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MegaMech 54d997bf64 Update README.md 5 months ago
MelonSpeedruns ae05072191 Fixed Gyro not working 5 months ago
M4xw 2a33fe7254 Add resource description and rum icon 5 months ago
M4xw 6426f97988 [ZAPDTR] Minor changes for CreateDirectory 5 months ago
M4xw 4135e3c936 [OTRGui] Fix dirscan behaviour 5 months ago
KiritoDev 8d53e09269 Thread pool prototype 5 months ago
KiritoDev becfaa2cfb Fixed console being on the corner 5 months ago
MegaMech 35e6c0360e Update README.md 5 months ago
KiritoDev d116148ccb Disabled multithreading 5 months ago
Kenix3 1fed43324c
Sets default GFX backend to OpenGL 5 months ago
Kenix3 4bf88493af
Enough! My ship sails in the morning. 5 months ago
M4xw 5dda5762ba git subrepo clone https://github.com/HarbourMasters/ZAPDTR.git 5 months ago
M4xw f52a2a6406 git subrepo clone (merge) https://github.com/HarbourMasters/otrgui.git OTRGui 5 months ago
M4xw 442a88f03b git subrepo clone https://github.com/HarbourMasters/OTRExporter.git 5 months ago
M4xw d24c8453db git subrepo clone https://github.com/HarbourMasters/libultraship.git 5 months ago
M4xw 39cc86c260 git subrepo clone https://github.com/HarbourMasters/soh.git 5 months ago
Kenix3 0bb0e7b53b
Enough! My ship sails in the morning. 5 months ago