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# shellcheck shell=dash
set -e
log() {
echo -e "\n#> $@\n" 1>&2
if [ -n "$BUILDTIME" ]; then
log "Getting rebar..."
mix local.rebar --force
log "Getting hex..."
mix local.hex --force
log "Getting dependencies..."
mix deps.get
log "Precompiling..."
mix compile
exit 0
log "Syncing changes and patches..."
rsync -av /custom.d/ /home/pleroma/pleroma/
log "Recompiling..."
mix compile
log "Waiting for postgres..."
while ! pg_isready -U pleroma -d postgres://db:5432/pleroma -t 1; do
sleep 1s
log "Migrating database..."
mix ecto.migrate
log "Liftoff o/"
exec mix phx.server