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C Coding Style Conventions

Here it is a list with some of the code conventions used by raylib:

Code element Convention Example
Macros ALL_CAPS #define MIN(a,b) (((a)<(b))?(a):(b))
Variables lowerCase int screenWidth = 0;, float targetFrameTime = 0.016f;
Local variables lowerCase Vector2 playerPosition = { 0 };
Global variables lowerCase bool windowReady = false;
Constants lowerCase const int maxValue = 8;
Pointers MyType *pointer Texture2D *array = NULL;
float values always x.xf float gravity = 10.0f
Operators value1*value2 int product = value*6;
Operators value1/value2 int division = value/4;
Operators value1 + value2 int sum = value + 10;
Operators value1 - value2 int res = value - 5;
Enum TitleCase enum TextureFormat
Struct TitleCase struct Texture2D, struct Material
Struct members lowerCase texture.width, color.r
Functions TitleCase InitWindow(), LoadImageFromMemory()
Functions params lowerCase width, height
Ternary Operator (condition)? result1 : result2 printf("Value is 0: %s", (value == 0)? "yes" : "no");

Some other conventions to follow:

  • ALWAYS initialize all defined variables.
  • Do not use TABS, use 4 spaces instead.
  • Avoid trailing spaces, please, avoid them
  • Control flow statements always are followed by a space:
if (condition) value = 0;

while (!WindowShouldClose())


for (int i = 0; i < NUM_VALUES; i++) printf("%i", i);

// Be careful with the switch formatting!
switch (value)
    case 0:

    } break;
    case 2: break;
    default: break;
  • All conditions checks are always between parenthesis but not boolean values:
if ((value > 1) && (value < 50) && valueActive))

  • When dealing with braces or curly brackets, open-close them in aligned mode:
void SomeFunction()
   // TODO: Do something here!

If proposing new functions, please try to use a clear naming for function-name and functions-parameters, in case of doubt, open an issue for discussion.

Files and Directories Naming Conventions

  • Directories will be named using snake_case: resources/models, resources/fonts

  • Files will be named using snake_case: main_title.png, cubicmap.png, sound.wav

NOTE: Avoid any space or special character in the files/dir naming!

Games/Examples Directories Organization Conventions

  • Data files should be organized by context and usage in the game, think about the loading requirements for data and put all the resources that need to be loaded at the same time together.
  • Use descriptive names for the files, it would be perfect if just reading the name of the file, it was possible to know what is that file and where fits in the game.
  • Here it is an example, note that some resources require to be loaded all at once while other require to be loaded only at initialization (gui, font).