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# Gamecube/N64 to USB adapter
# Gamecube/N64 to USB adapter firmware (3rd generation)
## Introduction
This is the source code for a Gamecube/N64 controller to USB adapter firmware
meant to run on [raphnet.net Multiuse PCB-X](http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/multiuse_pcbX/index_en.php).
The project homepage is located at: http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/multiuse_pcbX/index.php
## Homepage
* English: [Gamecube/N64 controller to USB adapter (Third generation)](http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/gcn64_usb_adapter_gen3/index_en.php)
* French: [Adaptateur manette Gamecube/N64 à USB (Troisième génération)](http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/gcn64_usb_adapter_gen3/index.php)
## License