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Dan Fandrich 42ac24448c Better cope with a failed or unavailable ftruncate().
Added HAVE_FTRUNCATE to all the static config-*.h files on the assumption
that all those systems provide it.
2005-03-05 00:54:16 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 39af394a1c removed tabs and trailing whitespace from source 2004-10-06 07:50:18 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 3915fecf80 USE_MANUAL is now defined by default 2004-04-25 15:21:16 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg aa21a3d5c3 Eric's update 2001-12-04 06:52:19 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg b84d947be4 no include, no const in strdup 2001-11-30 09:29:31 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 2cc16d89e6 updated mac specific include files 2001-11-29 12:40:36 +00:00