Update soh/src/overlays/actors/ovl_En_Ossan/z_en_ossan.c

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Garrett Cox 2022-09-18 09:45:18 -05:00 committed by GitHub
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@ -1694,7 +1694,8 @@ void EnOssan_State_GiveItemWithFanfare(EnOssan* this, GlobalContext* globalCtx,
func_8002F434(&this->actor, globalCtx, this->shelfSlots[this->cursorIndex]->getItemId, 120.0f, 120.0f);
} else {
ShopItemIdentity shopItemIdentity = Randomizer_IdentifyShopItem(globalCtx->sceneNum, this->cursorIndex);
// en_ossan/en_girla are used for happy mask shop as well, so if we don't find a valid RC check, fall back to vanilla logic
// en_ossan/en_girla are also used for the happy mask shop, which never has randomized items
// and returns RC_UNKNOWN_CHECK, in which case we should fall back to vanilla logic
if (shopItemIdentity.randomizerCheck != RC_UNKNOWN_CHECK) {
GetItemEntry getItemEntry =
Randomizer_GetItemFromKnownCheck(shopItemIdentity.randomizerCheck, shopItemIdentity.ogItemId);