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# Pleroma tag, commit, or branch to build
# The directory where the containers store their stuff
# Can be an absolute or relative path
# Pleroma's mix environment.
# You should leave this at prod unless you know what you're doing.
# The uid/gid used by pleroma.
# You should probably set this to the same
# uid/guid that cloned the pleroma-docker repo.
# This way modding pleroma becomes a lot easier.
# The git repo where pleroma's sources are located.
# This will be used at build-time and to resolve PLEROMA_VERSION via "git ls-remote".
# The latter involves one connection per " build" execution, even if a rebuild does not occur.
# You might want to change this if you're working on a fork,
# or if you do not trust the admins of pleroma's Gitlab instance.