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Daniel Stenberg f633ab688b commented out the check for gethostbyname_r() as we no longer use it 2004-06-29 11:22:39 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a7b99fc463 check for a fine poll() before it is used to sleep subsecond 2004-06-27 21:51:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 20705ca311 set an automake conditional for if this is a cross-compile or not 2004-06-03 14:37:14 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4e7575fc7a checl for the idn_free stuff to remain functionall even with older libidn
2004-05-25 11:59:32 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d3d5cdf305 removed the warning if libidn isn't found 2004-05-06 15:05:23 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg af43ce73e5 very minor output change 2004-05-06 15:04:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 91018f4f24 AC_CHECK_TOOL is prolly better to use when checking for ar 2004-05-05 10:26:51 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 3fc39a6efb alert the user if 'sed' or 'ar' couldn't be found, as it might very well
render a build impossible
2004-05-05 09:17:53 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 78e6508e22 check the size of size_t for lib/mprintf.c 2004-05-05 06:57:49 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 96002646f1 without-libidn works too now 2004-04-27 12:08:53 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6bd02a3ab5 We now make sure to only scan for SSL options with pkg-config if we haven't
disabled SSL with --without-ssl. This previously made the Makefiles use
the SSL libs even though told not to.
2004-04-26 22:13:36 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg cf3cf413c8 improved libidn detection to correct the false positives we got 2004-04-26 15:31:43 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 673ff5eb2c Moved down the ares check again to the bottom of the script since it
modified the compiler and link options so nothing can be tested for after
this check, as the c-ares lib might not have been built yet!
2004-04-26 13:42:39 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg cff90cf3f9 "configure summary" 2004-04-26 12:29:30 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 241a4b3d45 --with-libidn[=PATH] is now supported 2004-04-26 07:08:36 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 1bdc4b2006 updated the warning text when SSL is explicitly disabled 2004-04-25 15:23:23 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg c8d850dbad Only check that the c-ares lib is valid if we don't use the "embedded"
directory. The provided ares dir is probably up-to-date, but more importantly
it is often not built yet at the time when this configure script runs.
2004-04-01 10:26:59 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 01ea357744 When ares is enabled, we now check for the ares_cancel function to verify
that we use a library that is recent enough to build with the latest libcurl.
2004-04-01 09:10:33 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a2ea0abf7f Added CURL_CHECK_NI_WITHSCOPEID that checks if NI_WITHSCOPEID exists and
works. No code actually uses the HAVE_NI_WITHSCOPEID (that a positive test
results in), but this is still only for testing purposes.
2004-03-30 10:35:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d85c21994f netinet/tcp.h may require netinet/in.h to be include before 2004-03-29 06:22:57 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 43137cf595 check for netinet/tcp.h precense before actually including it 2004-03-26 07:10:15 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 593170d1de get the version number from the new curlver.h header file 2004-03-25 16:03:41 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 0eace2fefe localtime and gmtime are not thread-safe on newer AIXes either so we force
a check for there *_r-versions too
2004-03-25 15:48:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg abd65e21c6 force recent AIX versions to check for strerror_r 2004-03-25 15:10:01 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 242be55771 added check for strerror_r() 2004-03-24 08:45:58 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 81f8350616 For IRIX systems we must pick the "correct" lib dirs for the particular
libs we want. $libsuff is the magic variable that contains a suffix (which
might be blank). Tor Arntsen brought details and verified this fix.
2004-03-18 10:03:34 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f19cade50f Added the new vms subdir in the packages dir 2004-03-15 10:10:24 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 533519cc9c Dan Fandrich fixed some GSS detection flaws 2004-03-03 09:16:36 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4fa58560bf Moved most of the set-debug-options-depending-on-compiler logic to the new
CURL_CC_DEBUG_OPTS function in acinclude.m4
2004-02-25 10:19:02 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg ea4cd4d8aa -Wno-format-nonliteral does not exist in my gcc 2.96, only use that with
newer versions
2004-02-21 16:56:01 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a49bebc74e Only use -Wstrict-prototypes with gcc 3.3 or later.
It is working with earlier versions, but when I use it with 3.0.3, I can't
get it to ignore errors in "system headers" with -isystem so we get
excessive amounts of warnings on SSL headers which is very annoying.
2004-02-20 10:11:50 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e295cd759c -Wcast-align is a bit too annoying 2004-02-19 21:34:52 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a472cd9310 Anything that looks like gcc 5.0 or more is no longer treated as gcc. I hope
this will make us exclude icc 8.0 etc.
2004-02-19 21:32:19 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 455b1af214 When --enable-debug is used, for every -I provided to $CPPFLAGS we add
a corresponding -isystem, if using gcc, to inhibit warnings on those
2004-02-19 19:25:11 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg de37308722 if not yacc or bison is found, check if we *really* need it, and if we do
we bail out!
2004-02-19 15:58:58 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e7050f97c4 If --enable-debug is used and gcc, we figure out which version and then we
use as aggressive warning options as possible for the used compiler version.
2004-02-19 09:01:13 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 3ec605de67 Andrs Garca added a check for lwinmm for Mingw/sys 2004-02-15 22:34:58 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 773e7e871e If no nroff tool is found, or if no command line switch to nroff that converts
a man page to text is found, we disable the built-in manual stuff to still
be able to build.
2004-02-12 15:05:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f3663a9d0f added --enable/disable-manual 2004-02-12 14:45:50 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a3d39efa3b Andrs Garca's additional fix to make the OpenSSL stuff work for msys/mingw 2004-02-11 21:14:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 9f2780a2ee Rewrote the gethostbyname() check after Andrs Garca's provided patch
for finding it using mingw on windows.
I also made the script skip the search for gethostbyname_r and gethostbyaddr_r
when ipv6 is enabled.
2004-02-06 12:13:20 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg de100f8b51 An attempt to only set both libz-related defines at the same time. We need
both the lib and the header present for both defines to be set. If only one
of the files is found, we issue a warning and set no define.
2004-02-05 21:40:05 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6dffe9702d when using --enable-debug and gcc, provide the -Wno-format-nonliteral option
to prevent the warning in mprintf.c:

(currently line 930) "format not a string literal, argument types not checked"
2004-02-05 10:38:32 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 7e01548d46 link with libcares instead of libares 2004-02-03 13:58:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 37685848d1 try to figure out if -man or -mandoc works to get text with the NROFF
2004-02-02 22:39:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a435151735 check for sys/ioctl.h as well
added commented more aggressive compiler options for gcc, subject to be used
instead of the current ones when --enable-debug is used
2004-01-29 15:38:27 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6cd0a90b52 Instead of checking the off_t size, we use the source dir version of the
curl.h header and then check for the size of the curl_off_t type.
2004-01-22 12:01:59 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 3d66d10fbe check for limits.h as well 2004-01-15 10:19:49 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 202e54cf9c fixed the LDFLAGS creation for the SPNEGO option 2004-01-08 22:58:21 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 053f6c85ef updated year in the copyright string 2004-01-07 09:19:33 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 0839d6e6bc We cannot 'cd' to the ares build dir to get the path, as the directory hasn't
been created at this point yet when we build outside of the source dir.
2003-12-15 13:24:16 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a3c09e636d if there is an 'ares' subdirectory when configure is run with --enable-ares
(without a given path), we run configure automatically in that subdir
2003-12-11 10:19:57 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4eb9ac0821 check for strtoll(), for the upcoming >2GB patch 2003-12-10 16:05:26 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 24ac5b8a6c check for assert.h 2003-12-10 15:25:49 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d46a735418 Dominick Meglio made --enable-ares support an option =PATH to specify a
root path to an installed ares.
2003-12-10 13:37:00 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 2e0d1a55c6 no need to add -lz to LDFLAGS manually, as AC_CHECK_LIB() does that
2003-12-08 13:37:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 437afe0767 curl-config now shows asyncdns if built with ares enabled 2003-12-08 10:00:21 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d670f308a6 that MSG_NOSIGNAL check serves no useful purpose! 2003-12-02 22:04:30 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d4629fd395 renamed the KRB4 to HAVE_KRB4 2003-12-02 13:27:05 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 909887f310 check for MSG_NOSIGNAL 2003-12-02 10:11:48 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f6413f2cb4 Markus Moeller fixed the SPNEGO check and it nows defines HAVE_SPNEGO 2003-11-27 09:52:13 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 0717e4690e Maciej W. Rozycki made this script use a cache variable for the writable
argv test. This way, the default can be overridden better (for cross-compiles
2003-11-17 05:23:06 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 02437b2d51 Check for siginterrupt, used by the test suite web server sws. 2003-10-30 07:31:02 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg fcfc6de918 Based on David Hull's fix in bug report 804599, we now check for solaris
and gcc, to set the -mimpure-text link flag for linking the lib better.
2003-10-24 21:26:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 1a4fddb9ba removed creation of tests/server/config.h 2003-10-09 08:09:07 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg c86768d856 check for inet_pton() 2003-10-07 22:00:02 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d1b17779a3 James MacMillan's patch makes curl build on QNC 6.2.x. 2003-10-02 19:04:32 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f40467638d find and detect the Heimdal GSSAPI include path properly 2003-09-21 22:13:23 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 09ccfcdcd4 Markus Moeller's SPNEGO patch applied, with my edits, additions and minor
2003-09-19 12:56:22 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a53d7848eb --enable-thread was broken and this should cure it
Kevin Fisk reported.
2003-09-05 09:53:00 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 0496598e77 when --enable-debug is used to set debug options with gcc, use -Wno-long-long
to inhibit long long warnings (ISO C90 does not support `long long')
2003-08-19 15:38:20 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e16bc91601 check for CRYPTO_cleanup_all_ex_data as well 2003-08-19 09:56:39 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a147a07956 check for long long
changed the use of AC_CHECK_TYPE as the previous approach is deprecated
require 2.57 properly
2003-08-14 22:44:06 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 2617b379be define USE_ARES nicer if enabled 2003-08-11 13:18:06 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f85935f0f9 Add --enable-ares support, which will make us build curl with ares for
asynch name resolves. Still very experimental, beware!
2003-08-05 13:37:29 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 9f7c634133 add a check for 'ar' since the lack of it bit Jared Ingersoll
we might need to check for some other tools too that on Solaris are put
in those weird dirs...
2003-07-30 15:10:26 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 2c2baa93ea only check for CA bundle path if build with SSL support
set a conditional for the makefile if we know the CA path or not
2003-07-25 08:47:10 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 756bc0f4b7 Dan Grayson pointed out that we set the CURL_CA_BUNDLE variable wrongly in
the configure script. We set it differently now and generate the
lib/ca-bundle.h file entirely.
2003-07-04 18:15:25 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f8c3b3aa18 moved from former CVS 2003-06-26 06:21:29 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4a8155b53c store HAVE_LIBZ as an automake conditional 2003-06-12 12:53:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e56ae1426c Daniel Kouril's patch that adds HTTP negotiation support to libcurl was
2003-06-10 12:22:19 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d78ec593fa fix the makefile in packages/DOS too 2003-05-21 08:12:52 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a139ce901a the writable argv check now should not exit when building a cross-compiled
2003-05-04 16:07:19 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6ed0da8e98 Ryan Weaver's fix to prevent the ca bundle to get installed even when
building curl without SSL support!
2003-04-06 12:29:45 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 7d7ebbe9f7 fixed the pkg-config stuff for rh9 2003-03-26 19:05:24 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 8b6cf239a3 attempt to extract openssl information using pkg-config 2003-03-25 22:40:43 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg bcc285cffd Renamed to, as this is the supposedly new preferred
name for it.
2003-03-25 15:56:33 +00:00