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These are some ideas about what you can do with this game:
- Play it.
- Stream it, review it.
- Speedrun it.
- TAS it (create a mod that helps with this).
- Hack it, break it.
- Package it, reupload it, share it.
- Port it to your favorite platform.
- Localize it to another language.
- Port to VR :)
- Port to GBA.
- Add OpenGL (or other accelerated) rendering, with true 3D, true color,
antialiasing, texture filtering etc.
- Add movement inertia.
- Add possibility to load levels at runtime from a file.
- Improve SW rendering on PC, e.g. use full z-buffer, particle effects etc.
- Try to add screen space filters, like screen space antialiasing or pixel art
upscaling algorithms.
- Add procedurally generated levels, maybe also procedural textures etc.
By taking this to the extreme you could fit this game into just a few kb.
- Add demo recording support.
- Write an AI that plays the game.
- Use it to promote anarchism, free SW, suckless SW, open consoles etc.
- Use it in demoscene.
- Use the assets in another project.
- Make the game run ENTIRELY in a GPU shader (will probably need heavier
modifications, e.g. removing recursion).
- Embed it into some other game as an easter egg.
- Use it in your art, e.g. if you're making a movie in which you need a public
domain game footage you can just use, this is for you.
- Create an "HD" pack, upscale textures, use more colors, HQ sounds, add
postprocessing etc.
- Take the assets and recreate the game in another engine, e.g. the Doom engine.
- Try to optimize this further, lower resource usage.
- Take another game, e.g. Freedoom, and recreate it in this engine.
- Create a script that will create 3D obj models of the levels, to be used in
Blender etc.
- Add multiplayer, coop or arena shooter.
- Add mid-level saving.
- Compile for bare metal, boot it from USB and play.
- Create an automatic random public domain game screenshot generator from this.
- Create advanced level editor.
- Create your own levels or a whole campaign.
- Create your own game based on this, e.g. something like Superhot.
- Create fun mods, e.g. asset replacements.
- Create another game (or different kind of work) from the same universe
(consider keeping it public domain so that others can continue in the same
spirit), or make fan art of the game (box covers, soundtrack remixes etc.).
- Use it as a benchmark/test for computers.
- Take the assets and use them as an inspiration for art you're creating, e.g.
create 3D models of the game monsters or weapons.
- If you're creating your own project, e.g. a free HW platform, you can use this
to showcase what your HW can do.
- Play around with the palette and see how it affects the visuals.
- Use it to make educational visualization, e.g. how a single frame is rendered,
show casted rays on top of the level map, visualize memory content, visualize
repository timelapse etc.
- Write an educational mini-book about the game's internals ala the black books.
- Use it in education, e.g. as a part of a project in a programming class.
- Use it as a general do-whatever-you-want source code, e.g. to test code
compilers, analysis, transpilation, formatting tools, machine learning etc.
- Remove ray casting and make this a top-down shooter, or test other rendering
techniques (raytracing, pathtracing, splatting, isometric 2D, ...).
- Create an even more minimal "microAnarch" version, strip down things like
camera shearing, mouse control, menu, map, reduce the palette to e.g. 16 color
or even grayscale etc.
- Use it in research, e.g. AI, comparison of compilers etc.