45 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jay Satiro 8eff32f0bf
travis: use pip2 instead of pip 4 years ago
  Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos 05675ab5a3
.travis.yml: added build --with-libssh 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 270494e1a0
travis: add boringssl build 4 years ago
  Patrick Monnerat c675c40295 travis: add a job with brotli enabled 4 years ago
  Max Dymond 2de63ab179
travis: exit if any steps fail 4 years ago
  Max Dymond 4f38db1d28
fuzzer: move to using external curl-fuzzer 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 1a072796d3
travis: on mac, don't install openssl or libidn 4 years ago
  Isaac Boukris 9bba664e02
tests: enable gssapi in travis-ci linux build 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 7207aaa696
travis: add build without HTTP/SMTP/IMAP 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 6b585b1183
travis: add c-ares enabled builds linux + osx 4 years ago
  Max Dymond 57001ce3bb ossfuzz: Move to C++ for curl_fuzzer. 4 years ago
  Max Dymond efeb4a3176
ossfuzz: moving towards the ideal integration 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg ca9630f128
travis: add metalink to some osx builds 4 years ago
  Max Dymond 8de5e409c5
coverage: Use two coveralls commands to get lib/vtls results 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg b53b4e4424
travis: build the examples too 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 65c147a467
travis: test cmake build on tarball too 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 478596b34b
travis: verify "make install" 4 years ago
  Marcel Raad b7386c0ac9
travis: explicitly specify dist 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg fdb163c73a travis: BUILD_TYPE => T 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2b7ce3f56d travis: add osx build with darwinssl 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 1767adf439 travis: build osx with libressl too 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 23b4a05210 travis: build osx with openssl too 4 years ago
  Max Dymond ffd3162c60 travis: install libidn2 4 years ago
  Marcel Raad 7333b497a0
travis: enable warnings also in release mode 4 years ago
  Max Dymond 51ccc4850a travis: install libssh2 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg ca3545d17f travis: install stunnel 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 8b78f7c23d travis: detect and use valgrind for normal builds 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 7bcaa1aa27 travis: add SMB, DICT, TELNET torture to coverage test 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg efedafe48a travis: do more tests in the coverage run 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 84a317cf17 travis: install nghttp2 on linux builds 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg fc2e81c38b travis.yml: use --enable-werror on debug builds 4 years ago
  Marcel Raad c1dfc8a071
travis: enable typecheck-gcc warnings 4 years ago
  Simon Warta f541f7b94a ci: whitelist branches to avoid testing feature branches twice 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 0feb762fc0 travis: do the distcheck test build out-of-tree as well 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg e100afb4d8 travis: let some builds *not* use --enable-debug 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 7bbb78c741 travis: add coverage, distcheck and cmake builds 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 5091e18e89 travis: run tests-nonflaky instead of tests-full 5 years ago
  Sergei Nikulov db3887632c travis: removed option to rebuild autotool from source 5 years ago
  Sergei Nikulov 120fe1a22d travis: fix OSX build by re-installing libtool 5 years ago
  Jay Satiro cb9ba5cf8d Revert "travis: Install libtool for OS X builds" 5 years ago
  Jay Satiro 50723585ed travis: Install libtool for OS X builds 5 years ago
  Jactry Zeng 1d89fd983a travis.yml: Add OS X testbot. 6 years ago
  Rémy Léone b3c7f5159a travis: Upgrading to container based build 6 years ago
  Jay Satiro e424a1b3e7 .travis.yml: Change CI make test to make test-full 7 years ago
  Rémy Léone be31924f8c Adding a .travis.yml file to use the travis-ci.org 8 years ago