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# WIP -- suckless FPS game
This is going to likely be by far the best game in the universe.
## This is going to likely be by far the best game in the universe.
- Like Doom but much better because of the following.
- Extemely low HW demands (no GPU, no FPU, just kilobytes of RAM and storage).
- Extremely portable (much more than Doom).
- Has completely NO dependencies, not even rendering or IO, that is left to each platform's frontend, but every frontend is extremely simple (~100 LOC).
- Fits into less than 256 kb (including all content, textures etc.).
- Uses no build system, can typically be compiled with a single run of compiler.
- Doesn't need any file IO, i.e. can work without config files, save files, all content is part of source code.
- Doesn't use ANY floating point, everything is integer math (good for platforms without FPU).
- Pure C99, also a subset of C++ (i.e. runs as C++ as well, good for systems that are hard C++ based).
- Completely public domain for the benefit of all people on Earth, no conoditions on use whatsoever. All art is original work and licensed CC0 (as well as code).
- Suckless, minimal, simple.
- Single compilation unit (only one .c file to compile).
- Well documented and commented code, written with tinkering in mind.
early previews:
## usage rights