Alternate Everdrive64 Menu fork for the ED64 Plus
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Alternative Everdrive64 menu

Altra64 is an open source menu for Everdrive64 and ed64+ and is based on a fork of alt64 which was originally written by saturnu, and released on the Everdrive64 forum.

Reason for this fork

The original version overwrote 1 save file per game on system reset, but if you (or your kids...) accidentally turn it off, or hit reset twice, you just lost your entire game progress forever. I have modified the saving/loading to never overwrite a save file, and instead save gamename.0000.SRM, then gamename.0001.SRM next and so on, up to gamename.9999.SRM, so that absolute worst case if you mess up you only lose 1 gaming session's save. If need be you can put the SD card into a computer and delete the latest faulty save. Upon starting a game it'll always load the highest numbered save.


If you want to build the menu, you need an n64 toolchain. This is terrible to build, I ended up creating a Dockerfile in the docker folder, instructions included in it.

Or if you trust me, you can use the one I built and pushed to docker hub, moparisthebest/altra64-dev

Build Altra64

To build the Rom

from the projects root directory, with docker installed

$ docker run --rm -v "$(pwd):/build" moparisthebest/altra64-dev make

If it all worked, you will find OS64.v64 in the bin directory.

Clean Altra64

Finally, we can clean the build objects from the project

from the projects root directory

$ docker run --rm -v "$(pwd):/build" moparisthebest/altra64-dev make clean