12 Commits (00fb12134a5b4646b8c2b55955c7190f33871278)

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David Chavez 00fb12134a
Fix macOS minimum deployment target (#1551) 5 months ago
th-2021 d39a1a0bdf
[macos] Embed dependencies for ZAPD in bundle (#1271) 6 months ago
qurious-pixel 9bc6aac81e
MacOS OTR (#973) 6 months ago
Zaxus125 b7f9960a60
[cmake] Improve OTRExporter asset extraction script, Lower required CMake to 3.16 (#1196) 6 months ago
th-2021 b46c7a0607
[cmake] Use SDL2, GLEW and GLFW from vcpkg (Windows) (#1194) 6 months ago
GaryOderNichts 68e7f2e6c1
Wii U support (#1097) 6 months ago
th-2021 c803ff65ce
fix path to ZAPD (#1092) 6 months ago
David Chavez 9afbe42720
Use -O2 for Release config builds (#1083) 6 months ago
Christopher Leggett 7f233de502
Fixes CMake to explicity launch python interpreter on Windows. (#1089) 6 months ago
th-2021 ed9378375d
[cmake] Use static libraries with vcpkg on Windows (#1079) 6 months ago
briaguya 7f58ef14ee add a command to copy the otr to the build dir 6 months ago
th-2021 1ebca42f46
Move to cmake across all platforms (#363) 6 months ago