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Daniel Stenberg 8ed31c48e0 Added --enable-sspi that now make libcurl build with SSPI support. This only
works when built for win32.
2005-03-13 23:59:28 +00:00
Dan Fandrich 205f8b266c Fixed LDAP library file name bug (KNOWN_BUGS #1). configure now auto-detects
the correct dynamic library names by default, and provides override switches
--with-ldap-lib, --with-lber-lib and --without-lber-lib.  Added
CURL_DISABLE_LDAP to platform-specific config files to disable LDAP
support on those platforms that probably don't have dynamic OpenLDAP
libraries available to avoid compile errors.
2005-03-11 05:28:07 +00:00
Dan Fandrich c4f7570a23 Stopped linking to the SSL libs if a full installation isn't found.
Removed a redundant library check.
2005-03-09 18:40:41 +00:00
Dan Fandrich 18d87edd6d Fixed the --with-zlib configure option so that it always adds the specified
path to the compiler flags.  Before, a zlib installation in the default
path was always used in preference to the one in the desired location.
2005-03-08 03:24:49 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4d815c9990 Based on Mike Dobbs' report, BUILDING_LIBCURL is now defined in here if it
runs to build with mingw.
2005-02-18 08:24:53 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f169b750b8 check for ENGINE_load_builtin_engines() as well if engine is around 2005-02-14 23:50:29 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 22c1d48cb2 remove the check for strftime(), we don't need it 2005-02-11 19:34:05 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 65dbee01e5 check for errno.h 2005-01-18 14:34:50 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 8ac90316d9 nah, don't use the system's getpass() function since it too often is limited
to 8(!) or similar lengths passwords
2004-12-26 09:17:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 7ef6b05ef1 My reimplementation and cleanup of the getpass source code. We officially no
longer use Angus Mackay's getpass code due to the weirdo license his code was
donated to us under.
2004-12-25 22:08:02 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 3955b31362 David Shaw fixed the disable variables so that curl-config --feature works
2004-12-23 08:48:59 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 58f4af7973 Marcin Konicki provided two configure fixes and a source fix to make curl
build out-of-the-box on BeOS.
2004-12-22 22:28:10 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 090a7f38be check for openssl/pkcs12.h 2004-12-19 09:36:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f966dad306 Dan Fandrich did minor corrections to his SSL cleanup patch 2004-12-13 08:34:46 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg df3ca59116 Dan Fandrich:
Here's a stab at a consolidation of the SSL detection heuristics into
configure. Source files aren't changed by this patch, except for setup.h and
the various config*.h files.  Within the configure script, OPENSSL_ENABLED is
used to determine if SSL is being used or not, and outside configure,
USE_SSLEAY means the same thing; this could be even further unified some day.

Now, when SSL is not detected, configure skips the various checks that are
dependent on SSL, speeding up the configure process and avoiding complications
with cross compiles.  I also updated all the architecture- specific config
files I could see, but I couldn't test them.
2004-12-11 18:47:22 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 98adcdd466 Ton Voon provided a configure fix that should fix the notorious (mostly
reported on Solaris) problem where the size_t check fails due to the SSL libs
being found in a dir not searched through by the run-time linker.
patch-tracker entry #1081707.
2004-12-09 09:27:30 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg ac269a8f68 Dan Fandrich added the --disable-cookies option to configure to build
libcurl without cookie support. This is mainly useful if you want to build a
minimalistic libcurl with no cookies support at all. Like for embedded
systems or similar.
2004-12-05 23:59:32 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 25559ac02e Andrs Garca fixed the configure script to detect select properly when run
with Msys/Mingw on Windows.
2004-11-24 15:49:43 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a4e1ac7952 David Phillips fix for test 518 and my extension to make it not run on
systems that can't run it fine.
2004-11-22 22:26:46 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 94043b1150 Dan Fandrich added the --disable-crypto-auth option to configure to allow
libcurl to build without Digest support. (I figure it should also explicitly
disable Negotiate and NTLM.)
2004-11-12 09:18:14 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4897587615 Dan Fandrich can spell, I cannot 2004-11-11 23:13:59 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 8c16696f47 fix a IDN detect/use mistake 2004-11-11 22:01:53 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 710e370c34 Dan Fandrich added --disable-verbose 2004-11-11 16:34:24 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 7bb6d76d14 When libidn is detected without explicitly told to, we provide -L/lib and
-I/include options. Not anymore.
2004-11-11 14:41:37 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg cd73a733c7 dates from 2038 or later now return 0x7fffffff when 32 bit time_t is used 2004-11-11 09:26:09 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 49111a63e6 configure --with-gssapi fix 2004-11-10 21:43:41 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg facfa19cdd weirdo hack to fix debian bug report 278691:
'curl -v writes debugging to its network socket if stderr is closed'
2004-11-08 19:41:28 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg c688166066 check for and require tld.h to be present before libidn usage is activated
in the build, since libidn 0.3.X didn't have the header and we don't support
that old libidn versions anyway.

This was mentioned on the list by Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre and in bug
report #1062264.
2004-11-08 07:47:08 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 2e973684c0 based Andres Garcia's patch, added for mingw build 2004-11-04 14:19:22 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 736a40fec9 When cross-compiling, the configure script no longer attempts to use
pkg-config on the build host in order to detect OpenSSL compiler options.
2004-11-01 22:50:59 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 82d6cfa7fc Peter Wullinger pointed out that curl should call setlocale() properly to
initiate the specific language operations, to make the IDN stuff work better.
2004-10-18 13:37:18 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg af677c4e1d If long long is supported, check if [num]LL is supported for numerical
2004-10-10 03:22:45 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 7663775971 if basename was found, check for a prototype and if none was found, provide
our own in the formdata.c file to prevent warnings on systems without it
2004-10-08 08:18:08 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 1239e48304 check for tld_strerror 2004-10-07 07:41:14 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 5c7dcc6c33 Dan Fandrich fix for hosts that need both -lnsl and -lsocket 2004-10-06 07:33:03 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 19a568a983 make the given path to --with-libidn override any other installation 2004-10-05 08:45:13 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f4252f8672 when building with libidn support, check for idna_strerror() which is
included in very recent versions
2004-10-03 20:50:47 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 8e87223195 - Based on Fedor Karpelevitch's formpost path basename patch, file parts in
formposts no longer include the path part. If you _really_ want them, you
  must provide your preferred full file name with CURLFORM_FILENAME.

  Added detection for libgen.h and basename() to configure. My custom
  basename() replacement function for systems without it, might be a bit too

  Updated 6 test cases to make them work with the stripped paths.
2004-10-01 06:36:11 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 75e5967afd made pkg-config not get used if a path is given with --with-ssl 2004-09-28 22:04:05 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f71b3f48a1 Replaced the former date parser with a rewrite. No more yacc/bison needed. 2004-09-15 07:28:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 62ff567c47 the autobuilds failed all over on AIX, attempt to fix the strerror_r() problem
by setting _THREAD_SAFE (and -qthreaded) before strerror_r() is checked for.
2004-08-19 06:41:49 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 62af3fb7b9 added a check for the xlc compiler on AIX, and if that is detect we use
the -qthreaded compiler option
2004-08-17 10:47:57 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg db302a1055 define _THREAD_SAFE on (recent) AIX systems to build thread-safe code 2004-08-17 09:00:30 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 498a0fe795 Removed the _XOPEN_SOURCE defining again since it caused major havoc in IRIX
land with many warnings and even compiler errors due to missing structs etc
2004-08-12 06:30:17 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 9d84442409 define the _XOPEN_SOURCE define in the config.h file instead, and also added a
decent quote about the define, taken from
2004-08-11 07:25:08 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 5ab9d72e45 fixed the default result for xopen and mimpure to work better 2004-08-11 07:14:34 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6060e7ed96 experimental code to detect mips-sgi-irix systems that build without gcc
and if so, define _XOPEN_SOURCE to 500 in an attempt to build with less
warnings (on the 64bit versions)
2004-08-11 07:11:35 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg b55507c8a7 the krb4 stuff needs -lcom_err to link now, for some odd reason. This is
possibly only on some platforms, but it happens on my Solaris 2.7 box and I
don't know anyone else that regularly build curl with krb4 support.
2004-08-09 10:06:15 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d20a05161a AM_PROG_LIBTOOL is deprecated and AC_PROG_LIBTOOL should be used instead 2004-07-24 21:29:43 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e3fc0d5e78 refer bug reports to the mailing lists, not the old email alias 2004-07-22 22:22:29 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f633ab688b commented out the check for gethostbyname_r() as we no longer use it 2004-06-29 11:22:39 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a7b99fc463 check for a fine poll() before it is used to sleep subsecond 2004-06-27 21:51:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 20705ca311 set an automake conditional for if this is a cross-compile or not 2004-06-03 14:37:14 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4e7575fc7a checl for the idn_free stuff to remain functionall even with older libidn
2004-05-25 11:59:32 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d3d5cdf305 removed the warning if libidn isn't found 2004-05-06 15:05:23 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg af43ce73e5 very minor output change 2004-05-06 15:04:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 91018f4f24 AC_CHECK_TOOL is prolly better to use when checking for ar 2004-05-05 10:26:51 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 3fc39a6efb alert the user if 'sed' or 'ar' couldn't be found, as it might very well
render a build impossible
2004-05-05 09:17:53 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 78e6508e22 check the size of size_t for lib/mprintf.c 2004-05-05 06:57:49 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 96002646f1 without-libidn works too now 2004-04-27 12:08:53 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6bd02a3ab5 We now make sure to only scan for SSL options with pkg-config if we haven't
disabled SSL with --without-ssl. This previously made the Makefiles use
the SSL libs even though told not to.
2004-04-26 22:13:36 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg cf3cf413c8 improved libidn detection to correct the false positives we got 2004-04-26 15:31:43 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 673ff5eb2c Moved down the ares check again to the bottom of the script since it
modified the compiler and link options so nothing can be tested for after
this check, as the c-ares lib might not have been built yet!
2004-04-26 13:42:39 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg cff90cf3f9 "configure summary" 2004-04-26 12:29:30 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 241a4b3d45 --with-libidn[=PATH] is now supported 2004-04-26 07:08:36 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 1bdc4b2006 updated the warning text when SSL is explicitly disabled 2004-04-25 15:23:23 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg c8d850dbad Only check that the c-ares lib is valid if we don't use the "embedded"
directory. The provided ares dir is probably up-to-date, but more importantly
it is often not built yet at the time when this configure script runs.
2004-04-01 10:26:59 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 01ea357744 When ares is enabled, we now check for the ares_cancel function to verify
that we use a library that is recent enough to build with the latest libcurl.
2004-04-01 09:10:33 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a2ea0abf7f Added CURL_CHECK_NI_WITHSCOPEID that checks if NI_WITHSCOPEID exists and
works. No code actually uses the HAVE_NI_WITHSCOPEID (that a positive test
results in), but this is still only for testing purposes.
2004-03-30 10:35:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg d85c21994f netinet/tcp.h may require netinet/in.h to be include before 2004-03-29 06:22:57 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 43137cf595 check for netinet/tcp.h precense before actually including it 2004-03-26 07:10:15 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 593170d1de get the version number from the new curlver.h header file 2004-03-25 16:03:41 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 0eace2fefe localtime and gmtime are not thread-safe on newer AIXes either so we force
a check for there *_r-versions too
2004-03-25 15:48:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg abd65e21c6 force recent AIX versions to check for strerror_r 2004-03-25 15:10:01 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 242be55771 added check for strerror_r() 2004-03-24 08:45:58 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 81f8350616 For IRIX systems we must pick the "correct" lib dirs for the particular
libs we want. $libsuff is the magic variable that contains a suffix (which
might be blank). Tor Arntsen brought details and verified this fix.
2004-03-18 10:03:34 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f19cade50f Added the new vms subdir in the packages dir 2004-03-15 10:10:24 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 533519cc9c Dan Fandrich fixed some GSS detection flaws 2004-03-03 09:16:36 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 4fa58560bf Moved most of the set-debug-options-depending-on-compiler logic to the new
CURL_CC_DEBUG_OPTS function in acinclude.m4
2004-02-25 10:19:02 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg ea4cd4d8aa -Wno-format-nonliteral does not exist in my gcc 2.96, only use that with
newer versions
2004-02-21 16:56:01 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a49bebc74e Only use -Wstrict-prototypes with gcc 3.3 or later.
It is working with earlier versions, but when I use it with 3.0.3, I can't
get it to ignore errors in "system headers" with -isystem so we get
excessive amounts of warnings on SSL headers which is very annoying.
2004-02-20 10:11:50 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e295cd759c -Wcast-align is a bit too annoying 2004-02-19 21:34:52 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a472cd9310 Anything that looks like gcc 5.0 or more is no longer treated as gcc. I hope
this will make us exclude icc 8.0 etc.
2004-02-19 21:32:19 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 455b1af214 When --enable-debug is used, for every -I provided to $CPPFLAGS we add
a corresponding -isystem, if using gcc, to inhibit warnings on those
2004-02-19 19:25:11 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg de37308722 if not yacc or bison is found, check if we *really* need it, and if we do
we bail out!
2004-02-19 15:58:58 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg e7050f97c4 If --enable-debug is used and gcc, we figure out which version and then we
use as aggressive warning options as possible for the used compiler version.
2004-02-19 09:01:13 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 3ec605de67 Andrs Garca added a check for lwinmm for Mingw/sys 2004-02-15 22:34:58 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 773e7e871e If no nroff tool is found, or if no command line switch to nroff that converts
a man page to text is found, we disable the built-in manual stuff to still
be able to build.
2004-02-12 15:05:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg f3663a9d0f added --enable/disable-manual 2004-02-12 14:45:50 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a3d39efa3b Andrs Garca's additional fix to make the OpenSSL stuff work for msys/mingw 2004-02-11 21:14:54 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 9f2780a2ee Rewrote the gethostbyname() check after Andrs Garca's provided patch
for finding it using mingw on windows.
I also made the script skip the search for gethostbyname_r and gethostbyaddr_r
when ipv6 is enabled.
2004-02-06 12:13:20 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg de100f8b51 An attempt to only set both libz-related defines at the same time. We need
both the lib and the header present for both defines to be set. If only one
of the files is found, we issue a warning and set no define.
2004-02-05 21:40:05 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6dffe9702d when using --enable-debug and gcc, provide the -Wno-format-nonliteral option
to prevent the warning in mprintf.c:

(currently line 930) "format not a string literal, argument types not checked"
2004-02-05 10:38:32 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 7e01548d46 link with libcares instead of libares 2004-02-03 13:58:38 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 37685848d1 try to figure out if -man or -mandoc works to get text with the NROFF
2004-02-02 22:39:04 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg a435151735 check for sys/ioctl.h as well
added commented more aggressive compiler options for gcc, subject to be used
instead of the current ones when --enable-debug is used
2004-01-29 15:38:27 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 6cd0a90b52 Instead of checking the off_t size, we use the source dir version of the
curl.h header and then check for the size of the curl_off_t type.
2004-01-22 12:01:59 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 3d66d10fbe check for limits.h as well 2004-01-15 10:19:49 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 202e54cf9c fixed the LDFLAGS creation for the SPNEGO option 2004-01-08 22:58:21 +00:00
Daniel Stenberg 053f6c85ef updated year in the copyright string 2004-01-07 09:19:33 +00:00