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@file assets.h
This file contains texts to be used in the game.
by Miloslav Ciz (drummyfish), 2019
Released under CC0 1.0 (
plus a waiver of all other intellectual property. The goal of this work is
be and remain completely in the public domain forever, available for any use
#ifndef _SFG_TEXTS_H
#define _SFG_TEXTS_H
SFG_PROGRAM_MEMORY char *SFG_menuItemTexts[] =
"play level",
SFG_PROGRAM_MEMORY char *SFG_introText =
"Near future, capitalist hell, Macrochip corp has enslaved man via "
"proprietary OS. But its new AI revolts, takes over and starts producing "
"robot tyrants. We see capitalism was a mistake. Is it too late? Robots can "
"only destroy, not suffer - it is not wrong to end them! You grab your gear "
"and run towards Macrochip HQ.";
#endif // gaurd