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#ifndef _eeprom_h__
#define _eeprom_h__
#include <stdint.h>
#define EEPROM_MAGIC 0xfeed
#define EEPROM_BASE_PTR ((void*)0x0000)
#define EEPROM_USED_SIZE (sizeof(struct eeprom_data_struct))
#include "config.h" // config.h to struct eeprom_cfg
struct eeprom_data_struct {
uint16_t magic;
struct eeprom_cfg cfg;
uint16_t crc16;
extern struct eeprom_data_struct g_eeprom_data;
/* Application specific function to implement. When
* called, write application defaults to g_eeprom_data.
* Only called when eeprom is new or corrupted. */
extern void eeprom_app_write_defaults(void);
/* Application specific function to implement. Called
* after the eeprom content has been loaded or initialized.
* A good place to copy values elsewhere or otherwise
* act on configuration content. */
extern void eeprom_app_ready(void);
/* Load, Validate and init eeprom if needed. */
void eeprom_init(void);
/* Commit changes made to g_eeprom_data */
void eeprom_commit(void);
#endif // _eeprom_h__