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Daniel Stenberg 51a4493add Added GNU GSS and separate sections for MIT GSS and Heimdal and added info
about what each single lib may be used for.
2005-08-29 13:58:25 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6d8a208df2 mention the exception only once ;-) 2005-07-07 05:43:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 893cbaaf2f added some blurb about the GnuTLS license 2005-04-07 15:28:56 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 543ab6f331 added URL to the exception paragraph in the GPL FAQ 2004-09-19 22:37:26 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 630b73bfa8 Added LICENSE-MIXING to the release archive 2004-04-27 18:31:35 +00:00