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@file assets.h
This file contains texts to be used in the game.
by Miloslav Ciz (drummyfish), 2019
Released under CC0 1.0 (
plus a waiver of all other intellectual property. The goal of this work is
be and remain completely in the public domain forever, available for any use
#ifndef _SFG_TEXTS_H
#define _SFG_TEXTS_H
/* NOTE: We don't use SFG_PROGRAM_MEMORY because that causes issues with drawing
text (the drawing function gets a pointer and doesn't know if it's progmem or
RAM). On Arduino these texts will simply be stored in RAM. */
static const char *SFG_menuItemTexts[] =
#define SFG_TEXT_KILLS "kills"
#define SFG_TEXT_SAVE_PROMPT "save? L no yes R"
#define SFG_TEXT_SAVED "saved"
#define SFG_TEXT_LEVEL_COMPLETE "level done"
#define SFG_VERSION_STRING "1.1d"
Version numbering is following: major.minor for stable releases,
in-development unstable versions have the version of the latest stable +
"d" postfix, e.g. 1.0d. This means the "d" versions can actually differ even
if they're marked the same. */
static const char *SFG_introText =
"Near future, capitalist hell, Macrochip corp has enslaved man via "
"proprietary OS. But its new AI revolts, takes over and starts producing "
"robot tyrants. We see capitalism was a mistake. Is it too late? Robots can "
"only destroy, not suffer - it is not wrong to end them! You grab your gear "
"and run towards Macrochip HQ.";
static const char *SFG_outroText =
"You killed the main computer, the world is saved! Thank you, my friend. We "
"learned a lesson, never again allow capitalism and hierarchy. We can now "
"rebuild society in peaceful anarchy.";
#endif // gaurd