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## Docs
### Prerequisites
- 1-2GB of free HDD space (yeah it sucks, Alpine Linux soontm)
- `m4` and `awk` in remotely recent versions
- `curl` or `wget` if you want smarter build caches and commands like `./pleroma mod`
- `jq` and `dialog` if you want to use `./pleroma mod`
- Bash 4.0+ (fancy scripting stuff)
- Docker 18.06.0+ and docker-compose 1.22.0-rc1+ (We need compose file format 3.7+ for `init:`)
### Installation
- Clone this repository
- Create a `config.exs` and `.env`
- Create a `config.exs` and `.env` file
- Run `./pleroma build` and `./pleroma up`
- Profit!