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It is shame that so little software is truly in the public domain for anyone to simply use without restriction and distraction. Yes, I am aware of CC0's shortcoming, but it's the best we have and I try to address the issues with an extra waiver.
### I've found a bug. What do?
Firstly don't panic and please don't hate me, I didn't put that bug there intentionally. Send me a mail or open an issue on GL to let me know and I'll probably try to fix it. If I for some reason can't, ask some other programmer, or fix it yourself, it most likely isn't as difficult as fixing a bug in 1M LOC program wrapped in layers of "design patterns" and written in 10 languages.
### Who are you?
I am an anarcho-pacifist programmer. You can read more about me at [my website](https://www.tastyfish.cz). You can read my political manifesto here: [Non-Competitive Society](https://gitlab.com/drummyfish/my_writings/-/blob/master/non-competitive%20society.pdf).