use c-ares' IPv6 abilities

fix CONNECT to a proxy that disconnects during the auth phase
Daniel Stenberg 18 years ago
parent 2d71e22f08
commit b4113360f6

@ -43,6 +43,16 @@ TODO
* Add option that changes the interval in which the progress callback is
called at most.
* Make libcurl built with c-ares use c-ares' IPv6 abilities. They weren't
present when we first added c-ares support but they have been added since!
When this is done and works, we can actually start considering making c-ares
powered libcurl the default build (which of course would require that we'd
bundle the c-ares source code in the libcurl source code releases).
* Support CONNECT 407 responses that kill the connection and expect the
client to reconnect to complete the authentication. Currently libcurl
assumes that a proxy connection will be kept alive.
LIBCURL - multi interface
* Add a curl_multi_fdset() alternative. this allows apps to avoid the