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raylib roadmap

Here it is a wish-list with features and ideas to improve the library. Note that features listed here are usually long term improvements or just describe a route to follow for the library. There are also some additional places to look for raylib improvements of ideas:

  • GitHub Issues has several open issues for possible improvements or bugs to fix.
  • raylib source code has multiple TODO comments around code with pending things to review or improve.
  • raylib wishlist is open to everyone to ask for improvements, feel free to check and comment.

Current version of raylib is complete and functional but, as always, there is lot of room for improvement.

raylib 4.x

  • Redesign camera module (more flexible) (#1143)
  • Redesign gestures system, improve touch inputs management
  • Better documentation and improved examples
  • Focus on HTML5 and embedded platforms
  • Additional support libraries: raygui, rres...

raylib 4.0

  • Improved consistency and coherency in raylib API
  • Continuous Deployment using GitHub Actions
  • rlgl improvements for standalone usage (avoid raylib coupling)
  • Basic CPU/GPU stats system (memory, draws, time...) (#1295) - DISCARDED
  • Software rendering backend (avoiding OpenGL) (#1370) - DISCARDED
  • Network module (UDP): rnet (#753) - DISCARDED - Use nbnet.

raylib 3.0

  • Custom memory allocators support
  • Global variables moved to global context
  • Optimize data structures for pass-by-value
  • Trace log messages redesign (#1065)
  • Continuous Integration using GitHub Actions

raylib 2.5

  • Support Animated models
  • Support glTF models file format
  • Unicode support on text drawing

raylib 2.0

  • Removed external dependencies (GLFW3 and OpenAL)
  • Support TCC compiler (32bit and 64bit)

raylib 1.8

  • Improved Materials system with PBR support
  • Procedural image generation functions (spot, gradient, noise...)
  • Procedural mesh generation functions (cube, sphere...)
  • Custom Android APK build pipeline (default Makefile)

raylib 1.7

  • Support configuration flags
  • Improved build system for Android
  • Gamepad support on HTML5

raylib 1.6

  • Lua scripting support (raylib Lua wrapper)
  • Redesigned audio module
  • Support FLAC file format

raylib 1.5

  • Support Oculus Rift CV1 and VR stereo rendering (simulator)
  • Redesign Shaders/Textures system -> New Materials system
  • Support lighting: Omni, Directional and Spot lights
  • Redesign physics module (physac)
  • Chiptunes audio modules support

raylib 1.4

  • TTF fonts support (using stb_truetype)
  • Raycast system for 3D picking (including collisions detection)
  • Floyd-Steinberg dithering on 16bit image format conversion
  • Basic image manipulation functions (crop, resize, draw...)
  • Storage load/save data functionality
  • Add Physics module (physac)
  • Remove GLEW dependency -> Replaced by GLAD
  • Redesign Raspberry PI inputs system
  • Redesign gestures module to be multiplatform
  • Module raymath as header-only and functions inline
  • Add Easings module (easings.h)