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* File: tools.h
* Author: KRIK
* Created on 16 Àïðåëü 2011 ã., 2:30
#ifndef _SYS_H
#define _SYS_H
#include "types.h"
#include "utils.h"
#include <libdragon.h>
void dma_read_s(void * ram_address, unsigned long pi_address, unsigned long len);
void dma_write_s(void * ram_address, unsigned long pi_address, unsigned long len);
void sleep(u32 ms);
void dma_write_sram(void* src, u32 offset, u32 size);
void dma_read_sram(void *dest, u32 offset, u32 size);
u8 getSaveType();
u8 getCicType(u8 bios_cic);
u16 strcon(u8 *str1, u8 *str2, u8 *dst, u16 max_len);
u8 slen(u8 *str);
u8 scopy(u8 *src, u8 *dst);
u16 strContain(u8 *target, u8 *str);
typedef struct SP_regs_s {
u32 mem_addr;
u32 dram_addr;
u32 rd_len;
u32 wr_len;
u32 status;
} _SP_regs_s;
#define SP_PC *((volatile u32 *)0xA4080000)
#define SP_IBIST_REG *((volatile u32 *)0xA4080004)
static volatile struct AI_regs_s * const AI_regs = (struct AI_regs_s *) 0xa4500000;
static volatile struct MI_regs_s * const MI_regs = (struct MI_regs_s *) 0xa4300000;
static volatile struct VI_regs_s * const VI_regs = (struct VI_regs_s *) 0xa4400000;
static volatile struct PI_regs_s * const PI_regs = (struct PI_regs_s *) 0xa4600000;
static volatile struct SP_regs_s * const SP_regs = (struct SP_regs_s *) 0xA4040000;
extern u32 native_tv_mode;
typedef struct {
u16 sd_speed;
u16 font_size;
u16 tv_mode;
u8 wall[256];
} Options_st;
extern Options_st options;
extern u32 asm_date;
#endif /* _TOOLS_H */