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History of Changes
Daniel (10 April 2002)
- Sebastien Willemijns found out that -x didn't use the default port number as
is documented. It does now.
- libcurl-errors.3 is a new man page attempting to document all libcurl error
- Added two new error codes and changed the behaviour of two old ones
This error was returned *both* for errors that occured when writing
received data to a local file, as well as when we get problems writing data
to a remote server. CURLE_SEND_ERROR has now been added for the latter
This error was similarly returned *both* for errors when reading a local
file, as well as when getting problems when reading network data.
CURLE_RECV_ERROR has now been added for the latter error.
(Two test cases were adjusted accordingly.)
Daniel (9 April 2002)
- now sets the HOME variable before running curl, to prevent any
actual ~/.curlrc file to fool the tests!
Version 7.9.6-pre4
Daniel (8 April 2002)
- Michael Curtis provided new functionality for curl on some platforms. Using
the --environment option, curl will *set* a bunch of environment variables