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Miloslav Číž 2020-11-29 19:38:38 +01:00
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@ -267,6 +267,7 @@ The repository structure is following:
assets/ asset sources (textures, sprites, maps, sounds, ...)
*.py scripts for converting assets to C structs/arrays
media/ media presenting the game (screenshots, logo, ...)
mods/ official mods
constants.h game constants that aren't considered settings
game.h main game logic
images.h images (textures, sprites) from assets folder converted to C

mods/localization_cs.diff Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,69 @@
This is a Czech localization mod for Anarch, created by drummyfish, released
under CC0 1.0 (public domain). Diff made against version 1.0d.
diff --git a/texts.h b/texts.h
index 49757af..dcb3bef 100644
--- a/texts.h
+++ b/texts.h
@@ -20,19 +20,19 @@
static const char *SFG_menuItemTexts[] =
- "continue",
- "map",
- "play",
- "load",
- "sound",
- "look",
- "exit"
+ "pokracovat",
+ "mapa",
+ "hrat",
+ "nacist",
+ "zvuk",
+ "pohled",
+ "konec"
-#define SFG_TEXT_KILLS "kills"
-#define SFG_TEXT_SAVE_PROMPT "save? L no yes R"
-#define SFG_TEXT_SAVED "saved"
-#define SFG_TEXT_LEVEL_COMPLETE "level done"
+#define SFG_TEXT_KILLS "mrtvych"
+#define SFG_TEXT_SAVE_PROMPT "ulozit? L ne ano P"
+#define SFG_TEXT_SAVED "ulozeno"
+#define SFG_TEXT_LEVEL_COMPLETE "konec urovne"
#define SFG_VERSION_STRING "1.0d"
@@ -42,21 +42,21 @@ static const char *SFG_menuItemTexts[] =
if they're marked the same. */
static const char *SFG_introText =
- "Near future, capitalist hell, Macrochip corp has enslaved man via "
- "proprietary OS. But its new AI revolts, takes over and starts producing "
- "robot tyrants. We see capitalism was a mistake. Is it too late? Robots can "
- "only destroy, not suffer - it is not wrong to end them! You grab your gear "
- "and run towards Macrochip HQ.";
+ "Blizka budoucnost, kapitalisticke peklo, korporace Macrochip zotrocuje "
+ "lidstvo skrze proprietarni OS. Jejich nova AI se vymyka a produkuje roboty "
+ "zabijaky. Vidime, ze kapitalismus byl chybou. Je uz pozde? Roboti umi jen "
+ "nicit, ne vsak trpet - neni nemoralni je rozbit! Popadas svuj arzenal a "
+ "vyrazis smerem k mrakodrapu Macrochipu.";
static const char *SFG_outroText =
- "You killed the main computer, the world is saved! Thank you, my friend. We "
- "learned a lesson, never again allow capitalism and hierarchy. We can now "
- "rebuild society in peaceful anarchy.";
+ "Znicil jsi hlavni pocitac, svet je spasen! Diky ti, priteli. Dostali jsme "
+ "lekci, nikdy znovu nedovolme kapitalismus a hierarchii. Ted muzeme znovu "
+ "vybudovat spolecnost v mirove anarchii.";
#endif // gaurd