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raylib bindings and wrappers

Some people ported raylib to other languages in form of bindings or wrappers to the library. Here is a list with all the ports available. Feel free to send a PR if you know of any binding/wrapper not in this list.

Language Bindings

name raylib version language license repo
raylib 4.0 C/C++ Zlib
Raylib-cs 4.0 C# Zlib
Raylib-CsLo 4.0 C# MPL-2.0
raylib-boo 3.7 Boo MIT
bindbc-raylib3 4.0 D BSL-1.0
dray 4.0 D Apache-2.0
raylib-d 4.0 D Zlib
raylib-go 4.0 Go Zlib
raylib-guile auto Guile Zlib
raylib-rs 3.5 Rust Zlib
raylib-lua 4.0 Lua ISC
raylua 4.0 Lua MIT
nelua-raylib 4.0 nelua MIT
NimraylibNow! 4.0 Nim MIT
raylib-Forever auto Nim ?
Ray4Laz 4.0 Pascal Zlib
pyraylib 3.7 Python Zlib
raylib-python-cffi 4.0 Python EPL-2.0
jaylib 4.0 Java GPLv3
raylib-j 4.0 Java Zlib
node-raylib 3.5 Node.js Zlib
raylib-php 3.5 PHP Zlib
raylib-phpcpp 3.5 PHP Zlib
raylib-factor 3.5 Factor MIT
gforth-raylib 3.5 Gforth MIT
hxRaylib 4.0 Haxe Zlib
raylib-wren 4.0 Wren ISC
raylib_odin_bindings 4.0-dev Odin MIT
raylib-odin 4.0 Odin BSD-3Clause
raylib.v 4.0 V Zlib
raylib-ocaml 4.0 OCaml MIT
raylib-swift 4.0 Swift MIT
hb-raylib 3.5 Harbour MIT
Relib 3.5 ReCT ?
rayex 3.7 elixir Apache-2.0
kaylib 3.7 Kotlin/native ?
dlang_raylib 3.7 D ?
raylib-freebasic 4.0 FreeBASIC MIT
raylib-cr 4.0 Crystal Apache-2.0
dart-raylib 4.0 Dart MIT
raylib-scopes auto Scopes MIT
raylib-smallBasic 4.1-dev SmallBASIC GPLv3

Utility Wrapers

These are utility wrappers for specific languages, they are not required to use raylib in the language but may adapt the raylib API to be more inline with the language's pardigm.

name raylib version language license repo
raylib-cpp 4.0 C++ Zlib

Older or Unmaintained Language Bindings

These are older raylib bindings that are more than 2 versions old or have not been maintained.

name raylib version language repo
raylib-cppsharp 2.5 C#
RaylibFS 2.5 F#
raylib_d 2.5 D
bindbc-raylib 3.0 D
go-raylib 3.5 Go
raylib-goplus 2.6-dev Go
ray-go 2.6-dev Go
raylib-luamore 3.0 Lua
LuaJIT-Raylib 2.6 Lua
raylib-lua-sol 2.5 Lua
raylib-lua-ffi 2.0 Lua
raylib-lua 1.7 Lua
raylib-nelua 3.0 Nelua
raylib-nim 2.0 Nim
raylib-Nim 1.7 Nim
nim-raylib 3.1-dev Nim
raylib-haskell 2.0 Haskell
raylib-cr 2.5-dev Crystal 2.0 Crystal
cray 1.8 Crystal
raylib-pas 3.0 Pascal
raylib-pascal 2.0 Pascal
Graphics-Raylib 1.4 Perl
raylib-ruby 2.6 Ruby
raylib-ruby-ffi 2.0 Ruby
raylib-mruby 2.5-dev mruby
raylib-py-ctbg 2.6 Python
raylib-py 2.0 Python
raylib-java 2.0 Java
clj-raylib 3.0 Clojure
QuickJS-raylib 3.0 QuickJS
raylib-duktape 2.6 JavaScript (Duktape)
raylib-v7 3.5 JavaScript (v7)
raylib-chaiscript 2.6 ChaiScript
raylib-squirrel 2.5 Squirrel
racket-raylib-2d 2.5 Racket
raylib-php-ffi 2.4-dev PHP
raylib-haxe 2.4 Haxe
ringraylib 2.6 Ring
cl-raylib 3.0 Common Lisp
raylib-scm 2.5 Chicken Scheme
raylib-chibi 2.5 Chibi-Scheme
raylib-gambit-scheme 3.1-dev Gambit Scheme
Euraylib 3.0 Euphoria
raylib-odin 3.0 Odin
vraylib 3.5 V
raylib-zig 3.0 Zig
raylib-jai 3.1-dev Jai
ray.zig 2.5 Zig
raylib-Ada 3.0 Ada
jaylib 3.0 Janet
raykit ? Kit
ray.mod 3.0 BlitzMax
raylib-mosaic 3.0 Mosaic
raylib-xdpw 2.6 XD Pascal
raylib-carp 3.0 Carp
raylib-fb 3.0 FreeBasic
raylib-purebasic 3.0 PureBasic
raylib-ats2 3.0 ATS2
raylib-beef 3.0 Beef
raylib-never 3.0 Never
raylib.cbl 2.0 COBOL code examples

Missing some language or wrapper? Feel free to create a new one! :)

Usually, raylib bindings follow the convention: raylib-{language}

Let me know if you're writing a new binding for raylib, I will list it here!