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Yaaic 1.1 - 2015-03-17 - 55 commits, 707 files changed, 4 authors
* Android 5.0 only (First preparations for a Material theme)
* You can finally scroll and it won't scroll back when someone writes something
* Fixed annoying bug that caused keyboard not showing up
* Forward slashes are now allowed in an Ident
* Support for LED light notification on nickname highlight
* Option to show seconds in timestamp
Yaaic 1.0 - 2012-07-29 - 89 commits, 685 files changed, 7 authors
* New cleaned up UI using ActionBar and ViewPager.
* Yaaic can now be installed on SD cards.
* New Android emoticons.
* New command: /back - Turns off the away status (Francesco Lavra)
* Several bug fixes
* Updated translations - Help translating Yaaic online:
Yaaic 0.9 - 2011-07-17 - 67 commits, 49 files changed, 7 authors
* SASL support (pocmo)
* Fullscreen chat setting (reyncor)
* Extended IRC URI support (reyncor)
* GUI for adding authentication data for Nickserv/SASL (pocmo)
* Only hide MOTD once (dsalt)
* Ignore status characters in front of nicks for the purpose of nick
completion (rasher)
* Configurable history size (Steven Luo)
* Overhaul notifications system (Steven Luo)
* Now displays the number of mentions that the user has not seen in the
* When no mentions are outstanding, display which servers the user is
connected to, not the last message.
* When more than one mention is outstanding, display the names of the
conversations with new mentions, not just the last message received.
* Notifications of mentions are suppressed if you're in the conversation
at the time of the mention.
* Notifications of mentions automatically clear when you bring up the
* Vibrate notifications now generate the user's chosen default vibrate
pattern, not a hard-coded one.
* Add ticker text to the notification that's displayed when the IRCService
goes into the foreground, instead of displaying a blank ticker.
* Include channel topic in the displayed conversation title (Steven Luo)
* Actually deliver actions to existing private message windows (Steven Luo)
* Notify the user on receipt of all private messages, not just ones with nick
mentions. (Steven Luo)
* Ensure privmsg with mention of user's nick opens new query when appropriate
(Steven Luo)
* Remembers which conversation was last selected (Steven Luo)
* Danish translation (rasher)
Yaaic 0.8 - 2011-03-15 - 27 commits, 35 files changed
* Support for mIRC colors (liato)
* Support for graphical smilies (liato)
* Bugfix: Connection issues when nickname already in use (pocmo)
* Bugfix: Only automatically change nickname on server code 433 if not already
registered with server (pocmo)
* Turkish translation (Hasan Kiran)
* Several bugs fixed regarding force closes (pocmo)
* On own nick change: Display message in server info window (pocmo)
Yaaic 0.7 - 2011-03-27 - 79 commits, 144 files changed
* New setting: Play notification sound on highlight.
* Updated Robotium to 2.0.2
* All current scenario tests are now running
* Ident: Added "-" to the list of allowed characters
* Fixed voice recognition (Only add top match to the text input)
* Code cleanup and eclipse code formatter settings
* New translation: Italian (Thanks to Gianmarco Laggia!)
* Minimum width defined for some buttons that may become difficult to touch
* A lot of code cleanup (mostly formatting)
* New user action view and new actions: reply, query
* Fixed typo: "joines" -> "joins"
* Fixed some issues in the IRC parser for bouncers. Especially regarding
Irsii proxy.
* Tablet support. Yaaic will scale to different screen resolutions.
* Tweak some nick colors for readability on Yaaic's dark background. (kugel-)
* Reduce sensitivity of channel switcher (kugel-)
* Always open last activity and do not start with server list (liato & kugel-)
* Resolved a lot of connection issues - especially with bouncers.
* Some improvements for accessibility (but still a lot of things to do)
* All dimensions and fontsizes now use screen independent sizes and should
therefore look better on differen screen sizes.
* It's now possible to hide quit messages as well.
* New Setting: Show notices in server window
Yaaic 0.6.1 - 2010-12-17 - 15 commits, 109 files changed
* Fixed a bug in the french and spanish translation that may cause force closes
on connecting to a server.
* New setting available: Hide join and part messages.
* Automated testing: Some first scenario tests using the Robotium framework.
* Improved nickname detection: Words including the nickname won't cause a
highlight. (Thanks to liato!)
* Vibrating on highlight is now available as a setting. (Thanks to liato!)
Yaaic 0.6 - 2010-11-16 - 80 commits, 179 files changed
* Voice recognition via Google API
* Everything is now easy translatable via one XML file
* Customizable font sizes (8px - 20px)
* New shortcut: /w for /whois
* Every unknown command will now be sent to the server. No more command
* Colored nicknames (by chantra)
* Set a list of nickname aliases (by ZoogieZork)
* Small ruby script to check the translation status
* Userlist is now sorted alphabetically (By mloskot)
* Nick completion via search button - completes current selection or at the
cursor position (Patch by Thomas Martitz)
* Build files for ant
* Merged yaaic application and testing repositories
* First scenario tests via the robotium lib.
* Translations:
o Chinese
o Japanese (work in progress)
o German (work in progress)
o French
o Spanish
Yaaic 0.5 - 2010-08-27 - 35 commits, 19 files changed
* Awesome channel indicator at the bottom of the screen showing highlights and
new messages in other channels
* Define a custom quit message in the settings menu
* Execute commands on connect BEFORE joining channels
* Wait a small amount of time before auto-joining channels (because of slow
server commands)
* Tap a nickname in the user list to perform an action (op, deop, kick, ...)
* Bugfix: Enter key did not work on Motorola Milestone
* Disable "Ok" button on Add Channel, Add Command dialogs until something's
actually been added or removed. (by brion. thanks!)
* Other small adjustments and bugfixes
* Bugfix: The ident now can contain numbers
* Bugfix: Nicknames now can start with an underscore (_)
Yaaic 0.4.1 - 2010-04-27 - 14 commits, 13 files changed
* When using the reconnect feature (Settings) - Yaaic sometimes did reconnect
even when you disconnected yourself (even when "exit" was used)
Yaaic 0.4 - 2010-04-25 - 66 commits, 36 files changed
* You can now define channels to join after connecting to a server
* It's also possible now to add commands that are executed after connecting to
a server
* When adding/editing a server spaces at the beginning and ending will be
removed due to some "on screen keyboards" adding spaces.
* The following server commands have been added to the whitelist and Yaaic will
now send them to the server: /opper, /nickserv, /ns, /chanserv, /cs,
/authserv, /hostserv, /memoserv, /operserv
* Bugfix: Closed queries couldn't be reopened when closed
* New command: Send a message to a channel or user:
/msg <target> <message> (See Issue 10)
* New command: Send a message to all channels on the server: /amsg <message>
* Bugfix: Nicknames can now contain a hyphen (-) (See issue 9)
* Bugfix: When using BIP IRC Proxy channels were not joined (See Issue 8)
* New command: /quote <line> or /raw <line> to send a raw line to the server
* Settings: You can now enable to reconnect automatically on disconnect
* Bugfix: Sometimes the notification icon was still in the notification bar if
not connected to any server and yaaic not running
* The menu now contains an "exit" option to disconnect from all servers and
exiting Yaaic.
* Bugfix: When selection "connect" via long-click on a connected server in the
list, Yaaic disconnected.
* The /help command now shows the usage of a command if given as parameter:
/help <command> (Thanks to Kell)
* The server list now also shows the nickname and the port of the server
Yaaic 0.3 - 2010-04-15 - 145 commits, 79 files changed.
* Yaaic now has an awesome icon designed by androidicons.com
* It's now possible to select a charset when adding/editing a server. See the
list of supported charsets for more details.
* SSL-Support! You are now able to use SSL connections with Yaaic. But beware!
The current TrustManager will accept every certificate.
* There will be an icon in your notification bar if you are connected to a
* You can now connect to some IRC networks that use strange spam bot checks.
* The background service is now persistent so that you don't get disconnected
while yaaic is in the background and you are using an other app.
* Bugfix: Sometimes the app crashed if you disconnected from a server and
connected again to the same server later.
* There has been a lot of code optimization. Hopefully Yaaic is now much more
* You are now notified about a disconnect in all conversation views.
* The background color is now fixed so that Yaaic should look the same on
Android 1.5 as well as on Android 2.x.
* There's now a menu option to show a list of the users in the current selected
* Highlights (if someone mentions your nickname), Connects and Disconnects are
now shown as notifications in the notification bar.
* You can now use the dialpad up and dialpad down buttons to scroll in the
history of messages entered by you
* Menu items that are not ussable until connect are now inactive.
* There's now a /help command showing all commands available (Thanks to Kell)
* If a disconnect occurs Yaaic will now ask you if you want to reconnect
(Currently only if yaaic is not in the background)
* Developers: There's now a second repository for automated testing with some
unit tests already added: http://github.com/pocmo/Yaaic-Test
* Bugfix: The timestamps sometimes were wrong, especially the timestamps in
12h format were totally wrong at all
* New commands handled by the client: /away /whois
* Last but not least, thanks to tkn for contributing a bug fix! :)
Yaaic 0.2 - 2010-03-20 - 58 commits, 22 files changed.
* Bugfix: Fixed an annoying bug that caused messages to sometimes appear in the
wrong channel / query
* Bugfix: A lot of (visual) issues have been fixed when using the on screen
* More IRC events are now shown as messages:
* On set / remove channel key
* On set / remove channel secret
* On set / remove channel ban
* On set / remove channel limit
* On set / remove topic protection
* On set / remove external messages
* On set / remove invite only
* On set / remove moderated
* On set / remove private
* On invite into channel
* Send files via DCC with /dcc SEND <nickname> <file>
* The join channel dialog is now permanent and does not disappear on rotation
* It's now mandatory to enter a real name as servers require a value on connect
* A nicer look and feel with transcluent conversation windows and rounded
* Bugfix: Scrollbar didn't scroll automatically sometimes
* Bugfix: Messages updated their timestamp when application was resumed
* Server responses are now shown in the server info window (some are skipped)
* Messages containing the current nickname are now highlighted (red color)
* If you are clicking on an irc:// link in the browser you are now able to add
this server to your server list
* Servers in the serverlist can now be edited (long touch a server)
* UTF-8 is now the default enconding used by the IRC client. There will be an
option to choose an enconding in a future release
* Bugfix: Messages that have been written by users while the client was paused
didn't appear directly on resume
* Server titles now have to be unique
* ... some other small fixes and adjustments
Yaaic 0.1 (Beta) - 2010-03-14
* This is the first release. There hasn't changed anything to prior releases ;)