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# Welcome to the Ship of Harkinian!
6 months ago
A PC port of OoT allowing you to enjoy the game with modern controls, widescreen, high-resolution, gyroscopy and other great features! Setup is simple, let's get started!
6 months ago
The Ship does not include assets and as such requires a prior copy of the game to play.
6 months ago
## Quick Start
6 months ago
1) Download [The Ship of Harkinian]( from releases.
2) Get a ZRET OoT Debug ROM
Build date: `zelda@srd022j 03-02-21 00:49:18`
6 months ago
sha1: cee6bc3c2a634b41728f2af8da54d9bf8cc14099
3) Use the OTRGui to generate an `oot.otr` archive file.
4) Launch `soh.exe`
6 months ago
Congratulations, you are now sailing with the Ship of Harkinian! Have fun!
6 months ago
## Additional Setup Information
6 months ago
The Ship of Harkinian uses a proprietary versioning system consisting of a sci-fi film character followed by a phonetic alphabet code word. The film character represents a major release version which increments with the addition of many new features and bug fixes. The code word represents a minor release version which increments with small updates mainly comprised of bug fixes. For example, `DECKARD ALFA`.
6 months ago
### The Extraction Tool
6 months ago
* Open a rom to initiate generating the `oot.otr` archive file.
* If a second button exists then `oot.otr` already exists. To prevent overwriting the old `oot.otr` use this button to choose a new game directory. The new directory must not already contain an `oot.otr` to prevent an error.
* When the process completes, place `oot.otr` beside `soh.exe` if it is not already.
6 months ago
This packaging process can take up to **5 minutes**.
6 months ago
Close the OTRGui when the `Done!` message appears.
If you get another message, then you might have selected the wrong rom. Make sure to use a rom consistent with the above checksum.
6 months ago
If you still cannot get the tool to work, join our [Discord Server]( and ask for help in the `#support` text channel. Keep-in-mind that we do not condone piracy in any way.
6 months ago
### Running The Ship of Harkinian
6 months ago
Launch the game. If the window immediately closes, or if there are visual artifacts, you may have selected the wrong rom in the OTRGui tool.
6 months ago
Currently, DirectX 11 and OpenGL is supported. Change the renderer by opening the `shipofharkinian.ini` configuration file in notepad and add `sdl` to `gfx backend` for OpenGL or leave blank for DirectX.
6 months ago
## Take The Survey
Want to use cartridge readers in tandem with the OTRGui?
Take [this survey]( to increase chances of this becoming reality.
6 months ago
## Discord
6 months ago
Official Discord:
6 months ago
## Building The Ship of Harkinian
1. Install [Python](
2. Install [Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition](
2b. In the Visual Studio Installer, install `MSVC v142 - VS 2019 C++`.
4. Clone the Ship of Harkinian repository.
6 months ago
5. Put your 2020 OoT debug rom in the `soh` folder.
6. Launch `soh/`.
7. Launch `soh/`.
8. Copy the `baserom` folder from the `soh` folder into the `OTRExporter` folder.
9. Run `OTRExporter/OTRExporter.sln`.
10. Switch the solution to `Release x64`.
11. Build the solution.
12. Launching `OTRExporter/` will generate an `oot.otr` archive file in `OTRExporter/oot.otr`.
13. Run `soh/soh.sln`
14. Switch the solution to `Release x86`.
15. Build the solution.
16. Copy the `OTRExporter/oot.otr` archive file to `soh/Release`.
17. Launch `soh.exe`.
6 months ago
## Troubleshooting The Exporter
- Affirm that you have an `/assets` folder filled with XMLs in the same directory as OTRGui.exe
- Affirm that `zapd.exe` exists in the `/assets/extractor` folder
6 months ago
## The Harbour Masters Are...
Kenix | Lead Developer/Public Relations - Resource Management Programmer, Audio System Programmer, and General Programmer
Jack Walker | Lead Developer - OTR Format Programmer, Resource Load Programmer, and General Programmer
Louist103 | Developer - Save System Programmer and General Programmer
Emil | Developer - Fast3D Programmer
m4xw | Developer - Shipwright, Throwing Baguettes, and General Programmer
MelonSpeedruns | Developer - General Programmer
Rozlette | Developer - General Programmer
JoshDuMan | Developer - General Programmer
KiritoDev/Lywx | Developer - General Programmer
Theo3 | Developer - General Programmer
Random06457 | Developer - Linux Build
6 months ago
## Special Thanks
Decomp & ZAPD | Made this project even possible in the first place!
MNGoldenEagle | Patiently explained audio data formats, encouragement, and founding ZSO which was the first source of the game's code and resource format documentation.
Rrrrry123 | Speedbunner, encouragement, and community moderation
Fierce deity | Encouragement and community moderation
mzxrules | For his contributions to decomp
Aloxado | Developer - General Programmer
MegaMech | Developer - General Programmer
Revo | Tester - GCC support and General Testing
zfg | Tester - General Testing
Horseless Headman | Tester - General Testing
Steven Pritchett | Tester - General Testing
Trenton May | Tester - General Testing
Zeldaboy14 | Tester - General Testing, encouragement, and community moderation
Koby Howell | Tester - General Testing
Logg | Tester - General Testing
Taylor Daley | Graphic Design
Can't Sleep | Graphic Design
MicTheMicrophone | Voice actor for the King
Amphibibro | Voice actor for Link
6 months ago