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#ifndef USBPAD_H__
#define USBPAD_H__
8 years ago
#include "gamepads.h"
#include "usb.h"
struct usbpad {
volatile unsigned char gamepad_vibrate; // output
unsigned char vibration_on, force_vibrate;
unsigned char constant_force;
unsigned char periodic_magnitude;
unsigned short _FFB_effect_duration; // in milliseconds
unsigned char _FFB_effect_index;
#define LOOP_MAX 0xFFFF
unsigned int _loop_count;
unsigned char gamepad_report0[USBPAD_REPORT_SIZE];
unsigned char hid_report_data[8]; // Used for force feedback
void usbpad_init(struct usbpad *pad);
int usbpad_getReportSize(void);
unsigned char *usbpad_getReportBuffer(struct usbpad *pad);
void usbpad_update(struct usbpad *pad, const gamepad_data *pad_data);
void usbpad_vibrationTask(struct usbpad *pad);
char usbpad_mustVibrate(struct usbpad *pad);
void usbpad_forceVibrate(struct usbpad *pad, char force);
uint8_t usbpad_hid_set_report(struct usbpad *pad, const struct usb_request *rq, const uint8_t *data, uint16_t len);
uint16_t usbpad_hid_get_report(struct usbpad *pad, struct usb_request *rq, const uint8_t **dat);
// For mappings. ID starts at 0.
#define USB_BTN(id) (0x0001 << (id))
int usbpad_getReportSizeKB(void);
void usbpad_update_kb(struct usbpad *pad, const gamepad_data *pad_data);
#endif // USBPAD_H__