89 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Steve Holme a9b774a773 Makefile.vc: Added our standard copyright header 4 years ago
  Steve Holme 22fddb85ac winbuild: Added support for VC15 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg f64c05278e
winbuild/BUILD.WINDOWS.txt: mention WITH_NGHTTP2 4 years ago
  theantigod 09fc61e436 winbuild: fix embedded manifest option 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 6f6cfc90be
BUILD.WINDOWS: mention buildconf.bat for builds off git 5 years ago
  Marcel Raad a4bef6a91b
winbuild: re-enable warning C4127 for curl tool 5 years ago
  Marcel Raad cda19a345f
winbuild: build with warning level 4 5 years ago
  Marcel Raad beb08481d0
curl_setup: always define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN on Windows 5 years ago
  Henrik S. Gaßmann cd34ffa614 winbuild: fix boringssl build 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 73a2fcea0b includes: remove curl/curlbuild.h and curl/curlrules.h 5 years ago
  Anatol Belski df45f2c33e winbuild: fix the nghttp2 build 5 years ago
  Anatol Belski db87bcfcf2 winbuild: add basic support for OpenSSL 1.1.x 5 years ago
  Simon Warta 3cc30e8207 winbuild: add note on auto-detection of MACHINE in Makefile.vc 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 8611d985ee VC: remove the makefile.vc6 build infra 5 years ago
  Jan-E 65894c9846 winbuild: add config option ENABLE_NGHTTP2 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg d7e5f18279 winbuild: remove strcase.obj from curl build 5 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 309d6e80d0 msvc builds: s/rawstr/strcase 5 years ago
  Simon Warta dec9346460 winbuild: Allow changing C compiler via environment variable CC (#952) 6 years ago
  Simon Warta b2ac016510 winbuild: Free name $(CC) in Makefile (#950) 6 years ago
  Simon Warta 26424ba07f winbuild: Avoid setting redundant CFLAGS to compile commands (#949) 6 years ago
  Jay Satiro af8eb69cb2 winbuild: fix embedded manifest option 6 years ago
  Andrew Kurushin 6cabd78531 schannel: add CURLOPT_CERTINFO support 6 years ago
  Jan-E 6bdc6092a0 winbuild/Makefile.vc: Fix check on SSL, MBEDTLS, WINSSL exclusivity 6 years ago
  Henrik Gaßmann 5d8093e7d5 winbuild: add mbedtls support 6 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg cd79e0329f Revert "winbuild: trying to set some files eol=crlf for git" 6 years ago
  Viktor Szakats a24f71aac4 URLs: change http to https in many places 6 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 9c08b4f1e7 winbuild: trying to set some files eol=crlf for git 6 years ago
  Steve Holme dc72f8df0c build: Updated all makefiles and project files for the new vauth directory 6 years ago
  Viktor Szakats b4f595bde4 URLs: change more http to https 6 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 4af40b3646 URLs: change all http:// URLs to https:// 6 years ago
  Benjamin Kircher 6a0bd6ce8b winbuild: run buildconf.bat if necessary 6 years ago
  Steve Holme ad32457623 makefile: Added support for VC14 7 years ago
  Jay Satiro 6842afbf44 INSTALL: Advise use of non-native SSL for Windows <= XP 7 years ago
  Jay Satiro f010f3e3ca winbuild: Document the option used to statically link the CRT 7 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 709cf76f6b openssl: remove all uses of USE_SSLEAY 7 years ago
  Sam Schanken 659d252b6f winbuild: Added option to build with c-ares 7 years ago
  Ray Satiro 006b61eb0b newlines: fix mixed newlines to LF-only 7 years ago
  David Woodhouse 9ad282b1ae Remove all traces of FBOpenSSL SPNEGO support 8 years ago
  Steve Holme 8223972af2 winbuild: Don't USE_WINSSL when WITH_SSL is being used 8 years ago
  Steve Holme f997787d89 winbuild: Fixed static OpenSSL builds following commit c50ce85918 8 years ago
  Steve Holme e8b7431305 build: Renamed CURLX_ONES file list definition to CURLX_CFILES 8 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 45c037a127 BUILD.WINDOWS: update URL for windows prereqs 8 years ago
  Steve Holme 0b8977ac6f winbuild: Updated the VC++ make instructions following commit 11025613b9 8 years ago
  Cody Mack 2dc63c72dc winbuild: added warnless.c to fix build 8 years ago
  Steve Holme 0151316183 makefile: Added support for VC12 8 years ago
  Steve Holme aa1ee9e7a2 makefile: Added support for VC11 8 years ago
  Steve Holme f61e0a34ea winbuild: Follow up fix for a47c142a88, 11e8066ef9 and 92b9ae5c5d 8 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 632e50ca8d msvc: move Makefile.msvc.names into winbuild/ 9 years ago
  Andrei Kurushin 7fd5f680ea winbuild: include version info for .dll .exe 9 years ago
  Yang Tse 63605d281f Makefile.inc: fix $(top_srcdir) not allowed in _SOURCES variables 9 years ago