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component_jid: upload.yourdomain.tld
component_secret: yoursecret
component_port: 5347
storage_path : ./
- yourdomain.tld
- someotherdomain.tld
- dude@domain.tld
max_file_size: 20971520 #20MiB
http_address: #use if you don't want to use a proxy
http_port: 8080
#http_keyfile: /etc/ssl/private/your.key
#http_certfile: /etc/ssl/certs/your.crt
get_url : http://upload.yoursite.tld:8080
put_url : http://upload.yoursite.tld:8080
expire_interval: 82800 #time in secs between expiry runs (82800 secs = 23 hours). set to '0' to disable
expire_maxage: 2592000 #files older than this (in secs) get deleted by expiry runs (2592000 = 30 days)
user_quota_hard: 104857600 #100MiB. set to '0' to disable rejection on uploads over hard quota
user_quota_soft: 78643200 #75MiB. set to '0' to disable deletion of old uploads over soft quota an expiry runs