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  davpapp feb3fc7389 Cleaning up code 4 years ago
  davpapp 864b2a089a Small refinements 4 years ago
  davpapp 381ff01b53 improved drop thread 4 years ago
  davpapp 8839f97456 refactored some code 4 years ago
  davpapp 0f65ea8507 Added random transformations to mouse movement 4 years ago
  davpapp b232e57ec4 World hopping working but very hacky 4 years ago
  davpapp 104882c542 Began work on tracking mining success rate 4 years ago
  davpapp d4ea5ec01c Multithreading working very well with 30k xp an hour 4 years ago
  davpapp 488abeb1c9 Multithreading working, BRobot seems to be failing 4 years ago
  davpapp ae260edfc0 Beginnings of multithreading have begun 4 years ago
  davpapp 957ddd61e1 Working at 23k / xp an hour with 2 ores 4 years ago
  davpapp 390b9e157d forgot what i changed 4 years ago
  davpapp 295251a4f0 added random detection, not enough testing 4 years ago
  davpapp eaf6c6301d Cleaning up, adding random XP left check 4 years ago
  davpapp d08c9ed936 Began code for random detection 4 years ago
  davpapp af687dedb1 Added garbage collection and camera rotation code 4 years ago
  davpapp ac80248b2e OpenCV and TENSORFLOW imported successfully 4 years ago
  davpapp 4a28f9f9a1 Manually added system path for tensorflow 4 years ago
  davpapp 8ecbc781eb Created wrapper for object detector, refactored code, generalized Object Tracking tests 4 years ago
  davpapp 372a6ed3b7 Working with tracker, getting unreliable results 4 years ago
  davpapp f742cf3201 Object tracking framework is working, but is too inaccurate. Also added some tests 4 years ago
  davpapp 8dbc60a00f Fixed BufferedImage conversion issues. Model now working correctly. 4 years ago
  davpapp d38d4afe54 Started writing tests for object detection 4 years ago
  davpapp 168f42cc86 Object tracking beginnings. Still getting a bunch of errors with OpenCV imports. 4 years ago
  davpapp e3ee4e8878 Refactored object detection, added new classifier class (ores) 4 years ago
  davpapp 33761e183a Pulled out constants and paths into a separate file 4 years ago
  davpapp 04f997e044 Putting constants in separate class 4 years ago
  davpapp 58c9b94f50 Creating new images for testing inventory 4 years ago
  davpapp 343c984d5e Object detection is now fully functional. 4 years ago
  davpapp f27f17b2c3 ObjectDetector class created, BufferedImage reading needs work 4 years ago
  davpapp b146c683da Object detection from SavedModel API is working! 4 years ago
  davpapp 8ccafa8c63 SavedModelBundle.load is now working 4 years ago
  davpapp bd3d07d7ac Layed the framework for an IronMiner bot 4 years ago
  davpapp 19aa168a3c Began work on generating parabola for randomization 4 years ago
  davpapp f2d9d52711 Tested Dropping, improved randomization and SMART drop 4 years ago
  davpapp ee0efadb37 Scaling working, but finding the closestPath needs to be fixed 4 years ago
  davpapp 6912821b56 Unsuccessful experimentation with importing a model from Tensorflow in Java 4 years ago