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  Andrew Trice 3e863693c9 removed .idea directory 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice bb85004b4d ignoring .idea 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice 748d203c30 fixed formatting 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice 06b2928389 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/archer96/app-UI 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice 8be7936004 merged commits from pull#38 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice 03e2f76ab1 Merge pull request #39 from rasmusbe/master 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice c1276a4863 Merge pull request #34 from turrea/master 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice 9eef4cb291 Merge pull request #29 from fdn/master 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice 47ccf832fc Merge pull request #28 from Contra/master 9 years ago
  Rasmus 256bf572bb IE8 fix 9 years ago
  Andre Meyering ba82104912 added ability to deactivate noClickDelay 9 years ago
  Andre Meyering 681925845f updated iScroll 9 years ago
  Andre Meyering 5f95713d87 replaced parameter lists by an options object; minor fixes; 9 years ago
  Andre Meyering 9f26e42049 added the radix to parseInt() 9 years ago
  Andre Meyering 214f9cd9b6 Changed default quotation marks 9 years ago
  Andre Meyering 6a767743bd changed indent: spaces to tab 9 years ago
  Tommy Urrea e39844512a fix bug where open method would close view when called while view was open 9 years ago
  Tommy Urrea c8ba613035 add methods to slide view programmatically (open, close, slideView) 9 years ago
  Guerric Sloan 2a091fb26c Remove incorrect dependency arg 9 years ago
  Guerric Sloan 765060fd8a Simple require-js package to facilitate easier use and to avoid shimming the library 9 years ago
  Contra 2e7fea8531 add cross-browser CSS prefixes + cleaning + other cross-platform fixes 9 years ago
  Andrew Trice ebdf914795 Added examples of "folding sidebar" using oriDomi open source toolkit 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice f8929fc583 Added examples of "folding sidebar" using oriDomi open source toolkit 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 62822c543f ignore update 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 1c6de84941 ignore update 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 69dace127b added sample showing how to use cubiq's swipeview inside of a slidingview 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice fb745664fc fixed bug that broke scrolling in previous commit 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice b5023757af unbreaking last commit … grrrr 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 4e1ef08a39 bug fix from last commit 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 858ed0704f re-added code to block "normal" page scrolling on touch 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 84391b8407 updated style 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 84b6a580e3 ui tweaks 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 586b4d7293 scroll updates 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice bca792c256 fixed iOS flicker introduced in last commit… needs to be tested further, but this is a quick fix 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 0f6ef10291 fixed sliding view navigator layout example 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 4e49e44ee2 work in progress - performance improvements & tweaks 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice d090efe429 bug fix in scroll that prevents selection of form elements. 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice db4d649907 fixed bug where scroll wasn't being disabled by "scroll" attribute of view descriptor, fixed bug where event listeners were being lost on child views 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 245614ed32 fixed toggle button style in split view navigator 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 4a6ee9c4e0 updated license 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice b1b41aedf8 updated styles for the examples 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice b73deec359 simplified read me, with pointer to microsite 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice cf9a98ccf0 updated readme 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice f44e2f1e88 updated examples & readme 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice bb94493f07 reorganization of assets 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice ca7fa46e5e read me updated 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 7bf0f6d166 updated readme 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 3b0bdfb6e4 work in progress & organization 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 932f2502e8 bug fix 10 years ago
  Andrew Trice 5911f163e9 various minor changes 10 years ago