributors)
Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)
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